Saturday, November 10, 2012

The rain has started here now

Harriet models the kimono Perry brought
to Gene all the way from China.
Oct. 30, 1945

My Darling Wife,

We are still anchored here in the same place. We just started to unload our cargo yesterday, but I don't think it will take much longer if we keep going. We have to unload it all into small landing craft because there are no docks here. We are anchored out so far, we can't even see the coastline, so as yet I can't really say I have seen China.

They are only letting 5% of the crew go on liberty at a time here because there is no transportation to take them in to the beach. I should rate liberty day after tomorrow if we are still here, but if we shove off for "Home Sweet Home" before I have a chance to go on liberty here, I won't be disappointed. Those who have gone over say it's pretty nice and brought back a lot of souvenirs--kimonos, hankies, slippers, etc., so if I get over, I'll try and get my wife something nice.

The main thing I am thinking about though is to come back to my darling and be with her forever. I love you so very much, my darling, and can only think of you and long for you constantly. I get to thinking of you so much sometimes and wondering if you will still be that same sweet person I left. But of course you will, only it's been so long ever since I have had any mail from you that I can't help but wonder sometimes. You were so very perfect when I was back there with you that I really wonder if you will still and always be that wonderful--the answer to my every prayer and desire.

Darling, you can't imagine how I hope and pray our lives together can go on being as wonderful, and more so, as it has been so far. Even in spite of this separation, I think the time we have spent together has been so very wonderful and I wouldn't have missed it for anything. We became so much closer and I learned to love you--oh, so very much more. Gene, you do love me as much as I love you don't you?

It's been so terribly long since I have had any of those sweet daily letters that used to give me such joy and happiness that if it weren't for the hope that we will be coming back to the States when we get through here, I would be very blue and despondent indeed. That hope is the only thing that keeps my soul alive anymore.

I suppose this doesn't sound like a very cheery letter does it, and I know you must have all you can bear yourself without me adding my sorrows to your already heavy load. Tell me, my darling, do you still cry sometimes. Oh, you little rascal, how I love you! Must close for now. I hope it won't be too long now before I can have some of your lovely letters again and then shortly after that I can be back with you to stay. I love you with all my heart my Gene. Always, Perry

Oct. 30, 1945 (Tues.)

Dear Husband Perry,

The rain has started here now. It rained all day yesterday and now again today. Instead of mutual classes, etc. tonight, the ward is having their usual Halloween party and dance. We are supposed to come in costume, but I don't want to this year. Emily and I will go over for awhile tho.

The stake Harvest Ball was held last Friday night at Wilshire. There are a lot of fellows back and out of service now so I guess there was quite a big crowd there that night. All the girls had dates and they all wore their pretty corsages to church Sunday. They looked so pretty. Perry, I've heard that the Navy points have been lowered again. Golly, maybe you will get out sooner than you think.

I spent the evening at Mother's again last night and then finally went home about 9:00 pm. This coming Saturday evening Margaret Capp is having a Halloween party at her house for the Adams gang. I'm invited too so of course will go. I always have such nice times there.

Perry, I had a dream about you last night, but I didn't like it. Darling, I dreamed we quarreled. Are you stubborn? Well you were in my dream. I wanted you to wear your Navy blue cap, but you wouldn't. You said it was only for "sissies" and then you put your old white one on. You didn't even try to please me. All I wanted was to see how you looked in it. I was so sure you would look very handsome in it. Perry, when you come in soon will you wear your Navy blue cap for me? Please?

Will you be going to China now Perry? Are you taking troops there? You really are getting to see a lot of the world, aren't you? I hope the trip is a short one though. I do hope I get a letter from you pretty soon. I'm getting so anxious to hear from you again. I love you dearest Perry. Always, Gene

November 2, 1945 (Friday eve.)

My Darling Perry,

Sweetheart, I haven't had a letter from you all week. Where are you, Perry? When will you be coming back to the States? I hope you are getting my letters more regular now. I guess I'm kind of jealous cause Viola has had so many letters this week from Ora, her boyfriend. And tonight there were three letters for her and she says he is heading for San Francisco and will probably be here by the 12th. That's pretty wonderful for her, but I know it can't be very long till my darling will be here too. He'll call me up or send a telegram or maybe just walk right in on me one day, and I'll be the very happiest girl in this whole world and I guess about the luckiest too.

A dream that really did come true.
I do hope we can be together on Christmas, and I have a strange sort of feeling that we will too. I want that dream of yours to come true--remember, you said we were walking together in the snow and it was Christmas. Oh, Perry, it fairly takes my breath away whenever I think about it.

(Sat. eve.)

Dearest, Guess I was kind of tired last night. I wanted to finish this and mail it this morning, but I didn't quite make it. Today was my half day at the office. Mother met me at noon and we had lunch together and shopped around a little after. I bought a pair of soft, warm, fuzzy pajamas for these colder nights. My summer ones aren't warm enough now.

I was hoping I'd find a letter for me when I got home, but there was none. Well, I know I'll get some next week. You must be to China by now. Golly, that sounds so far away--even farther than you've ever been. I hope you don't stay there very long. I just found out that Evelyn and Alden have had their baby. It's a boy and was born in October. Isn't it wonderful. I'm so happy for them. I'll stop here and write you again tomorrow, Perry. Goodnight my lover. I love you, Gene

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