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Linda's baccalaureate service will be Sunday

March 23, 1965 (Tuesday)

Dear Mother,

Your letter came yesterday. I'm gone all day on Mondays till 5:00. I take care of a 1-year-old baby girl all day Monday each week. I get $10 for the day, but it is easy work. So I read your letter last night when I came home. Glad you had such a nice visit with Dick and his family. I'm like you--I hope Ricky comes home as per schedule and gets out of the Army without any complications. Frankly, I think he will. I believe Dick just does not want to build up your hopes, and I really think he and Betty will want to coax Ricky to come back to Utah.

I really hope Ricky will stay here in California if this is what he wants. After all, he is a man grown and 21 years old and should be given the privilege to decide for himself. I just feel there would be many more and better opportunities here for him and his future than in Utah.

Linda and Marian each have such good jobs with real future in them, which I know they would not have found in Utah. Linda's job could work into a high-paying private secretary job. Her boss has promised her that this could work into a permanent position if she wants it and applies herself. She likes the work and is taking a pride in it. She is in a brand new office building and has a room and a desk all her own.

Marian's job is a little harder because she is working on her feet all day. She stands by the dentist's side and hands him the proper instruments, etc. But she likes it and is learning fast. His patients all like her very much. He too promises her permanent work.

The gold and green ball was a beautiful success last Saturday evening. Our Linda was one of the most beautiful debutants on the program that evening and Perry and I were so very proud when she stepped to the middle of the stage in the spotlight and walked down the stairs so slim and tall in her beautiful, sheath evening gown. Pictures were snapped of her and I will want you to have one too. It was an easy dress to make--the top is white lace and the skirt a leaf green. She wore a pink sash over this. Her father got her a pretty pink carnation corsage. There were 25 debutants in all in our Pomona Stake and they all received a beautiful gift of a silver serving dish and a silver spoon. This just thrilled Linda.

I must hurry this off to you. Your money is safe in the bank. Don't worry. Do hope the hot applications on your eye will heal it and when you return to the doctor's office next month, he'll find it all fine. I do have your little blue jacket. I'll bring it to you one of these days soon. Must run. Love, Gene

Perry get's his Master's Degree, Summer 1965
April 13, 1965

Dear Mother,

Surely wish I could come see you soon but must finish some sewing I've started for the two youngest. I've been suffering terrible headaches the past two or three days--sick headaches. Can't understand why.

Perry and the boys have built a new stairway down to the basement and will continue with the building till they have completed a nice finished room and closets and shelves for the boys down there. They are so happy with this work. They want a room so bad! During the rainy weather Perry has had time to do this.

Jan has a birthday coming up soon--Saturday. I think he will celebrate it by taking a friend to Disneyland this Friday. Perry promised him a watch for his birthday and we are saving the bluechip stamps for it. Do you have any more you could contribute to the cause?? Ha! I think we need one more book. He is such a good boy and really deserves it.

Do you have any news about Aunt Harriet? Is she still at the rest home in Peoria? I know she wanted to be back home in Princeville by March. I would like to send her something but don't know which address to use.

I'm glad you were able to enjoy your stake conference. Ours was earlier. I'll send you some copies of Deseret News Church section. We get them each week. Must close. Perry is taking the kids to see "Mary Poppins" tonight for helping him pull the weeds on the property. Hope you are well. Love, Gene

May 5, 1965

Dear Perry,

Yesterday I looked at a calendar on the wall and said, "Why it is the sixth today!" and your father said, "Why, it is Perry's birthday. Let's call him quick." So without any further thought, we called you. Later we realized it was the April calendar sheet. We were getting ready to go to the temple, so we had to hurry. But anyway you could thank it for the call two days before your birthday. We were glad to hear your voice and glad you were all well.

The snow is falling and the lawn is all white. I suppose there will be a frost tonight. Our apple trees are all in bloom. We went to Vernal Sunday with Gladys Slaugh Jacobsen and attended the funeral of Frank Slaugh Monday. It was a very good service, and we saw and talked to a lot of old friends and relatives. We stayed with Dee and Mary at night.  Dee is having health problems, and Thelma was recovering from the flu. Said she gave the doctor eleven dollars last fall for cold shots--supposed to prevent it.

June just phoned saying she was thinking of your birthday but didn't have a stamp. She had just mailed the family letter and it took her last stamp. We received a letter from Veda--poor girl. She appreciated your coming to see her. Do you like the Church section? We are renewing it for you.

Surely would be nice seeing all of you. Somebody write and say what you are all doing. Love to all, Dad and Mother

Linda's graduation picture, 1965
June 11, 1965

Dear Mother,

Received your letter 2 days ago. Linda got the pretty card from you yesterday. She has been receiving pretty cards from all the relatives and friends almost each day since mailing her announcements. Aunt Harriet sent her $5. Isn't that something! We sent her one of Linda's pictures and wrote her too. Linda wrote a nice thank you.

Linda's baccalaureate service will be Sunday afternoon at 4:00 o'clock out at Chaffey College campus. But the graduation is next Thursday evening here in Claremont. She is saving a ticket for a reserved seat for you. Hope you can make it. Plan to stay all night with us since it is an evening affair. We do hope and pray that the best will be done for your eyes and admire you for your persistence in seeing the doctors and doing everything you can to get help and improvement. You surely will.

Have you written Aunt Harriet. I do hope so. She wants to here from you. We are all fine. Marian has her contact lenses now--very happy with them. More later. Love, Gene

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