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Gene & Perry become grandparents

Jan, Renee & Harriet 1970
February 7, 1969

Dear Linda,

Well, if I don't write a letter, I guess I won't get one. Thank you, Linda, for your special interest in Jan. He is so appreciative too and so conscientious in all of his efforts now to get to the "Y." He has even typed several business envelopes and stamped them and is handing them out to his favorite teacher, seminary teacher, counselor and the bishop to have them write a letter of recommendation to the "Y" for him. He is trying to do everything so right and is proud of his efforts, and we are pleased with all of his progress. I know he'll make it. He is influencing several of his friends this way too. This makes me so proud too.

Harriet and Renee are doing pretty good this year too. They enjoy their seminary and mutual. (Renee is like you, gets up every morning ahead of all of us to get ready and Harriet follows her.) I think that Renee will be a straight "A" student this year--she tries so hard--all except her piano. She and Harriet are both taking lessons every Tuesday evening but only practice about twice a week. This discourages me!

Dale has found a job on Arrow in Montclair at a "Ready-rain" watering system plant (they make these things) and he is working on an assembly line where they put these pipes together. He works from 8:00 to 5:00 everyday for $1.75 an hour. He says he enjoys the job. He will live here at home (pay me room and board) and save his money towards his future wedding plans. I hope he can do it! (Dale speaks often of you and Eric. He admires and loves you so much.)

He must really love Carol. He writes to her at least every other day and just lives for her letters. For him, that is a feat! You were kind to take in Dale's belongings. Where do you keep them? Is it much?? I hope we can bring them back when we come up at spring vacation (the week before Easter.)

How are you feeling now? Are you thriving with the new schedule of a job plus housework? Do you work every day? How long will the job last?

Guess I didn't tell you. Your father was chosen by this stake and the general YMMIA board to be given the Honorary Master M-Men Certificate and pin for his "excellent work performed during the years in the interest of the young people of the Church." This was presented to him during a program and dinner at the stake last Friday night. I had to get him there without telling him why! That was some trick! And oh, he was so surprised and shocked-ha! He is now wearing the pin very proudly.

I am on a weight-losing program. That's all I can say for now. I hope I can pleasantly surprise everyone by the end of March. Grandma Fast is just fine tho she still fusses about things. The rains now are keeping her agitated.

Do you see Marian often? I must write her too. Maybe you could share your letters. I must keep them brief. If I miss something here, maybe it will be in her letter. Much love to you, Mom

March 13, 1969

Dear Mom & All,

Got your latest letter a few days ago. Not much of great importance is happening around here. The weather's been nice, but I hear it's suppose to snow again Saturday. Hope it'll be pretty like it has been for your visit, but all the same, you'd better all dress warmly.

The doctor says I'm getting fat now! I've gained 16 lbs. and only have 4 left to gain in the next three months--could get sweaty. I'm hungry all the time even after eating. (Long after everyone else has stopped, Linda goes on eating!) But at least my iron is up to normal, but I still have to take 4 iron pills a day.

At my last appointment (Monday) Eric got to listen to baby's heart beat. He thought that was really great and went around the house for days afterwards making a "tic-tic" noise and rubbing my tummy. He's crazy.

Gradually he's completely filling every available corner of our apartment with car parts. The front room closet has several boxes full of parts plus what is known as a car "read end" wrapped in a sheet and nestling in a corner under the coats. And this morning I noticed a car wheel under our bed that wasn't there the morning before. He's just purchased a front axle that he's going to put in the car, and I'm afraid I'm going to find it propped up in the shower when I get home tonight. He said something about cleaning it up a little.

We went to our ob hospital class last night and saw a film on child birth. The nurse also itemized the hospital expenses for us and said the average was $200. She said if you don't have insurance, and we don't, you're asked to pay a $200 deposit when you're checked in to the hospital. Hope we can do it. I just got our doctor's bill of $280 paid off, but I have a dentist appointment the 24th which may prove a bit costly since I haven't been to a dentist in ages. Problems, problems!

Marian is fine, I guess. I haven't seen her since last weekend but called the other day. She's caught a cold from babysitting for some friend's baby so hasn't been out much. Warren's birthday is the 19th of this month, and he'd probably appreciate a b-day card from you all. He'll be 24.

Glad to hear you're all thriving. I guess I'll get back to work now--ugh! Love, Linda

March 25, 1969 (Tuesday)

Dear Mother [Leora],

Well here I am in Utah, and I'm a grandmother. Marian and Warren are such happy, proud and exuberant little parents. It just thrills me to be around them. Marian just enjoyed giving birth to this little 7 lb. baby girl on Sunday night at about 11:30. She is a very pretty little round-faced thing, all pink and healthy.

I'm visiting with Linda and her husband Eric today. The weather is just beautiful--bright and sunny but cold. Call Perry and have him come and read this to you. Hope you are all getting along fine down there in Claremont. I miss everyone and pray all goes well each day.

Tell Perry I've called his folks and told them the news. They were so happy to hear all. I also wrote and sent birthday cards to Hope, June and Hazel. Did you send a birthday card to Dick? I forgot his address. I'll write again. Love, Gene

Renee, Tina Hartman & Harriet Spring 1969
April 13, 1969

Dear Mom & Dad,

It sure was good to see you and the girls. I only wish I'd have had more time to visit. Sometimes working sure is inconvenient.

Cherylen is fine except that she has a rash on her face. Marian's doctor says her skin is super delicate and she's probably allergic to detergent left in stuff not rinsed well enough. It's making her have pimples on her forehead, but anyway, she's gained a pound and grown an inch.

Dale and Carol came over last Friday while Marian and Warren and child were here, but they had to leave around 9:30 pm because Marian was falling asleep. I don't think Marian gets enough sleep because she has to get up every two hours at night for the baby's snack. What a pain! Carol and Dale stayed and visited with us until around 11:30. Most of the time Eric hates to just sit around and talk, but he really likes talking to Dale and Carol and enjoys their company more than anyone else. We're going out to Spanish Fork today around 2:00 pm and taking Dale and Carol along. Marian's invited us to dinner.

The office gave me a going away party last Friday and gave me a crib blanket for a gift, which I thought was very thoughtful considering I've only been there about 3 months. I think that's about all the news from around here for now. Hope you're all well and recovered from the long trip. Write when you get the time. Love, Linda

May 27, 1969

Dear Perry & All,

Some of the important days of May are passed, but we still have "Decoration Day" and "Father's Day," the latter in June. I suppose the schools will soon close. We have had some very pretty flowers, but they came out early this year, so I fear they will be gone by Decoration Day.

Last Sunday Clyde invited us to their home but first to the church to the farewell testimonies for their son who will fill a mission for the Church in Sweden. He is a fine looking boy, and I am sure he is a fine boy. He looks like it. Hazel and Walter came and got us. Then afterward we went to the home of Clyde for refreshments. In his talk, Clyde thanked the program committee for putting his talk last. He said he believed it was the only time since his marriage that he had had "the last say." Of course everybody laughed.

People have been losing things on Elgin Ave. lately. There is a wave of stealing. Brunsons had 2 bikes stolen. Luckily, the thieves were apprehended, and their father was repainting them when found--I mean the bikes of course.

June came up with Rowleys a week ago and went back on Sunday. It was good to see her. The last time I was visiting teaching, Mrs. Pepper asked me about Kerry Dee. I told her about his being with Perry and family and of his accomplishments and of his plans and hopes of going on a mission. "Oh, that is good," she said. "We plan a mission for Michael too," she said. Michael surely is a fine boy we think. He is still active in church, and he most always comes up to us to shake hands. He is a good-looking boy. Deon Caddy is home and will give his homecoming talk a week from this coming Sunday. I wonder if his father will come? I am sure his mother and Kathleen will be there.

It was good to hear all of your voices over the phone. We plan to go with Floyd and family to the cemeteries on Decoration Day--both to the Memorial Gardens for Dee's grave and then to Orem for Genevieve's grave. I wonder of anyone in Vernal will remember my mother's grave. I am the last of her children, and I am out here. It is a beautiful time of year and there are many flowers. Now if the wind doesn't blow it will be nice for the day. Goodbye and love from, Mother & Dad

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