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The dandelion's a pretty flower

Christmas vacation in Utah
Looks like Dale is about to pull Jan's hat off.
So will Jan then hit him with his double snowball?
June 6, 1960

Dear Perry & Gene,

In Jan's letter, Gene, you added, "More later," and we have sorta' been looking for another. The girls have been planning something for our anniversary, and I believe Genevieve is supposed to write to you telling of the plans, etc. As the day comes on a school day (September 14) that rules out anything on that day, so they thought perhaps something in August might be feasible.

To tell you the truth, Elmer and I would rather not have it be an expense for anyone. Lorin hasn't had work all winter except since Christmas he has $100 per month for work on church house (janitor work). They have had quite an expense for Afton, so I think Floyd has had to keep things going. June is down to bedrock and with a lot of days of sickness. Venice and Elvyn have a house to finish and a boy on a mission. Hazel still with her nerves and doctor bills.

Now they all want to have some appropriate observance, and your father and I very much appreciate it, but we don't want to make it hard for anyone. Just the day by day things they do are appreciated by us. June is so thoughtful and liberal as are Hope and Grant. Genevieve is always doing something like bringing fruit, cake, and aprons for me. Hazel has our welfare at heart and is generous too. So your father asked me this morning to write and tell you not to feel obligated to come if it is against your better judgement. Your car isn't new, and the road is long and hot. It really is risky. I realized that last summer.

We just love to get letters, and the children have written such cute ones. Jan, Renee and Harriet wrote recently. So Perry, you use your good sense and come if you can well do it, but don't be pressured into it. I think Elmer and I will still have quite a few years ahead of us, and we and the family have had a lot of pleasant times together to remember. Those two times we went to your house, and with all the things we did, was enough for several anniversaries.

Alan Mangum and his wife Norma
Genevieve said Alan and Norma reported they had such a good time with you folks. If you could just board a plane and be landed here on our green grass without worrying about that long stretch of desolation in between, that is what I would like. We could make you comfortable here, I think, most of the time, but it is hot here too. But we can always find shade.

Of course Pa will stay on the job as long as they will keep him. He comes home so "all in." I said to him, "Maybe you won't want to wait till they fire you." But we are both well and can rest well at night so good for another day. . . . Your father had his two weeks vacation, and we went to Blue Bell, Roosevelt, Tridell, Vernal and Naples. Visited just a short time with our relatives.

Then we heard that Nelson had quite a hurried operation, and Hope had had quite a lot of worry because she had to make all the decisions in Grant's absence, so we went down there. June drove her car, and Hazel and David went too. Hope and Nelson were real glad for our concern, and we were glad we went.

Elmer and I made the rounds and went to Orem, and while there we hunted up Frank Goodrich and wife as Aunt Lyd has asked us several times if we ever saw Frank. So we saw everybody but you and family. Venice and family came out for the fourth. They really came out here to get Wilda and her things. Elvyn still is driving the mail, and I do hope and pray he can keep it. He looks much better, and Venice feels so hopeful of their future if he can just keep it. If not, then she doesn't know what will happen.

Well, I fear parts of my letter sound discouraging. I did not mean it to sound so. Write and tell us all your plans and how everything is. Love from Mother and Dad [Leona and Elmer]

June 9, 1960

Dear Folks,

It is quite a jump from February to June. Then it was snow, now it is beautiful summer with all the roses at their best and the weather not as hot as it may yet be--so enjoy it while it lasts. "For lo, it is not always" June. . . . Elmer and I can go to the "Old Folks Day" at Liberty Park this June as he will have his vacation beginning next week. There was a really good dinner and program last year--outstanding musical numbers and other things. . . .

I have been trying diligently to rid our lawn of the dandelions, but with its children and grandchildren, well--here is a verse:

The dandelion's a pretty flower
It's sturdy too and bold.
And everyday, at break of day, it lifts
its head of gold--
as if to say, in a saucy way
"I have come to stay."

Persistence is a worthy trait
In this I do not jest,
So emulate it all you can
But please don't be a pest.

Well, I think I better come to a close. It is a bit chilly this morning after a nice shower last night. So I don't have to get out to sprinkle the lawn just yet. I put some poison spray on some dandelions yesterday, but I suppose the rain washed it all off. Please everybody write soon. Love to all, Mother [Leona]

August 12, 1960

Dear Gene and All,

Suppose it's gotten hot where you are the same as here this week. Did cool off a little last week, but it's back in the same groove again. September is usually our hot month but seems this year the whole US weather map has been changed all over. Last weekend I thought a little of coming out to see you all by coming to Pomona in time to go to church with you, but my hair needed fixing, and after talking to you by phone for 10 minutes, I'd used up all my bus fare. It costs too much to talk out of my territory--think talking to you will be $1.10 or little more with tax. So it's cheaper to travel or write--telephones are for the rich.

Leora Edith Young Fast
Finally got my hair fixed yesterday--a perm which I needed. I saw an ad in our mid-weekly advertising a special hairdo over on 6th about 2 blocks west of Vermont not far from Ambassador Hotel. So I walked over there after phoning for an appointment which they set at 12. I took my coupon ad and supposed to get a $12.50 job for $7.50. She did a good job anyway I feel better and think I look better too.  Hated to part with the cash for sure have been squeezing my nickels to make them stretch. So walked over and back but was dead tired to the world last night. . . .

So many have birthdays this month. Didn't I forget Harriet Lea's. Think I did. Becky's is the 18th, then Dale's and my brother in Oklahoma has one the 26th. Wow! Too many in August. Well, I'd better go drop this so you'll get it tomorrow. Becky was with me 3 or 4 days but guess you knew that when Marian was at Valerie's too. Can't reread my letter as time is slipping. May slip in 2 dimes for Harriet Lea for birthday money. Tell her I'm sorry I let it slip by. Lot's of love, Mother [Leora]

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