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I didn't think I would ever long for mail so much

October 13, 1970 - Renee and Harriet made a special
dinner for our parents on their 25th anniversary
Oct. 13, 1945

My Darling Wife,

I've been thinking all morning about this day--our anniversary. There have been lots of things going over in my mind: how happy and lucky I am to have a sweet wife like you, of how dearly I love you, and of all the cute little things you used to say which always tickled (and pleased) me so much. Honestly sweetheart, I am always thinking and reminiscing over and over of all those sweet little things you used to say until I think I have almost completely memorized, along with the mental picture, of the time and place of everything you ever said. That's because I long so much to hear your voice again.

The thing I have been thinking about mostly is how I would love to take you in my arms the way I used to and just hold you there while you looked up at me and talked to me just the way you used to do. Remember when I used to come home at night and just sit on the sofa with you lying in my arms and talking to me while we listened to the radio? Do you remember that and do you know how completely happy I was my darling? When I can be with my love again and have her all to myself in our little home, I hardly see how I could desire for anything more.

Renee & Harriet's "menu" items for their
imaginary restaurant.
I thought and remembered yesterday of one year ago too. Yesterday was Friday and since we were married on Friday, yesterday was an anniversary too. I keep wondering what you will be thinking and doing on our anniversary. Tomorrow will actually be our anniversary to you as we out here are a day ahead of you.

That I wish I were there with you this day, my sweetheart, goes without saying, but I can't help repeating it as it is the uppermost thought in my mind and the foremost longing of my heart. I love you so much. I honestly feel I can't go on much longer without you and pray constantly for the Lord to give me strength to endure until I can be with you again. I never want to leave you, my sweetheart, again. I am sure nothing could ever persuade me away from you willingly, and I pray nothing will ever be able to take me away from you and the joy which is so abundant when we are together.

We left Yokohama yesterday and are scheduled to arrive in Okinawa Monday. I'm surely looking forward to arriving there so I can have some mail from you sweetheart. It seems so long since I heard from you and consequently my spirits are getting rather low. Darling, I do hope so much that you have a nice day on our anniversary and that at least you get some mail from me and I hope you can spend the day with pleasant memories and fond hopes.

My dear sweet Gene, I truly love you with all my heart and soul and express my thanks daily to our Father in Heaven that I found you and at the time I did. God bless you my darling. Eternally Yours, Perry

PS. Let me know when you receive the little package. I wanted it to arrive for our anniversary, but I'm afraid it may be a little late. Love from Yours.

Oct. 17, 1945

My Sweetheart Gene,

We've been here at Okinawa for three days now. I've been waiting to write you because each day I've been expecting mail, but so far no luck. We haven't received a bit. I've heard all kinds of rumors, but I'm still waiting and hoping each day.

Gene often found surprise flowers like these left
by the delivery person on the porch one Valentine's Day.
This island here was pretty hard hit by the typhoon. Perhaps you've read or heard about it. It beached quite a lot of the ships in the harbor besides destroying a lot of buildings on the island. I'm glad we weren't here. We are only taking about 500 Marines aboard this time so this trip won't be nearly so crowded as usual. I am at least thankful for that.

What are you doing now my darling? Whatever it is you are doing, I wish I could walk in on you and surprise you. I don't think I will want to do anything but hold you in my arms for a long while after I get back. Will you mind, huh? Did my sweetheart have a good anniversary? Please tell me all you did and what you were thinking. I thought of you all the while. Of course, I think of you all the time anyway, but this time very, very much in particular. Darling, I do love you so very much and feel that my power of expression is so inadequate. I only want you to know, my sweetheart, that when I say, "I love you," it comes from the bottom of my heart and I hope you will take those words with all the seriousness they are intended to express.

I'm afraid this letter is hardly up to par because I can't seem to cover the disappointment of not having received any mail yet. I promise a very good letter just as soon as I get some of your sweet letters again. I haven't yet received any mail from you in reply to my first uncensored letters so it makes me especially anxious to hear from you. Goodnight and God bless you my love, Your, Perry

Oct. 20, 1945

Gene My Darling,

I can hardly write anymore. We did get some mail today, but it hasn't been sorted yet and I've hardly been so anxious about anything since I was a little kid waiting for Santa. I'll finish this letter after I've read my mail. I know I will feel much better then.

We did get just a little mail yesterday. I had one letter from you dated Oct. 1st, but it was so very short and there were so many missing in between it that it just didn't seem right. It did seem wonderful just to have another letter from you, my love. I didn't think I would ever long for mail so much as I have for those sweet letters of yours.

(Later Sunday morning) Darling, I thought I would wait and see if I didn't have some mail from you before finishing this letter last night. I did get one very lovely letter from you. It was dated Oct. 8th. You had just received the little picture I sent you. When you told me all about you going to the play and about getting tickets to the opera, it made me wish so much I could be there to take my sweet wife myself.

Hope and June will be interested to know you are going to see "Carmen." They were in that opera when their college put it on. I liked very much the idea of us learning some of those pretty songs of Victor Herbart's. Why don't you buy some and then when we go back to Utah, we can have June play them for us and we can learn them. Don't you think that would be lots of fun?

I think we are getting underway this afternoon and I don't know if there will be any more mail leave the ship or not. I didn't think we would be leaving until tomorrow. I surely haven't been very good about writing to you since I have been here, have I? The reason is though that I have been waiting each day for some mail from you. We have had quite poor mail service here because the last typhoon here completely destroyed the post office and scattered mail all over and they are still trying to get things squared away.

I surely hope none of my mail was lost. I guess the next mail you receive from me will be from China. I surely hope we get over there and back again in a hurry and then pick up troops and head for the States. All I can think of is how I want to return to my sweet little wife and have all those things we both long for so much.

Did you know the Navy has reduced the critical score for points? Under the present system, I should have enough points in February. They are going to be reduced to 38 on January 1st and I will have 37 1/4 on Jan. 15th. If I get out in February, that will be much sooner than I expected. Of course my "little ten point sweetheart" helps things out quite a lot. As long as I can spend those last few months back in the States so I can see you fairly often I won't mind waiting those last few months so much though.

I have just been thinking, one of the separation centers is at Terminal Island, San Pedro. If they should send me there to wait for my discharge, it would be just like old times, wouldn't it? Only this time we could probably get us a little apartment somewhere. Wouldn't that be nice? Well, here I am dreaming again, but that is all I can think about.

Darling, I do hope you can keep your health. Aren't you feeling so good? If so, why do you need to take vitamin pills? Must close now, my sweetheart. Take care of yourself for me. Do you weigh any more or are you still the same? Love Always, Perry

October 22, 1945 (Monday)

Dearest Husband Perry,

I received four more precious letters from you Saturday evening darling and the little package with the mother of pearl and the sweet perfume. It all thrilled me so and I am so proud of my little gifts Perry. You know, darling, it might seem strange but I think I won't forget this first anniversary of ours--it was a very pleasant day. I was alone that afternoon, but I was quite happy.

I cleaned my little room up and sang the whole time because I felt like singing. Oh, I have so much to be thankful for and best of all a very dear, sweet loving husband. My heart is full when I think of all these things. I received the money order for $50.00 too Perry. I'll take it to the bank soon as I can. Yes, Perry, I put all of my allotment checks in the bank each month as I get them. I live quite easily on what I earn working at the War-chest. I make over $30.00 a week now, but of course after the deductions are taken out it only leaves me about $28.00 at the most. My expenses are quite high tho so I'm not able to save anything of that.

Oh, my husband, I am praying all the time about your speedy return, so as I read your letter about the possible chance of your coming home by the end of next month, I feel that surely it just must be so. You will be coming back by that time. I love you so very much, Perry, and long for you so.

I wanted to come straight home Saturday afternoon from work and sit down and write you and also acknowledge the anniversary cards we received. I didn't have a chance tho. Mother met me and I went shopping with her. She doesn't get downtown very often and really needed some things. I helped her find a pair of shoes. Then I insisted that she get herself a new winter coat. We finally found one at the May Co. It's black with fur trim and looks so cute on her. I'm so glad she got it.

Yesterday was Conference Sunday here and such a wonderful day. The Adams Ward chorus sang last night, and we were good too (ahem!) Oh Perry, it's such a thrill to be up there in front of all those people singing your very best. I enjoy it so much. I wish I could remember all the speakers names to tell you. One was President Richards and another from Salt Lake named Bundy. I don't know if I'm spelling his name right or not. Anyway, he is Kent Johnson's wife's brother. I surely did like him. I talked to him a minute or two. He said he knew some Manwarings in Salt Lake. Any relations? Perry, do you know who he is?

Mother came over for awhile this evening. She brought me a letter from Pierce. He wrote a separate letter to all of the family. He is such a dear little brother. I must write him soon. He is quite busy he says working in the supply section there but gets his evenings off so goes into El Paso to church and mutual and chorus practice every week. He seems to like the people there very much tho he does miss us.

Emily is expecting Dick around the first of next month. He should be discharged about that time too. I must close now sweetheart. God bless you and keep you and bring you home real soon. I love you Perry. Your devoted wife, Gene

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