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I wonder where you are and if you are alright

April 8, 1945 (Sunday evening)

My Dearest Perry,

Yesterday was quite a full day for me, so I didn't get to write you, sweetheart. And I also forgot to mail the letter I wrote you Friday evening. Will you forgive me, Perry? I'll mail it with this one. Today was another foggy day and tonight it is raining. Yesterday was so beautiful. I wanted to go to the beach, but I worked all day instead. Evelyn came down and helped us out too. We have quite a lot of figurines to paint, but when these are finished, that will be all for awhile.

Mr. Taber says this work sells rather slow during the summer months and does not think he will need any more. So that means Viola and I will be looking for another job in a few weeks. However, Mr Taber wants us to come back again next fall when he will get more orders. He doesn't seem to sell much during the summer.

Gene visiting the ranch of a family friend
Perry, I haven't had a letter from you since last Monday. I know I'll hear from you soon tho. I guess maybe I'm spoiled--I receive your letters so often and regular that when a week goes by with no word from you, I nearly die. I miss your letters so much, Perry. I wonder where you are and if you are alright. Oh, my darling, I must hear from you tomorrow.

Mom and Dad are still looking for a house to buy or rent. Tonight Viola told Mother that her sister and sister's husband have bought a place and will be moving from their present place (which they rent.) So maybe Mom and Dad will have a chance at that place. It's all furnished for $40 a month. It's a cute little house with two bedrooms. I told you about my being out there with Viola one Sunday for dinner, etc. It's south of here quite a ways (below Manchester.) It would be an ideal place for Emily and the baby too.

But Perry, if they get the place, I think I will stay here at the apartments. Course I'd have one of my girl friends come live with me to help with the rent. But these plans are not definite yet. I really don't know what to do yet. Golly, Perry, I sure wish you were here. Sometimes I feel so alone and helpless, and I don't know what to do. You know you are the head of our family. Oh how I pray for that day when you will come back and really take the lead. I am so lost without you, Perry.

Today has been a very quiet day for me. I took a long nap this afternoon and read some--practically the whole Sunday paper. But mostly I've been thinking about you, Perry. I love you, dearest husband. Your devoted wife, Gene

April 9, 1945

My Darling Wife,

I know it is impossible for me to explain in this letter why it has been so long since I wrote you, but my sweetheart, if only you could know how I have thought of you, dreamed and longed for you. I pray continually that it will not be too long before I can be with you and talk with you and explain so many things that for now have to remain unexplained.

My darling, it has been an equally long time since I had any mail from you. I don't know anything about you or what you have been doing for the last month. It shouldn't be long now though before I can again start receiving those sweet letters which are the food for my soul.

Gene with her girl friends
You've never told me, or if so I've never received the letter, if you received the $50 I sent you and also the tithing. It has been so long since I've heard from you I hardly know what to write. I only know, my darling, that I love you with all my heart most sincerely. About the only things I can think about anymore are those things which we both so desire. It is because of these many, mutual desires of ours that I love you so much, my darling, and it is these things that will keep our love glowing all through life and even into eternity. And besides all this, you're just quite a wonderful little piece of flesh. I wish I could hold you in my arms to tell you that.

Goodnight for now, my sweetheart. I'm going to get back to writing regularly now. I love you, passionately. Perry

April 11, 1945

My Darling Wife,

My sweetheart, if I don't get some mail from you soon, I won't know what to write at all. Your last letter was dated about a month ago and a lot can happen in that much time. I think I'll hear from you soon now though. Darling, I have been just sitting here looking at your pictures again. I have such a longing to be with you again that that is about the closest I can come to you, that and memories.

The other day I went through all of your letters and picked out what I thought were the best and sweetest (it's impossible for me to save them all) and tied them up in a little bundle to wait until I get back. Then I am going to start me a scrap book and only include in it those things closest to my heart. I've been thinking up several ideas. It's sort of going to be a combination diary and scrapbook. I think it will start with August 12th, 1944. Is that date significant to you? It means about as much to me as October 13th.

My darling, I love you so much that sometimes it seems impossible to contain it all. I pray for the day when I can really prove it. I can't write much until I hear from you. I hope it's soon. Always, your affectionate husband, Perry

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