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I love life and being a mother!

1139 Elgin Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah
Marian, Linda and Dale
Oct. 12, 1951 (Friday)

Dear Folks,

Please forgive me for not answering more promptly, but I love you all very much and think of you all the time anyway. As you know, I really keep on the hop around here and find it hard to get a spare minute to sit down and write till night when the kids are asleep and then most of the time, by that time, I just want to drop in my tracks--ha!

The 1951 Mercury was our one-and-only car
for many years after its purchase
Anyway, today on the eve of our seventh wedding anniversary, Perry and I left the kids with a neighbor, (this morning) took baby Jan with us and went downtown. Did some "preview" Christmas shopping, then started shopping for our new car. We tried them all "oh fun." We were offered $200 on trade-in for our little old $90 '36 Chev coupe (which we have only put about $25 repairs on and have used for a year already.) Well, we just couldn't resist. Since Perry is now making $400 per month, which we are only using about $120 for living expenses and groceries, and saving the rest, we figured we could swing it, so have ordered our new car--a Mercury 4-door. We will get it in about three weeks.

Wanted to pay you right away for the nice warm pjs, Mom, but now can't do it till next month when we can put some money in the bank again. Hope you won't be mad. I really like them and they fit me fine. When I mentioned rayons in my last letter, I was thinking of the "fuzzy" brushed rayon, it's so soft and pretty. But these are ok and I surely do appreciate them. Received the small package today with the little pants and the sox. Thanks a lot!

Enjoyed all the letters from everyone--Emily's, Aunt Edith's, Dad's, Mom's and Pierce's. Say, Pierce, I was real disappointed not getting to have you as a guest during the very wonderful Conference last weekend. We would very much have enjoyed a visit from you. Sorry you couldn't make it. Thought it one of the most inspiring and powerful Conferences I have ever heard. Do read all of the messages from all the Church leaders soon as you can, a lot of timely instruction for us as well as warnings and strong inspiring testimonies.

Was so thrilled to hear and read about the starting of the LA Temple building down there. Were any of you there for the dedication? It's going to be a beautiful structure and in such an elite part of town, huh. We are all well and happy. Our weather is typical fall weather, beautiful. Heard from Dick again. He must have time on his hands--can read and write a lot. Hope he can get home next summer like he plans. How is everyone? Write often as you can. Love from us all, Gene & family

Oct. 22, 1951 (Monday)

Dear Mother,

Enjoyed your nice long newsy letter. It's good to hear about Dick's kids. Glad to know they are getting along so fine. I really hope too that you can have Ricky there for Christmas. Do wish we could drop in on you about that time too in our new car. Perry will have his "vacation" then but don't know if we can afford a trip or not.

Well, guess you'd really enjoy a visit from Aunt Minnie and husband, but I know what Dad means when he said to tell them to bring their own provisions. I think you should too. You know farm people don't have to think of food like you do. They raise so much of their food and have plenty on hand unusually and might not realize how you folks have to do there in the city. Your food bill is much higher of course.

Yes, we would like a garage for our car but that is impossible right now. Perry mentioned getting a tarp cover too, as you did. Think we may have to get one. Yes, Perry is holding down two jobs and works about 16 hours a day 5 days and 12 hours on Saturday. Then he has his bookkeeping church job on Sunday. And of course he milks his cow and feeds her and the calfs every morning. His dad takes care of the night milking.

Yes, we really keep our noses to the grindstone around here, ha! Up by 6:00 am every day, and Perry gets home from his janitors job at the university about 11:00 pm and about 6:00 pm on Saturdays. We realize we can only do this while we are young and have our health, so we are "making hay while the sun shines." Perry likes his work--never thinks of it as drudgery--just plans for the future.

We will pay our car off as quickly as possible and buy some land next year (farm land). Then next summer he plans to build a house beside his dad's place (buy the land) down here and sell it or else sell his dad's old place and let them have and move in to the new one. Then with that money as a downpayment, we hope to get a farm.

Too bad the picture isn't in
color so we could better see the
nice coats Aunt Hope made for us
Yes, Hope is making coats for our kids from coats of ours. She ripped three coats apart and is fitting pattern pieces and piecing to do it. She's really got a big job and is working hard at it. But the material was all good and Hope is a good seamstress and wanted to do it for us. She has been several weeks at it now--has the green one for Linda just about finished I think. Marian's is a dark blue and Dale's will be brown.

Yes, we are making good use of the clothes you sent of Dick's kids. The kids are wearing the jackets and overalls now and the little corduroy hat just fits Dale. He wears the little colored long-sleeved shirts too. Jan is wearing some of the baby things too Yes, Dale wore the shoes of Eric's for awhile, but his feet are big and he soon outgrew them. He has a bigger foot than Marian and even wider than Linda's.

Your gift of the cameo pin surely will make a complete nice set for Aunt Edith. I haven't seen her for years and years but just know she is a very attractive lady and very dignified looking. Daddy's letter came yesterday so will answer his now too. Love, Gene

Oct. 23, 1951 (Tuesday)

Dear Daddy,

Your letter came yesterday. Enjoyed it so much--you always write a wonderful letter, Daddy. Thanks for all the high praise, but Daddy I don't feel that all this were too much of an accomplishment because I only feel that I am living a normal and very complete life, and I am so very thankful for it and so happy just trying to do and accomplish the things on this earth that the good Lord put me here to do, I guess. And oh, I love life and being a mother, so it comes easy!

Yes, I am proud of my heritage and am equally as proud to have married a Manwaring--it is an honorable name--every man in this family who has the name has been and is an honorable man. It is the answer to Perry's great-grandfather's daily prayer that all who would bear this name who came of him would be clean and honorable. My boys, all of them, will be good men, they are chosen to be. Oh, what comfort this gives me, how richly blessed I feel.

And I often think I must keep myself worthy of these blessings. Someday I will be a Grandmother Manwaring who will want the love and respect of all her wonderful grandchildren. Well, I didn't realize I'd say so much! Hope you understand. It's hard to put it in so many words.

Well I guess the Mercury is cheaper here than in LA. The base price here was $2460. With the accessories, radio, heater, etc., we are getting it for $2688.  That's without overdrive though Dad. Yes, we are getting it financed through our bank--will also get your Farmers Insurance if we can. We haven't signed the contract yet--just ordered the car. It's being assembled and shipped from Denver and will be here for us on the 30th (next week.) So can give you more details later.

Glad you can get your rest, Dad, even if it has to be during the day sometimes--that's the thing to do, take it easy now. Surely would love to see you. Wish we could make it for your birthday! Love and God bless you, your loving daughter, Gene

November 8, 1951 (Thursday)

Dear Folks,

We enjoyed your letter, Dad, and all the explanations and had a big laugh as you explained the phone call "mix-up." But anyway, like you say, it was nice to get to hear and talk a bit with you folks.

And now at last we have our car! Just got it yesterday after several delays, have Farmers Insurance the 80% collision too. I was wrong about it coming from Denver. It was assembled there in Los Angeles where the cars are shipped from back east by boat and then delivered here by a big carrier truck. And the reason the cars are cheaper here than LA is because of the "zone" we are in.

Can't write much this time--must hurry back to my work. Did I tell you we got the little coats Hope made. My they are so nice. Hope really did beautiful work on them. They look so pretty on the kids and we are so thrilled with then. Now I will have to get bonnets to match. I'll send you a check for the pjs Saturday, Mother. We are all fine. Love to all, Gene

November 16, 1951 (Friday)

Dear Mother,

Guess you'll think I'm awful. Well, I wrote you a postcard several days ago--then missed the mailman--then Dale picked up the card and now I don't know where it is. Guess I'll find it some day under the rug or in a drawer or some funny place (where a little boy would hide it--ha!)

Anyway, I was trying to apologize for not sending that money I owed you when I promised for the jammies. Am really short on cash. (Downpayment on car came to a few dollars more than we expected) but will surely have it for you this month-end. Perry gets two big paychecks each month end.

We have been having real winter weather this past week--several snowstorms and now real cold--brrr!  Have you heard from Dick lately? Is he in Japan now? And how is Emily? Will she try to come out for Christmas to see her kids? What are everybody's plans, huh?

Guess you are really busy now with your new job as well as housework, etc. Surely hope you are keeping well. Don't overdue yourself. It isn't worth it. How is Pierce? Wish he'd write me too. Tell him I don't care what he's doing, it isn't as much work or exhausting and as everlasting as mine--wow! Please write when you can. Just love to hear from you, all of you. Love, Gene & family

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