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Gene & Perry become grandparents

Jan, Renee & Harriet 1970
February 7, 1969

Dear Linda,

Well, if I don't write a letter, I guess I won't get one. Thank you, Linda, for your special interest in Jan. He is so appreciative too and so conscientious in all of his efforts now to get to the "Y." He has even typed several business envelopes and stamped them and is handing them out to his favorite teacher, seminary teacher, counselor and the bishop to have them write a letter of recommendation to the "Y" for him. He is trying to do everything so right and is proud of his efforts, and we are pleased with all of his progress. I know he'll make it. He is influencing several of his friends this way too. This makes me so proud too.

Harriet and Renee are doing pretty good this year too. They enjoy their seminary and mutual. (Renee is like you, gets up every morning ahead of all of us to get ready and Harriet follows her.) I think that Renee will be a straight "A" student this year--she tries so hard--all except her piano. She and Harriet are both taking lessons every Tuesday evening but only practice about twice a week. This discourages me!

Dale has found a job on Arrow in Montclair at a "Ready-rain" watering system plant (they make these things) and he is working on an assembly line where they put these pipes together. He works from 8:00 to 5:00 everyday for $1.75 an hour. He says he enjoys the job. He will live here at home (pay me room and board) and save his money towards his future wedding plans. I hope he can do it! (Dale speaks often of you and Eric. He admires and loves you so much.)

He must really love Carol. He writes to her at least every other day and just lives for her letters. For him, that is a feat! You were kind to take in Dale's belongings. Where do you keep them? Is it much?? I hope we can bring them back when we come up at spring vacation (the week before Easter.)

How are you feeling now? Are you thriving with the new schedule of a job plus housework? Do you work every day? How long will the job last?

Guess I didn't tell you. Your father was chosen by this stake and the general YMMIA board to be given the Honorary Master M-Men Certificate and pin for his "excellent work performed during the years in the interest of the young people of the Church." This was presented to him during a program and dinner at the stake last Friday night. I had to get him there without telling him why! That was some trick! And oh, he was so surprised and shocked-ha! He is now wearing the pin very proudly.

I am on a weight-losing program. That's all I can say for now. I hope I can pleasantly surprise everyone by the end of March. Grandma Fast is just fine tho she still fusses about things. The rains now are keeping her agitated.

Do you see Marian often? I must write her too. Maybe you could share your letters. I must keep them brief. If I miss something here, maybe it will be in her letter. Much love to you, Mom

March 13, 1969

Dear Mom & All,

Got your latest letter a few days ago. Not much of great importance is happening around here. The weather's been nice, but I hear it's suppose to snow again Saturday. Hope it'll be pretty like it has been for your visit, but all the same, you'd better all dress warmly.

The doctor says I'm getting fat now! I've gained 16 lbs. and only have 4 left to gain in the next three months--could get sweaty. I'm hungry all the time even after eating. (Long after everyone else has stopped, Linda goes on eating!) But at least my iron is up to normal, but I still have to take 4 iron pills a day.

At my last appointment (Monday) Eric got to listen to baby's heart beat. He thought that was really great and went around the house for days afterwards making a "tic-tic" noise and rubbing my tummy. He's crazy.

Gradually he's completely filling every available corner of our apartment with car parts. The front room closet has several boxes full of parts plus what is known as a car "read end" wrapped in a sheet and nestling in a corner under the coats. And this morning I noticed a car wheel under our bed that wasn't there the morning before. He's just purchased a front axle that he's going to put in the car, and I'm afraid I'm going to find it propped up in the shower when I get home tonight. He said something about cleaning it up a little.

We went to our ob hospital class last night and saw a film on child birth. The nurse also itemized the hospital expenses for us and said the average was $200. She said if you don't have insurance, and we don't, you're asked to pay a $200 deposit when you're checked in to the hospital. Hope we can do it. I just got our doctor's bill of $280 paid off, but I have a dentist appointment the 24th which may prove a bit costly since I haven't been to a dentist in ages. Problems, problems!

Marian is fine, I guess. I haven't seen her since last weekend but called the other day. She's caught a cold from babysitting for some friend's baby so hasn't been out much. Warren's birthday is the 19th of this month, and he'd probably appreciate a b-day card from you all. He'll be 24.

Glad to hear you're all thriving. I guess I'll get back to work now--ugh! Love, Linda

March 25, 1969 (Tuesday)

Dear Mother [Leora],

Well here I am in Utah, and I'm a grandmother. Marian and Warren are such happy, proud and exuberant little parents. It just thrills me to be around them. Marian just enjoyed giving birth to this little 7 lb. baby girl on Sunday night at about 11:30. She is a very pretty little round-faced thing, all pink and healthy.

I'm visiting with Linda and her husband Eric today. The weather is just beautiful--bright and sunny but cold. Call Perry and have him come and read this to you. Hope you are all getting along fine down there in Claremont. I miss everyone and pray all goes well each day.

Tell Perry I've called his folks and told them the news. They were so happy to hear all. I also wrote and sent birthday cards to Hope, June and Hazel. Did you send a birthday card to Dick? I forgot his address. I'll write again. Love, Gene

Renee, Tina Hartman & Harriet Spring 1969
April 13, 1969

Dear Mom & Dad,

It sure was good to see you and the girls. I only wish I'd have had more time to visit. Sometimes working sure is inconvenient.

Cherylen is fine except that she has a rash on her face. Marian's doctor says her skin is super delicate and she's probably allergic to detergent left in stuff not rinsed well enough. It's making her have pimples on her forehead, but anyway, she's gained a pound and grown an inch.

Dale and Carol came over last Friday while Marian and Warren and child were here, but they had to leave around 9:30 pm because Marian was falling asleep. I don't think Marian gets enough sleep because she has to get up every two hours at night for the baby's snack. What a pain! Carol and Dale stayed and visited with us until around 11:30. Most of the time Eric hates to just sit around and talk, but he really likes talking to Dale and Carol and enjoys their company more than anyone else. We're going out to Spanish Fork today around 2:00 pm and taking Dale and Carol along. Marian's invited us to dinner.

The office gave me a going away party last Friday and gave me a crib blanket for a gift, which I thought was very thoughtful considering I've only been there about 3 months. I think that's about all the news from around here for now. Hope you're all well and recovered from the long trip. Write when you get the time. Love, Linda

May 27, 1969

Dear Perry & All,

Some of the important days of May are passed, but we still have "Decoration Day" and "Father's Day," the latter in June. I suppose the schools will soon close. We have had some very pretty flowers, but they came out early this year, so I fear they will be gone by Decoration Day.

Last Sunday Clyde invited us to their home but first to the church to the farewell testimonies for their son who will fill a mission for the Church in Sweden. He is a fine looking boy, and I am sure he is a fine boy. He looks like it. Hazel and Walter came and got us. Then afterward we went to the home of Clyde for refreshments. In his talk, Clyde thanked the program committee for putting his talk last. He said he believed it was the only time since his marriage that he had had "the last say." Of course everybody laughed.

People have been losing things on Elgin Ave. lately. There is a wave of stealing. Brunsons had 2 bikes stolen. Luckily, the thieves were apprehended, and their father was repainting them when found--I mean the bikes of course.

June came up with Rowleys a week ago and went back on Sunday. It was good to see her. The last time I was visiting teaching, Mrs. Pepper asked me about Kerry Dee. I told her about his being with Perry and family and of his accomplishments and of his plans and hopes of going on a mission. "Oh, that is good," she said. "We plan a mission for Michael too," she said. Michael surely is a fine boy we think. He is still active in church, and he most always comes up to us to shake hands. He is a good-looking boy. Deon Caddy is home and will give his homecoming talk a week from this coming Sunday. I wonder if his father will come? I am sure his mother and Kathleen will be there.

It was good to hear all of your voices over the phone. We plan to go with Floyd and family to the cemeteries on Decoration Day--both to the Memorial Gardens for Dee's grave and then to Orem for Genevieve's grave. I wonder of anyone in Vernal will remember my mother's grave. I am the last of her children, and I am out here. It is a beautiful time of year and there are many flowers. Now if the wind doesn't blow it will be nice for the day. Goodbye and love from, Mother & Dad

[for more information on Leona's mother, go to]

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Dale gets engaged

January 6, 1969

Dear Mother & Dad,

Well, the christmas holidays are over for another year and it's back to work again. We enjoyed talking to you on Christmas. We would like to have had you down, but with so much flu going around, I guess it's best you were there. Did it pass you by? We all took our turns here. It was also quite rainy and cold up through Christmas. It really froze the citrus. So I guess this wasn't the best year for traveling. But we would still like for you to plan on it for another year.

The weather has been very beautiful and warm here for the last week. And New Year's Day was really lovely. It was really a great day for a parade and game. Jan and Dale went over and saw the parade, but I've never felt like bucking the crowds. Maybe I will some time though. Gene and I took her mother in later to see the floats. They had them on display in a park. No question but what they are really fabulous--so many flowers and so many different ideas.

Hope, Grant and Nelson standing
We made a call to Hope and Grant during the holidays. The kids talked me into it as a Christmas present. It was good to hear their voices. They talk about coming to Utah for a visit when Nelson comes home. Grant is still having health problems and wants to see a doctor there.

How are both of you feeling? It's just possible we may come up there for spring vacation again. That's about when Marian is expecting her baby so that would seem like a good time to come. We'll have to see how things work out.

Sunday a Sister Lambert came up and talked to me. She said she knew you two real well from back in the Uintah Basin. It was her husband who had the Lambert's store in Roosevelt. Do you remember? She is visiting with her son and his family here. They are members of our ward and have a very fine family. She said she is going to call and talk to you when she gets back. I believe she lives in Salt Lake.

Well, keep yourselves well and be careful. Be sure to avoid falls. I know I keep repeating that, but falling seems to be the biggest peril of people your age. We hope to see you before too long. Love, Perry

January 18, 1969

Dear Linda,

I sure hope this gets to you on your birthday because we almost forgot! I'm sending a dollar to you 'cause that's all I've got, but Jan, Dad, Mom and Renee are all helping out too, so maybe you can get something really nice, ok?

So you're a big kid now, 22, huh? That's pretty old I hope you know. Have you got arthritis yet?

We've got to rush this to the postoffice so we can special delivery it. See you in the spring maybe! Love, Harriet

Dear Linda and Eric,

Happy birthday to both of you! I guess this is a little bit late for Eric's birthday, but I wasn't sure when it was.

For the past week or so, all Mom's been dreaming about are babies!

I just realized that you're 22 now! That seems awfully old! Do you have any gray hairs yet? And Eric's even older. By the time I'm married, you guys will have grandchildren! Do you need any "momma" dresses yet? I'm all out of space now, so I guess I'd better say "goodbye," Love, Renee

January 20, 1969 (Monday)

Dear Perry,

I can't find any other kind of notepaper, so this is it. We were glad to get your letter, and yesterday we were really surprised when your married girls and their husbands, and Dale came to see us. They really, I think, came to learn about Grant and Hope and Nelson. Dale really gave us a surprise when he announced his engagement. But, you know, I think if he has found the one he wants, and she has, it is a good thing. Dale seemed pleased to tell us. And the girls are happy, so we were all happy.

Grant is in the hospital (University). So far they haven't been able to diagnose his trouble. He has had no energy--so weak--and yet he has eaten his meals and some in between, but it doesn't seem to do him any good. He is so thin and weak. They made tests for several things. Now today, I think, it is for thyroid.

(Tuesday) We don't know too much about Grant. Hope stayed a few days down with June last week, and June reports she even had a few good laughs (out loud). I suppose she needs more laughs. Well, about Grant. They are having him take a 72-hour fast. We are hoping that some one will phone us about the results of this test. Nelson looks good--a little thin, and glad to be out of Vietnam. He has to go to Texas for five months unless he can get a change on account of his father's health problems.

You said, "Don't fall." That is my greatest fear. I am so mindful of it that sometimes I think it would be good to use a cane. Thelma has improved so much and that is all she uses is a cane. It is dark and rainy here and the wind blows. It makes me want to get a good book and forget the gloomy weather.

We have a new president. I hope he won't have more problems than he can handle. But they have all voted "more money" for themselves so I suppose that will help. Our Mormon people got quite a bit of publicity at the inaugural, didn't they?

We never did learn how the Thanksgiving Day with the Indian boys and girls turned out. Did they and you folks enjoy it? Hope is here this morning, so she will add a line or two. Mother

Dear Perry, Gene and family,

It's quite hard trying to hold the steady nerves on so many fronts. It was so good to talk to you on the phone. Your voice had so much steady reassurance that it calmed us both. I will surely let you know soon what the verdict is about Grant's illness. Love, Hope, Grant & Nelson

January 20, 1969

Dear Mom, Dad and family,

Thank you very much for the letters and money. I haven't decided what to spend it on, but I'll probably buy some material as my wearable dresses are getting pretty scarce. The mailman delivered the letter to the box Sunday, but I didn't find it until this morning. It certainly was thoughtful of all of you to write such nice letters.

I've really had a busy weekend. We decided to celebrate my birthday Saturday, so I made myself a cherry pie. Marian and Warren came over at 7:00 pm, and we went to Heaps and Eric treated us all to a huge pizza. (I put in an order for pizza on my birthday months ago.) Then Eric gave me a quarter and let me pick out three songs on the jukebox.

When Marian and Warren came over, they surprised me with a strawberry pie and some material, zipper, etc. for a dress. They also brought their games, so we came back to the apartment after the pizza and played Pit for awhile. When we got hungry again, we put 22 candles in the whipped cream in the strawberry pie and then Eric bugged me so much about hurrying to blow them out that I forgot to make a wish. Oh well, things are going so well, I don't know what I'd have wished for anyway. We ate most of that pie then played some more games and ate the cherry pie. At midnight, Marian and Warren went home. It was lots of fun.

Crazy how time flies! Dale and Linda seated in our
fancy transportation and Marian standing.
Sunday we planned to go to Salt Lake, so Marian and Warren came over at 2:00 pm, picked us up, and, as prearranged, we picked Dale up at the Cannon Center. We had a nice visit with Dale driving into Salt Lake, heard his plans, and were careful not to sound negative or preachy. We stopped at Grandma's and Grandpa's and visited for awhile. Then Nelson came in with a couple of friends and we visited some more and then we followed him out to the hospital and visited Uncle Grant and Aunt Hope. It was nice to see them although Uncle Grant doesn't look very well.

We told them about Dale's engagement. We also told Grandma and Grandpa, and Grandpa was pretty surprised but got used to the idea after awhile and gave Dale a short but healthy little sermon about the seriousness of marriage and how he couldn't go into it with the idea in the back of his mind that if things didn't work out he could always send her packing back to her folks.

Dale will take sermonizing off Grandpa and I could tell he was digesting what he heard. All in all we had a real good visit and the only thing that made the day less than perfect was the heavy rain that made driving around the point of the mountain a little tense.

I guess I won't be going to school this spring semester as I've gotten another temporary job that may last quite some time in the admissions office at BYU, and with a baby looming on the horizon, the money will certainly come in handy. Speaking of money, Dad, Eric and I are filing a joint return as we need the income tax return to pay my doctor. I've made approximately $3,000 in 1968, so I don't think you'll be able to claim me as a dependent.

I'm doing real well and am healthy but famished all the time but holding my weight at 115 pounds as Dr. Peterson told me he was glad I could look a dish of food straight in the face again. [This is a reference to the severe nausea that I experienced the first three months of my first pregnancy.] Eric feels much more positive about little "X" now that he's getting regular meals, a clean house, and a happy countenance out of me again. Everything seems to be going very well for us all. Little "X" is getting even with me for starving him/her the first 3 months by kicking the dickens out of me now.

It will be great to see all you guys at spring vacation. I'm really looking forward to it. Jan, we enjoyed your letter with the blue meanies all over the envelope, and I'm happy to hear you plan to come here next fall. I think you'll really enjoy yourself. No, Harriet, I don't have arthritis yet. No, Renee, I don't have any grey hairs yet--very funny!

Speaking of baby dreams, last night Eric and I both dreamed I had twin boys--wouldn't that be a hoot? We compared dreams and they were exactly the same up to the point where I left the hospital. Than Eric dreamed I dropped the babies, and he said he was real mad at me. Sometimes I don't think he has very much confidence in me.

Well, guess this letter is long enough to have put you all to sleep. Love and all that, Linda

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The house is getting emptier and quieter

August 6, 1968

Dear Mother,

Enjoyed the visit with you in your new apartment Sunday. It's a very nice looking place. Hope you can be content with it and comfortable. Got a letter from Flossie yesterday asking all about the wedding. She says she has been trying to phone you but can't reach you--wonders where you are. You'll have to call her. I wrote her this morning and told her you had moved again.

Eric, Linda, Marian & Warren, March 1968
Brigham Young University
Mother, can you come out here Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning by bus? I'll pick you up here in Claremont. I want to take you to the BYU Leadership lectures which start on Thursday at noon. It will last for three days and is only $5.00 apiece for the whole 3-day sessions. I know you will enjoy listening to these great BYU leaders and professors speak on these different subjects because you don't read as much as you used to. I don't want to go alone. It's nicer to be with someone, so please plan to come and go with me.

Both Renee and Harriet Lea will be going to girls camp Saturday for a week. The house is getting emptier and quieter all the time. So I must keep busy so I won't be lonesome. Please plan to come, Mother. I will enjoy your company so much and get to visit some more with you too. Ok? Let me know. Call me if you can't or just come out and call me from Mr. Bentley's Market in Claremont and I'll come and pick you up, ok? Love, Gene

August 23, 1968

Dear Mother and Dad,

I've been intending to write to you for some time, but delay leads to neglect. I'm doing a little recreation "baby tending" these last two weeks, and right now it is rather quiet so I'll make the most of the opportunity. [The Pomona School District had a youth recreation program where Perry sometimes worked.]

Dale just got in early this morning. It was good to see him. He is so cheerful and he really likes the "Y." Now he wants to go on a mission after the next semester. He has really grown up a lot emotionally this last year.

Mother, Dale says you have been having trouble with arthritis. Is it really causing you much pain? I surely hope and pray that it isn't serious. Last week I did something to my back. It was one of those things where I went to stand up and suddenly I couldn't. It was very painful. I went to the doctor and after giving me some pills, which didn't help--in fact, they made me sick--he sent me to a physical therapist. He used a machine to massage my back and it was wonderful. Afterwards, I felt like a new man. Then he gave me some exercises to do and now I feel very good. It is the first time anyone has ever given me any real help. Before, I have always just suffered it out and tried to do the things on my own that made my back feel better.

We are going to put Renee on the plane tomorrow to fly to Salt Lake. Marian and Warren will pick her up at the airport. Then Renee will go help Marian for awhile. She has been real sick, but when she called up the other day, she said she was feeling a lot better. Then we will be leaving here on the 29th or 30th to come up and see all of you. We will see you on your birthday, Mother, so reserve that day for us. We will have to leave again on Monday because I have to be back at work Tuesday night.

Perry, Leora, Gene, Linda, Eric, Shirley & Guy Hartman
We are surely looking forward to seeing you. We hope the weather is good. Dale said they were snowed in for a few hours at Cedar City until the snow plow cleared the roads. Can you imagine that? Snow in August!

We feel like a small family now with Linda and Marian gone and Dale at college. The receptions were very lovely. We will tell you about them when we see you. We also have some nice pictures. We surely wish you could have been here. We did consider flying you down here, but we didn't see how we could do it for both of them [a wedding in June and another in July] and the length of time between the two was too much for you to wait here with all the confusion of preparation.

Linda and Eric especially would liked to have had you present. Eric surely does like you and he and we surely appreciate the fine spiritual experience he and Linda had when Dad gave them the special blessings. Maybe we can fly you down here for Christmas. How would you like Christmas in warm California?

I guess the rest of the unsaid things can wait until we get there. But I do want you to know how I appreciate you and the privilege of growing up in a home full of love and such an abundance of unselfishness. When Harriet and Renee were away at camp, they each wrote us the sweetest letters expressing their appreciation to us. I was very touched and it made me realize how I have neglected to express to my parents how much I love them.

Until we see you in person, Perry

October 9, 1968 (Wednesday)

Dear Mother and Dad,

Just want you to know how much I appreciate all that you do for us. I truly had an enjoyable visit and stay at your home for the conference weekend. It is always so rewarding to come to Salt Lake and stay with you and share the sweet spirit of the Gospel. You two are such a sweet inspiration to all of us. Your grandchildren of this family all draw from your wonderful example of a happy married life and sweet compatibility--also many happy memories of their childhood days living near you. I am so grateful for all of this and more.

I found all of my children there, Linda and Eric, Marian and Warren, and Dale, very well and happy and busy with all of their activities at BYU. Perry and the children here at home are all well and happy too. I had a very pleasant trip home. Perry is so pleased to know you are both so well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. Love, Gene

Warren, Marian, Leona, Elmer & Linda in Salt Lake City
October 30, 1968

Dear Perry, Gene & Family,

How are you all? I wonder if you are having a dark and rainy day as we are here? I suppose this will end in all of the beautiful trees and bushes being stripped of their beauty, and they will stand stark and bare. The leaves have been so colorful and pretty, and the wind has been bringing them down gently. It makes one sad to see the trees so bare. The little children might not enjoy the Halloween costums unless it clears up tomorrow, which isn't likely.

Talking of Halloween, Wilda's little girl, about 3 years old, when they passed a home on the way down here that didn't have any Halloween decorations or pictures in the window said, "The poor kids." Made us all laugh. She is a cute little thing.

Floyd called to say that he has been put in as a counselor in the bishopric out here. He has been the president of the seventies quorum. The ward has been divided into two wards, and he was quite excited. He said, "I hope my mother knows some of the good things about me and not all the bad." Pa said, "Well, I am sure she will know about you today." [Floyd, Gene & Alan are 3 of Genevieve's sons.] Gene is the bishop in his ward. Floyd and Alan are 2nd counselors in their wards. So Genevieve will feel proud and Lorin too.

We got a good letter from Hope yesterday. She sold one picture for $46 and can sell more when she gets them finished. She said they had a good letter from Nelson.

Love, Dad & Mother

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Two Summer Wedding Receptions

January 20, 1968

Dear Mom & Dad,

I really had a wonderful birthday yesterday, and it began with your telegram--that was really something. Yesterday morning Marian woke up with really severe pains in the right side of her abdomen, so I called Eric, and we took her to the health center. They gave her some tests and after awhile the doctor decided it was the pills for her back. He says they sometimes cause ulceration of the intestine. We were afraid it might be appendicitis. She's on a diet now and checks with the doctor daily but is still taking her finals. She's fine now. (That's as of today, this morning. By the time you receive this letter, things may have changed!) The school was considerate enough not to schedule any of my finals on my birthday, so I had a nice day of rest after we took care of Marian.

About noon Marian and Warren came over with a present for me to open from them. It was a beautiful navy-blue wool cape. I really like it! I wore it and my blue stripped pants up to the bookstore to sell some of my books, and there I met Eric, so I walked home with him and he gave me another present from him. You'll never guess what--a french-fry cutter! You put a whole peeled potato in, push down the handle, and presto, out come perfectly cut french fries. He got it for me because I'm always asking him to buy me french fries. He said he was on the verge of giving that to me early several times because of that.

All the boys from Warren's apartment came over with a cake and they brought it in all lighted and sang happy birthday. I tried to blow out the candles but they were trick ones that came on again after you blow them out. It was really frustrating--we almost burned the cake trying to get them out! Then Eric and I went to see two movies, but his car wouldn't start, so all five or six boys came down to push. There were so many they practically picked it up. Then it started really easy. The movies were good.

I had two finals on the 17th and 18th, and I have two more next Monday and Tuesday, and I'll be all done. There are standby flights the entire month. I'll probably come home on the 27th. Hope you're all well and thriving. Can't wait to see you all again. Love, Linda

February 26, 1968

Dear Gene & All,

I have so many books. Some are Dad's and church books and genealogy records, family records of both sides. I feel like throwing them in the trash. So many church books that would be good for church libraries. If none of the family need or want them, I feel like leaving them or let the Goodwill have them. Maybe if I telephoned some of them, they'd pick them up. I can't read anymore because of my bad eyesight.

Brother Grey will take my personal things to Joyce Manor, apt. 406 on the 1st of March. I'll have to be out of here so if none of the family want the books or genealogy records, they'd better let me know at once. Love from a tired old worn-out blind mother. [This letter is from my grandmother Leora Fast who was once again moving to another apartment in Los Angeles. It was at this time that I started collecting family history records in earnest.]

March 21, 1968

Dear Gene & All,

How are you all? Seems we all had such a quick visit together. I can hardly believe that we really all did get together and do the things that we did on my birthday. It's almost like having a dream, going to see and hear Lawrence Welk's program and having those refreshing eats under the bright lights in that great big theater. Then having the pleasure to go up on the stage and shake hands with Lawrence and the well-known singer of his group. Wow, what a birthday celebration! Think I told Lawrence Welk it was my birthday. Richard and Betty won't forget it either. What a quick trip to come that far and get back to Utah and his work on time too. Did they tell you that we drove to the cemetery and visited Dad's grave? How did you manage to sleep all of them? I'd liked to have come on out but knew you'd have a houseful without me.

This Joyce Manor has been through a change of management and the church members want it only for the elderly LDS women to live in. The older tenants who are not members of our church and been here so long are allowed to stay on here. Next to me is a Jehovah Witness and two or more from some other religion. So it was easy for me to get back in this Joyce Manor apartment. I'm glad I'm on the north side and have no sun to contend with and I get a very pretty view of the mountain range north of us from end to end. I know several of the tenants too.

Must tell you that Flossie Northern's friend, Lila, was beaten up by some guy as she drove back to where she lives. They broke her arm, I believe, and jerked her pocketbook away from her, and she had lots of her money in it. Flossie has been with her. I tried to phone Flossie and she wasn't home so guess she must be with Lila awhile. It doesn't pay to carry much cash with you or be out alone after dark too long anymore. So keep your doors locked and windows too. Flossie talked as if Lila carried most of her cash with her all the time. She doesn't live in a very good part of town either.

Well, it's dark. I must close and drop this letter too. We must all be cautious, even your girls. The devil is all around. Must close, Mother [Leora]

Perry about 1968
May 6, 1968

Dear Mother and Dad,

I thought that this kind of type might be a little bit easier for you to read. It's a typewriter I have at school. And right now I have a few minutes, so I thought I would take a few minutes to write you.

We surely did enjoy our visit up there with you during the spring vacation. It is really wonderful just to see you for a little while. I hope we can do it oftener. I haven't been very good at writing birthday cards and letters, so I thought that I would discipline myself and write to each one in the family on MY birthday. I guess it is more appropriate that I write particularly to my parents on my birthday rather than have them write to me. After all, I should really thank them for daring to have me and being willing to endure all of the trials of raising a son. I am really grateful to you for your courage, patience, understanding and selflessness. So, on this my forty-sixth birthday, I say THANK YOU Mother and Dad. Thanks so much for the church news section. I really enjoy it.

We are all well and very busy. We are trying to get the house looking decent for two wedding receptions this summer--one is only a month away. [Linda and Marian both got married the summer of 1968, Marian in June to Warren Bodily and Linda in July to Eric Hartman.] We are trying to get most of the rooms painted and you know what kind of a job that is. Also the yard needs a lot of work done on it. And with my being away from six in the morning until eight-thirty at night, it all really presents a problem.

Dale is working and trying to save money so that he can come up to BYU this summer. It is going to take some doing, but I hope he can do it. If we can do all that we and the children want for this summer, it will be truly monumental.

I hope that you are both still feeling well. It surely made me feel good to see both of you and see you in such good health both mentally and physically. I hope I can do that well at your age. I'll bet spring is really beginning to show up there now. It is showing here, but it is never as dramatic as up there. Sometimes I hardly know what season it is. That is some difference from the Uintah Basin isn't it? Best wishes to both of you. Love, Perry

Spring vacation at 1190 Elgin Ave.
July 13, 1968

Dear Perry & family,

So many things have happened at your home and are going to happen that your thoughts likely are all whirling through space, but I thought perhaps you might like to hear a line or two from Elgin Ave.

We have pictured the reception in our minds, and we were glad you said it was wonderful. Marian said it was wonderful too. She, Warren and Dale came here for a short time toward evening of the Fourth. They had been to Lagoon. All day before, on the 3rd, I kept thinking we should get some ice cream or something, but Dad thought going to the store was "too much." I said, "We always used to have ice cream on the Fourth and 24th, even if it was salty or turned to butter lumps!" Ha ha!" But anyway, we didn't get any.

The next day Lorin and Lorna came and brought us a big watermelon and two cantaloups, so when Marian and Warren and Dale came, we sat out under our big tree and had melon. Oh, yes, we had some cherries from our tree. We had to "scrounge" them from the sparrows before they were quite ripe, but they were pretty good anyway, and we gave Marian some to take home. We were so glad Marian and all came. It seemed much more like the "Fourth of July" although there were no flares or firecrackers.

One's thoughts go back to the celebrations we used to have long ago when all the young folks had to have a few firecrackers. All the girls thought they had to have a "Fourth dress." Somebody once asked Lucile Merrell if she had her "Fourth dress." "No," she said, "but I have my second one." Everyone was poor.

Well, it is warm weather, and we sleep in our basement. We are thankful for it. June spent several days with us, and we all went to see Hazel and Walter. I think they were glad to see us, and we took them some cherries. Walter has gone back to work but Hazel said his leg has a lot of pain in it. Leona Manwaring [Elmer's sister] stayed with us a few days too. She had been to the Logan Temple with Doris and her husband to be sealed. Most all of Alta's family group went too and made it quite an occasion. Dee and Mary came Sunday and took her home. Wayne is going on a mission to West Germany. He got acquainted with Warren and Eric at BYU and says they are fine men. He has grown so tall.

Well, although I thought this would go in the mail this morning, the mail carrier must have taken a notion to come real early, so I am late again, or this letter is. I am going to write to Linda later. As ever, Dad & Mother