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Little Charlotte is Born

Jan - a picture from his mission
September 29, 1970 (Tuesday)

Dear Folks,

Just a short letter to you as I want to get it in the mail soon in hopes you'll receive it tomorrow! We just received our first letter from Jan from the language school in Provo. He is so busy studying 12 hours a day. In 8 weeks he will be speaking Spanish fluently. He has such a great spirit too. He can hardly wait to get to Bolivia to teach the people the gospel and give them the Book of Mormon. We are so happy for him. Do wish he'd have gotten to Salt Lake a day earlier though so he could have visited with you folks.

He was so well remembered by many members of our ward who all gave him a little cash to go on. He bought all his own clothes and will be able to support himself for several months. We are so proud of him. He is writing to everyone, trying to acknowledge all who remembered him.

Linda has been wanting to make a trip up to Salt Lake for some time and is trying to find a way to go to General Conference. She wants to bring the baby, little Laura Fenn. It's you folks she wants to visit. She wants you to see and enjoy Laura. (She may not find a ride, but we're trying!) Perry took them all to the LA County Fair last Saturday morning to see the animals, etc. They had a wonderful time. Perry and Eric are both enjoying the baby so much.

The weather is so dry and hot here this week. (Last week too.) And you have probably been reading about all of the fires down here too. It really is frightening and tragic to see the clear blue sky fill up with giant billows of black and gray smoke till it covers the sun at noon day like a rain storm and smells so awful of burned wood and then see the black and gray soot and ashes fall all over our porches and lawns.

Our Patriarch Bullock's home was barely spared in the Ganesha Hills in Pomona Sunday where many homes burned to the ground. Yesterday the fires were north of Fontana about 20 miles east of us, which seemed to burn mostly trees, brush and game land. I wish we could have rain, but it's too early for that I'm afraid. If only the hot dry winds would stop blowing.

Did Perry tell you he was put in to our Sunday School superintendency 2 weeks ago? I was asked to be secretary of the Young Womens, which I think I will enjoy tho I am still a Sunday School teacher too and I don't want to give that up.

We are all fine--Mother Fast too. We enjoy your letters so much. Hope you are both well. Our love to you both and all the loved ones who come in to see you. Love, Gene

PS. We all enjoy the Church News every week--read it from cover to cover. Thanks Mother.

October 6, 1970

Dear Mother & Dad,

I can't remember when I wrote you last, but I know it's been a long time. We all enjoy your letters so much that I know I must write if for no other reason than to keep yours coming. We have had some bad fires down here near us. Fortunately we haven't been threatened, but quite a few people had to evacuate and about ten very expensive homes were completely destroyed in Pomona. Just the other night the hills to the north of us were a solid red glow of fire and we were covered with ash fallout. But now we have had some rains so everything is contained or out.

Jan is in the language school at BYU. We have had one letter from him, and he likes it very much. I guess you didn't get to see him when he was in Salt Lake. He had planned to, but he didn't get away from Sacramento soon enough plus he had to layover several hours in Reno. We are surely pleased in what he is doing. He worked so hard this summer to save for it. Now we feel a little bit empty with him gone.

Carolyn, Dale & baby Charlotte, September 1971
We were able to get the Conference Sunday morning and of course we thought of you because we knew you would be watching it too. Dale and Carol are expecting their arrival any day now. So you will probably be hearing word on that before too long.

How is your health? We are all well. We've never been better, I guess, except I get tired quicker than I did 20 years ago. I had a good physical and I seem to be in tiptop shape, but the doctor wants me to lose some weight. So Gene and I are both working on it. It surely doesn't come off as easy as it goes on, does it?

Saturday we are going up to Yucaipa. That is an area near here that is cool enough to grow apples. We are going to buy some for eating and canning. They don't have the beautiful color of the Utah and Washington apples, but they are good. Mother, Gene and the children talk about the good apples you put up--you know, the ones that are quartered and bottled? Did you add anything besides sugar? Any spices? And did you do them open kettle or the cold pack, hot bath method? Would you please write and tell us how you did it? We want to bottle some.

I'm sorry we didn't even remember or acknowledge your wedding anniversary in September. Our 26th one is coming up next week the 13th. It doesn't seem possible that that many years have slipped away. I must close now. Keep well and safe and write when you can. Love, Perry

October 10, 1970

Dear Perry & Gene,

Your letter came yesterday, and, Perry, you have written this fall more often than usual, and it seems good. So in answer to the cooking of apples, I will write about that first. I cannot remember anything special about it. I must have done them by "open bottle" method, mostly, for it seems that I cooked windfalls, and they were not always very tender. But I do know that a good lid on top helps to preserve the flavor and the fruit cooks quicker. Peaches definitely are better in the cold pack method. I have generally added a "pinch" of cloves or cinnamon to the apples in cooking. Venna came last Sunday and brought us a box of apples--some a beautiful red and some green. They are quite hard yet.

Thelma was here with us during Conference. We got everything fine on TV. We were sorry we didn't get to see Jan. I hope a group of us can see him off at the airport. We have had one letter from him, and he mentioned it too, hoping we could. He surely does have enthusiasm. I said, "That alone ought to convince a lot of people." He enjoyed the temple sessions too he said.

Perry's mission picture
Yes, Perry, I remember when you left on your mission. Hazel could hardly remember till I reminded her that Zeke Cook took us out to the airport to see you off, or was it at the station? You and one other were missionaries and quite a group were the first to leave for the war.

June is settled quite comfortably in her own home. Hope stays with her sometimes when Grant is away. They get good reports from Kerry Dee. The girl he likes lives close by Grant and Hope. They think she is fine, and they like her.

I thought Dale's baby's arrival was to be in December. David and Barbara are expecting a baby, but I don't know when. I know Hazel will be glad. She always felt the loss of having but one.

It is a gloomy, rainy day. Elmer is asleep, and I guess I will join him. Love, Mother & Dad

November 11, 1970

Dear Perry & All,

The days go by and Thanksgiving time will soon be here again. We have had beautiful weather and the colors have been gorgeous. And every little while I have thought of you saying, "When the frost is on the pumpkin," etc. I guess the frost is on the pumpkin now, tho we don't have any to see. The tree leaves are gone and hauled away. Grant hauled ours away. The weather is still nice. Hazel has asked us up to her house with June for Thanksgiving, and I don't know about Hope, Grant and Nelson who is here for awhile.

Grant wrote to Jan, telling him that he would take us to the airport to see him off when he goes. My, I can hardly picture Jan who such a short time ago was such a little boy. And Dale being the father of a little daughter! How are Dale and all getting along?

Nelson is here with his parents. He likes his work up in Alaska and will go back after Thanksgiving. Hope says he gets about as much pay per month as Grant does in his work, which is pretty good you know.

Dad and I have been going to the temple quite regularly. It is a stormy day. I will close and hope the mailman doesn't pass our house by as he sometimes does. I had to get another hearing aid, and they cost so much! The sky is getting real black. Love Mother

December 9, 1970

Dear Perry and All,

First, let me say we are having real Christmas weather--everything white with snow--trees and bushes, but sloppy roads. Christmas is in the air. Hope took us to the store. Then we went to her home for dinner. I haven't bought any Christmas cards yet and am wondering if I should. That is a real job, writing and addressing a lot of cards!

What we are wishing for most is to hear about Jan. Please send us some word how he made it there and how he is doing. He was so enthusiastic. I hope he is not terribly disappointed in the people and in the country. I have looked up maps and pictures of Bolivia to see what kind of  animals, birds, etc. are there. We are studying the Book of Mormon in Sunday School and it is interesting. We would surely like to hear about him.

And how are all of you? I just went with Hope to get some things, and we got a few cards, so you get the first one. Give us all of the married children's addresses. I have Dale's, if it is the same as when he told us about the baby. Love to all, Grandpa and Grandma

Baby Laura, March 1970
December 1970

Dear Grandma & Grandpa,

I don't think you've ever seen Laura so this picture will have to do for now. She's sure cute--says lots of words and can even sing a few little tunes. We're expecting another baby in July. Merry Christmas. We sure love you, Linda, Eric & Laura

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