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The mail is the main thing I look for

February 27, 1945
Morning before work

My sweetheart Perry,

Yesterday I received your letters of the 14th and the 16th. I was quite saddened at the fact that you had not received any mail. Darling, I do hope that by this time you have had lots of letters. And please take good care of yourself, sweetheart. Have you had that tooth pulled? I hope it doesn't bother you anymore. Oh, Perry, I too dream about all those sweet times when we were together and look forward so eagerly to our future together.

Yesterday Viola and I didn't start our work very early so we worked till past 6:30 last night before going home. We have started another new batch of work again. I surely do enjoy my work there. Tonight is mutual at the ward again. There will be a program and everyone will vote for one of the girls who are running for queen for this year. I sort of think Avenalle Richards will get it.

(Lunch time) My sweetheart, you are so good to me. Today I received two more letters from the 19th and 20th. Mother came downtown and brought them over to me. Then for those few minutes as I read them, I am there with you dearest. It's like looking at you thru a little window. I can see you so plainly and all that you are doing. But then, of course, it must always come to an end, and the curtain is drawn across the window, and I wait for the next day to come to have another glimpse of you.

Yes Perry, your letters do mean so much to me. I too get the blues when there is no word from you. I am so thankful that I get your letters so often. Yes, darling, everything goes on about the same at the apts as when you left. Mother and I most often sit and read or listen to the radio and many times write letters long after Dad has gone to bed. He goes to bed early and gets up early to be off to work. Yes, his stomach is much better now. He is quite back to normal again.

(Evening. Home again) I really thought I would get this letter off to you this morning. But I'm glad I didn't cause I've had such wonderful letters from my sweetheart today and just must tell you how deeply happy you have made me feel. Oh dearest Perry, you express your thoughts so beautifully. Your letters are so perfect. Tonight when I came home I found your letter of the 18th waiting for me. Sweetheart, it was such a wonderful letter. It brought tears to my eyes, but darling, they were happy tears. It was such a comforting letter. You surely do write your thoughts and I love you so much for sharing them with me.

Perry, I am so glad you feel so at ease and natural in being able to tell me all that is in your dear heart and soul. Thank you, sweetheart. Oh Perry, you are so dear to me, so precious. What a lucky girl I am to have such a wonderful husband. I love you so. I am so anxious to get this letter off to you but think I can not do it justice. Mother is hurrying me cause I have to eat and hurry over to mutual for the program. I just can't be rushed when I'm writing you a letter.

I'll make a date with you, darling, tonight when I come home from the mutual program. I will be alone, will go in the kitchen, sit at the table and write you another letter. I will be able to think better then. Is that ok with you? If I mail this now before 8:00 tonight, it will be picked up and postmarked tonight. Please forgive me for not being able to finish now. Dearest Perry, I miss you so. Your loving wife, Gene

February 27, 1945, bedtime

Dearest sweetheart Perry,

Well, here I am for our date--all alone--sitting at the kitchen table. I have all of your letters spread before me here on the table and I feel you are here with me now, and I can really almost see you while I am reading those dear, sweet letters. Oh dear heart, I do wish you could receive my mail as often and regular as yours comes to me. Two yesterday and three for today. I'm just the luckiest girl in this whole world. I only hope and pray that I can always be worthy of such wonderful blessings that are ever being showered upon me.

Perry, I'm glad that the letter where I scolded you for not writing came late to you cause I felt so bad about it when I found all those letters from you. That's why I cried so at that time, and I prayed you wouldn't get it. Guess the Lord truly guided it. Perry, each letter I write you I say a little prayer at its finish that it might find its way to you safely and quickly as possible. So I just know you'll get all your letters ok, Perry.

Well, we got to mutual and they had some wonderful little playlets tonight too. So many interesting things happened. Perry, you will never guess who was there when I walked into class. I was so surprised. There sat Evan and Evelyn and Alden. Yes, they are back from Arizona--drove in sometime today. I have really missed Evelyn. I was so happy I hugged them all and Evie put her arms around me and kissed me. Oh Perry, it was so wonderful seeing those two together married and so in love and happy, but it made me long so for you and envy them for it. Oh dearest, I wanted so to have you there by my side too. It seems they have just come back to get settled in a place here (don't know where they will be living) then Alden and Evan are going back to Arizona to finish the work they have there.

Then another surprise for the evening--just guess who was voted in as queen! Just guess! Well, I thought Avenall had it, but when the votes were counted, Ferris Kent was the winner. I'm glad for her. I wasn't disappointed. She really didn't expect it either and was so startled and speechless. But I was sorry for Avenalle cause she did expect it. They said the votes were all close tho. It was pouring down rain when we started to go home, so Alden and Evie insisted on taking Mother and me home. So "all's  well that ends well." It certainly was an interesting evening.

Oh my dearest Perry, please don't worry about your letters not pleasing me. (Yes, I promise you if I don't like any of your letters, I'll let you know.) But sweetheart, I also know that will never happen. Don't you know I love your letters and all that you have to say. There is nothing about them to dislike, sweetheart. They are just you and you are so precious to me. You write such wonderful letters, Perry.

Darling, I don't think I put on any weight but guess I must be fill out. You, there was another comment made. It was Viola this time. The other day I was stretching and then pulling my sweater down. She looked at me and grinned, then said, "Zion is growing" in a sort of a solemn, surprised tone. That was an odd remark, wasn't it?

Mother had a letter from Dick today too, also from Pierce. I'm glad that you can hear from Dick too. He enclosed some snapshots he had taken when he and some other fellows got a few days off and went sightseeing. They visited the Gaza pyramids and were in Ciro too. Guess he is really seeing some pretty interesting things.

Oh Perry, I love you for wanting only to write those kind of letters that will make me feel better and happier, and sweetheart, your letters do accomplish just that--please believe me. Dearest, your prayers are my very own prayers and thoughts too. Your thoughts are expressed so beautifully here. They bring tears to my eyes. Oh how I would have loved to be there near you waiting on you "hand and foot." And there certainly would be no insisting to get me to kiss you, my husband. In fact, you would likely find yourself being smothered with my kisses. Oh, if only I could prove it--just reach out right now and give you the best kiss and embrace you've ever received. But I'll make it up, you mark my word.

I must go to bed now, dearest, for it is late. Sweet dreams. I love you Perry. Forever yours, Gene

P.S. Perry, here is a little card that came in the mail today too. I know they are your friends of your missionary days. I would send them a card but haven't their address.

Feb. 27, 1945

My Darling Wife,

No mail today, but perhaps tomorrow will treat me better. After all, I did get two letters from you yesterday, both written the same day, with the pictures, so I guess that can last me for a little while. I keep looking at those pictures over and over again. For some reason, I can't look at them enough. I keep saying to myself over and over, "and she is my wife." I can tell you it is surely a nice thing to think about.

It was so sweet and thoughtful of you to send the cookies. I can almost taste them now. I suggest though that you don't send anymore packages until I let you know when and in what shape I receive these. So far we have hardly received any packages on board at all. I have told you how the mail service is, so you can imagine how much longer it would take to receive a package. I'll let you make up for lost time when we get out of the Navy and you can start cooking and baking for me in earnest. A pleasant thought, eh?

Sounds like you are really having some pleasant weather back in California. As for me, I think I would like to try out some good old Utah winters again. I think it would be quite pleasant to have my nose, fingers and ears tingling again and that always pleasant sensation of coming out of the crisp cold atmosphere into the warm and cheerful house. What do you say we try it sometime? Now that is really ironical, me talking about cold weather like that when right now the perspiration is just pouring off of me. We have our cool moments too though. It rains at least five times a day here.

Perry's parents, Leona and Elmer Manwaring
with grandchildren from Perry's older sisters
I still don't have anything done about my tooth. I was supposed to have a picture taken of it but haven't as yet. It feels fine now, for the time being anyway. I would just as soon it would stay in. Darling, I must take time yet tonight to write to my folks. they have had to kind of take a back seat in regards to my affections and letter writing, but I try to keep up on all of them.

God bless you, my love. I love you so very much. You are always in my heart and foremost in my thoughts. Yours alone, Perry

Feb. 28, 1945

Hello My Darling Wife,

Must warn you before hand that this will have to be short, but I just couldn't go to bed without telling you how much I love you. By doing so, I think it will make my dreams much sweeter. Oh my love, do you really realize how much I love you? I wish I were able to adequately express it. You have really grown dearer to me all the time and will continue to do so for all eternity.

No mail again today. It is a good thing there is always a tomorrow. The mail is the main thing I look for, mail with those familiar envelopes and handwriting. Is it odd that I should long so much for every word from someone so precious and sweet.

Darling, don't think all this is superfluity because it is direct from the heart--though it doesn't easily find expression in words. I love you for what you are and what you are making of me. Yours, Perry

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