Thursday, January 5, 2012

It is you who keeps the light in my heart

March 3, 1945 (Saturday Night)
Gene's parents, Emmett and Leora Fast, at their
favorite buffet restaurant, Clifton's, in Los Angeles

My dearest Perry,

Here I am all alone tonight. Oh my lover, where are you this night? Are you as lonely as me? (Should I have said "I"?) Mother and Dad have gone to a wedding reception at Bishop Grant's house. They left at 8:00 pm. Rode over with the Gregory's, and golly, it's just pouring down rain outside.

I have been listening to the radio--there has been a lot of beautiful music on tonight--and dreaming of the future, and remembering the past with you with me. But also (in between programs) I washed my hair, then I washed my stockings. Remember the time you told me to wear my stockings, and I promised you I would wear them whenever I dressed up. And you told me it was ok if I went bare-legged at other times. So that's what I do. Am I a good girl, Perry? Now I must take my bath. I remember another time taking a bath--quite different and much nicer than my ordinary bath. Do you? Did you enjoy that bath Perry? Well, I did.

Oh my dearest husband, I wish I could put my arms around you this minute and hug you. You are so dear to me. I love you. I don't think this letter is making much sense, but Perry, these are thoughts that are going through my mind, thoughts that go thru my mind while I am occupied throughout the day.

I do hope you have gotten lots of mail from me by this time so you won't be feeling so blue. Golly, tomorrow is another Sunday already. This week went very fast for me. Perry, have you ever read or heard much about the "Great Pyramid"? Brother Muir has been giving some very interesting talks on this subject in Sunday school and also fireside chats and talking a great deal on prophesy. I think I shall get a book on that pyramid and read. It seems like it has recorded prophesies of all the important events that have happened in the world since the beginning and that the date March 4, 1945 is one of the dates recorded there, and the only other one left is a date in August of 1953. Brother Muir speaks as tho he believes that after these terrible conflicts are over, the Millennium will come--in our time, while we yet live. Guess this is really something to think about.

Of course this is his theory, and there are many others. But it really makes one wonder. What do you think about all this Perry? I wish you were here to talk to me. You know so much more than I about the gospel. You must teach me, dear husband. Mother and dad have come home now. I have taken my bath so must go to bed. Sweet dreams, sweetheart. Your loving wife, Gene

March 4, 1945 (Sunday)

Dearest sweetheart Perry,

Hello my darling. What have you been doing on this fast Sunday? Sleeping again? Have you had that awful old wisdom tooth pulled yet? You see, now it is my turn to be anxious over you. Perry, I hope it's not giving any more trouble. Mine surely did bother me. Now let me know dear. Golly, I sure wish I could know where you were and what that ship of yours is doing. I wish it would bring my husband back to me soon.

[On March 3, 1945, US and Filipino troops take Manila.]

Today was an awful rainy, cold day here. I wore my white boots and my fur coat to church this morning. After reading the funnies, I did a little sleeping too this afternoon. You know I like Sunday afternoon naps. They are so comfy-cozy. Perry, I'm glad you get to sleep in Sundays. When we get our own little place to live, I'll let you take naps, but only when there isn't anything important to do. Oh how wonderful it will be to live with my husband all alone in a little house, to cook for him and do things for him. Oh dearest, look how I am dreaming, but Perry, I can hardly wait.

Monday evening

My dearest,

Here I still have your letter. Got to talking to Mom and Dad last night and couldn't finish. Worked all day today till 5:30--then came home and oh joy! There was a big fat letter from my darling. Also the allotment check came for February. Sweetheart, your letter was such a sweet one. It was dated February 25th. I do hope you will get to contact those LDS boys and attend those services too.

Perry, darling, I want to get this letter off to you tonight so you will get it sooner. I'm going to write you later and mail one in the morning. This letter is for Sunday--must keep it that way. I love you Perry. Your own, Gene

March 4, 1945

My Darling Wife,

This is sunday and my heart is full to overflowing with many things. I have just been reading over our patriarchal blessings, particularly yours. It is so deep and full of so much meaning. I get much more from it each time I read it. So much of it I see already is so true and, my darling, it gives me so much joy to know that such a sweet, wonderful person is really my wife. My darling, how could I keep from loving such a person as you?

Tonight the things that seemed to register the deepest were such things as "the quality that makes women worthy and appreciated," "an understanding of men and the problems of this world," "love and be loved--equality and a happy home," "persistence, diligence, frugality and patience to wait." All these things and others seemed to register as in bold-faced type and in my heart I offered a silent prayer of thanks that I have been so richly blessed. Sweetheart, do you realize that I am really very fond of you.

It has been three days now since I had any mail from you. My hopes for some word from my love seem to rise and set with the sun. But as the sun also, to rise full of hope and expectation of your letters with each new day, and so I suppose will this continue to do until I can be with you again. And then, I believe, the sun will always shine. You see, it is you who keeps the light in my heart.

Hazel sent me some candy before Christmas. Two days ago only the wrappers arrived. Some joke, eh? So, you see, I don't suggest your trying to send any more packages. Well, I am really getting tired so I can sleep and I honestly want to sleep so I can dream of you. Goodnight my darling. I love you dearly. Always your affectionate husband, Perry

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