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I am quite well, safe and live fairly comfortably

March 1, 1945

My Darling Gene,

I received two very sweet letters from you this morning. I should have gotten them yesterday but the mail was late so I might even be so fortunate as to get another from you tonight. Today's letters were posted the 18th and 20th so I received them in pretty good time, but I think I am still missing quite a few. Apparently I am missing the one where you told me about changing jobs. You just go on talking about it as though I know. Why did you quit Bullocks? Are you working for Louis permanently or just temporarily? Do you like it better? What was the reason, etc. etc? I am all full of questions, but I suppose I'll be getting the missing letter one of these days that will settle my mind.

Perry, about 14, on his "Sears Bluebird"
bicycle that he got for Christmas
Again I mention how I liked those pictures and the fact that you had them taken just for me and was thinking of me when they were taken gives them all the more meaning and makes them even more precious to me. It surely does look like a nice, pleasant day and just right for a bicycle ride. You keep that in mind because we will surely have to take one and maybe lots of them sometime. I really like it myself. I've told you how I used to ride around so much with Clyde.

Guess you think I was kind of funny being so curious about the way you were filling out. After all, you are my wife and I love you so very much. I just want to know all about you, that's all. Darling, I wish I knew and could tell you how long before I will be able to come back. I guess you know about as much about that as I do. I guess that will depend on how the war goes because I don't think there is much chance of me coming back until it is over. There are a lot who have been out here a lot longer than I have. Don't worry about my welfare though, sweetheart. I am quite well, safe and live fairly comfortably. The things that I miss most of all are you, and as you said, "the things that come by true love." That is the reason I could never be reconciled to this kind of a life.

Darling, I haven't (as yet) received the little package you said you had sent. I think I will probably receive it yet so don't think it is lost. I don't think you had better send any more packages at least until (or if) the parcel post service improves. I guess we will just have to wait for some of those things until I come back. There are a lot of things we will have time to catch up on then. No, darling, and I don't think I will ever want to be out of your sight again either.

That is surely strange about you losing one of the diamonds out of your wedding ring, but what is even more strange is that you found it the way you did--it was so small. I surely hope none of the others come out.

Say, you must be getting pretty "hep" in your voice lessons. High 'e' sounds pretty good to me. I think instead of singing duets, I think I will have you sing just for my personal entertainment. I'm so selfish, I couldn't share you with the public, ha, ha!

My darling, I sincerely love you with all my heart and think only of the day when I can return to you and do and build those things which we have both dreamed of and prayed for. I love you my dearest. Yours, Perry

March 2, 1945

My dearest Perry,

I too, have skipped a couple of days without writing you, sweetheart. Like you, I can't seem to write a very good letter without having one from you. They mean so much to me. Dear heart, I miss you so very much and long so for your return. I even dream of that day. I wonder if it will be day or night when you will come back to me and whether I will be at home or at work, awake or asleep. I think and dream of it so often. It just must happen sometime soon--somewhere there in the near future.

Darling, you're going to have a deliriously happy wife on your hands when you get here, but she won't and just can't be very happy till then. Oh, Perry, it's my constant prayer--your return. Then, darling, I have another yearning, but it's because of you and because I love you so. I want to bear children of you, Perry. Oh Perry, it's true. I crave so for a child, our child. How long must I wait for this? I hope it is not too long.

Guess it is I who have opened my heart to you this time. But I shall always want too, Perry. I'll always share my innermost thoughts with you. It is a promise we have made to each other and I shall always want it this way too.  Today I received your dear letters of the 24th of February and it is only the 2nd of March. They come so quickly to me. It distresses me so to see how long it takes my letters to reach you. I wish it were you receiving them so promptly, but then what would I do. Oh, sweetheart, only know that you are always with me, on my mind no matter what, and the most important thing in life to me.

Work goes on as usual down at the shop. We completed quite a bit of work this week. We made about $34 a piece. Guess that's not so bad. Evelyn and Alden came down for a visit day before yesterday. They were headed for a movie. How good to see them together! They are so much in love. But I know their love is no greater than ours.
Gene with 3 of Perry's sisters and mother,
holding baby Linda

Perry, I had the nicest letters from your mother and father yesterday. Your mother is so sweet. I am so anxious to meet them. And in all sincerity, I want to say I love them already. Like you and I, Perry, your mother is making plans and thinking of the near future when you and I will be going to Utah. She says she is so enjoying these thoughts of what we shall all do.

I'm already anxiously looking forward to your next letter and hope by that time you have had more of mine and maybe received a package too and also the pictures I sent of me. Your little wife is pretty sleepy now. Must go to bed. Tomorrow is Saturday and I promise you a letter for that day too, my husband. I love you Perry. Always yours, Gene

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