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Darling, all I have to write you about is my love for you

March 10, 1945

My Sweet & Lovely Gene,

I was so happy last night when I received your two sweet letters of the 27th and 28th. I especially liked the one you wrote and the special date you kept with me after Mutual. It made me think a few things myself and say a few little prayers of my own about what a fortunate man I am. Darling, you are pretty good at writing letters yourself and they thrill me beyond measure. The mail situation has improved quite a lot the last few days, and my morale has improved accordingly. I have been getting at least one or two letters from you nearly every day.

Sweetheart, why I asked you to let me know if my letters were still interesting is because it seems I keep writing the same things all the time without much variation. Darling, all I have to write you about is my love for you. Of that it seems my heart becomes fuller and fuller each day, but my ability of expression doesn't seem to keep pace with it and I grope for words to tell you about that which is always foremost in my mind--tell you in a way that it will ever register anew in your heart. I long to tell you in some new way that which I have told you so many times, yet I must keep telling you because it is that which gives life to my soul--gives me faith and hope.

Oh, words are so useless and people use them so flippantly and extravagantly that they seem to lose the power they should have. Darling, I always want you to know that when I say I love you, I say it with the deepest sincerity and it comes from the depth of my soul. If only I could show you this with my actions. I could paraphrase St. James and say, (instead of faith) "Words without works is dead being alone." Outside of my love, there is very little to write about and I would be forbidden to write about it even if it were interesting.

Some future fun times that Perry could only dream about
Southern California with cousins: Rebecca, Rey and Curtis
I even seem to have lost my sense of humor that people even used to remark about. Incidentally, I slept for about an hour today and I dreamed and dreamed about all the pleasant times we had together. I dreamed we were together again and I was laughing and laughing and when I woke up, I really felt like I had had a good time. That is quite a vicarious way of getting my amusement. I'm still expecting somebody to razz me for laughing in my sleep.

Well, after all, why should I write about anything but that which is closest to my heart. As long as that is what I feel most like writing about, and as long as those words can forever make themselves felt anew, full of joy and meaning, why should I write otherwise. Only when I can be with you again and can each day demonstrate my love--only then will I find an adequate substitute for these words of love.

I'm hoping fortune will favor me and I will get another of those precious letters tonight. With all my heart I love you my darling. Always your affectionate husband, Perry

March 12, 1945

My Dear Sweet Wife,

Today I received the little package which you told me about, but has been so long in coming. Darling, you are so very sweet and thoughtful and I love you so very much. It is really a very convenient little wallet and practical--pretty nifty too, I'd say. Thank you so much, my love. If you want me to, I will send the other back to you if you think you can use it.

My darling, you are so sweet and thoughtful and loving that I can hardly wait for that time when I can return to be with you for always. To be truthful, I will have to admit that I become rather impatient and tired of waiting sometimes. But that is only because I know I have so much waiting for me.

Sweetheart, I guess this will be about the shortest letter I have written to you. I'll try and make up for it tomorrow. Remember, five months ago tomorrow? It seems unbelievable but quite true. I will be thinking about it all the time, will you? With all my heart I love you, always, Perry

Family picnic, Perry, Gene & baby Linda Salt Lake City
March 13, 1945

My Darling Gene,

Well, here it is, the 13th. It's not Friday the 13th, but it's still the 13th and five months to the day. Does that mean anything to you? Well it does to me. It signifies the luckiest day in my life. I think when I get back, we should make a special date the 13th of every month and an extra special date every Friday the 13th. Of course every October the 13th goes without saying. OK?--OK!

My darling, I said I would think of you an extra lot today, but how can I think of you more than 24 hours a day? I doesn't matter whether I am awake or sleeping, you are always right there and I am always just longing for that day. Sweetheart, I received your sweet letter of the 3rd today, and I could tell that you were a little bit blue and lonely. Oh, my darling, you needn't try to hide it. I know how it is because I get that way myself, and if it will make you feel better, I say just pour your heart out to me, I have a very understanding one you know.

Yes, my love, you are really a very good little girl for doing those little things I suggest and it makes me realize more and more how much I love you--yes, with all my heart and soul. Oh yes, I certainly did enjoy that bath, and I had to laugh when you reminded me about it. I think I would like another like that when I come back. How about it, huh?

I am using the new wallet you sent me now, and I have your pictures in there including the recent ones you sent me, you beautiful little marvel you. Remember, I want some more pictures from time to time if you can still get film. I've heard somewhat about the Great Pyramid and the things they claim to have found there, but I really don't know a great deal about it. It's interesting to study about, but I never did put very much faith in it. I believe in staying by the "revealed word" and in that I can't go wrong.

My sisters write about receiving the little figurines. They surely do like them and think you must be quite artistic. How's that? But then they don't know 100th as much about you as I do. That is only a wee, small point in your favor in comparison to all your other good qualities. I long for you always and pray for us constantly. Always yours, Perry

March 15, 1945

My dearest loving husband,

Your letter of the 6th of March was so wonderful--you give me courage, Perry. You are so understanding and so loving. Oh, darling, do you wonder that I love you so much. I'm glad you finally got my letter telling you about my troubles and my changing of jobs and why. I felt so awful about it all at the time. But Perry, I prayed about it tho and it all worked out. I do like this work much better. And, oh darling, it's so wonderful to "know that I have a husband who loves me very dearly."

I also received the special letter with the money orders darling. No, I understood why you weren't sending any money. I knew you were paying up some debts, and I'm glad that it's all cleared up now. Darling, I really don't know how you can send so much to me tho. Aren't you just about broke? If you send that much to me very often, we will really be getting quite a little bank account. You know, I'm pretty proud of us the way we are saving our money. These letters all came yesterday. The other one was dated the 4th of March when you spoke of reading our blessings. I too like to read them. They help me so much.

Perry, four of your sisters have birthdays this month. I have picked out some very pretty cards to send them--wish you could see them. Some day you and I will sign all our cards together, won't we? I also found some cute little Easter cards to send your little nephews. Tomorrow is Mother's birthday. I'm going to get her some flowers (a big bouquet) maybe sweet peas or something.

Easter Sunday is also conference Sunday this year. So I guess everyone will be at Wilshire Ward in their new Easter bonnets. The Adams Ward chorus is going to sing for that occasion. Oh how I love to sit up there and sing. I'm hoping I'll be able to get some film soon so I can take some pictures on Easter Sunday. I want you to see me in my Easter bonnet. I have a new spring coat, Perry, such a pretty blue. But that's the only thing new I'm getting.

Oh, Perry, I do hope you will get my packages. I've only sent two--a little one and a big one with cookies and candy. It surely must have been disappointing not to get that Christmas package from Hazel. Golly, I think that's awful. I guess that means I can't send you the little chains and the Dupont glue, doesn't it. Golly, I'll never get a necklace from you at that rate. But Perry, I could almost send the chains in an envelope to you (like a letter). But of course there's the glue. Guess I'll just have to wait.

I wore my fur coat today to keep warm. It rained a little then a strong wind came up and blew all the clouds away, then kept on blowing. But my coat is so nice and warm. Guess it's pretty hot there wherever you are my darling. Wish I were there with you to look after you. Oh, my husband, I love you so. Your devoted wife, gene

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