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I got that long awaited for mail

April 24, 1945

My Darling Wonderful Wife,

Last night at last I got that long awaited for mail. There was surely lots of it. The mailmen were sorting mail all last night and today. I received 34 letters! Can you imagine that? Of course most of them were from you, my darling. Oh how I love you. It made me feel so bad to think of you writing every day and still not getting any yourself. Darling, I have enough inspiration to last me for a long while now. I promise long and regular letters now.

Gene writes, "At the beach in my new bathing suit,
Santa Monica, California."
I loved the pictures, but the one I liked best was the large photo taken at Viola's sister's place. That was really super glamour deluxe. It looked the most like you too. I didn't have time to write today and it's now 10:00 pm and I have the mid-watch, so I s'pose I ought to get some sleep. I may go on liberty tomorrow, but I promise to write you a long letter besides. I wouldn't go, but there are some things I want to do. If you were here, I'm sure you'd agree with me. Besides, I want to buy something for you.

I love you my darling. Always, Perry

April 25, 1945

My lovely Wife,

It was only four months ago today when I saw you last, my darling. I will frankly admit that it seems much longer. My darling, I hope I can make up to you the letters you have missed for the last three weeks. You were and are so wonderful and just kept writing and how I loved those letters. I like the ones best where you tell me just exactly how you feel and even about your dreams. That really did thrill me.

Yes, my sweetheart, you can be sure I know what you mean for I experience much the same feelings. I'll say we will have another honeymoon when I came back--at least as long as the Navy will let me. And when I come back for good, we will honeymoon forever.

Sweetheart, the pictures were very good, but the one I liked best and the one that looked most like you was the large photo of you standing by the gate. That was really a super one. The one at the beach was good too. I wish I could have been there. Now don't you go and get all sunburned will you? (Which picture did you like best?)

I can't imagine you wearing glasses. I don't think I will like them. Be careful, please, and not strain your eyes so you will have to wear glasses all the time. Only wear them when you have to because once you start wearing them steady, you will have to keep it up. When your eyes feel tired, rest them instead of putting on your glasses. I'm not an optometrist, of course, but I believe that is right. Anyway, I believe that optometrists ruin about as many eyes as they correct--you know, a little over-eager to sell a pair of lenses. Will you do that for me?

I went on liberty today but didn't enjoy it much except I was looking all over trying to buy something for you. So in that way, you were pretty much in my mind. I bought something which I think is pretty nice. I hope you will like it. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but will send it as a little surprise package. How's that?

I've been reading a book that makes me think or really only confirm what I have thought all along--that I just about have a perfect wife. Maybe I will send it to you when I get through. Do you think you would like it? The name is "Married Love," written by a woman.

Sweetheart, I love you dearly and pray for you and us constantly. God bless you, my darling. Yours, Perry

April 25, 1945 (Wednesday evening)

Dearest husband Perry,

My darling, I must confess I have not been writing very regularly lately. But it is so hard when I do not hear from you. Oh Perry, it has been so long it seems--almost a month now has gone by, and I have only heard from you once. And you said you would now get back to writing me regularly again. Darling, what has happened that keeps you from keeping your promise? each day I look for a letter from my lover, and each time I've been disappointed. But of course there is always a tomorrow, so I go on hoping and praying and loving you always. I must keep my chin up. I do love you so Perry.

Had a letter (3) from Hazel, Hope, and June today. They heard from you too. I'm glad. They're wonderful, Perry. I love them too. It was good to hear from them.

The weather here is not very "cheery". There has been no sun for the past week or so. Just foggy and cloudy all day long. Therefore, not very warm either. I sure hope it will be nicer when Emily comes, or she will be awful disappointed I think. She will be here by May 10th.

April 29, 1945 (Sunday)

My dearest lover Perry,

I haven't been as happy as I am now for such a long time. I received your letters Friday and Saturday. Your last one, the happiest one. My prayers were answered--you finally received your mail and all my letters, and I have yours.

Darling, I started this letter Wednesday but was so blue I just couldn't finish or mail it to you till I had heard from you. Then Friday, Mother called me up at work and told me there were 3 letters from you. Oh Perry, I couldn't have been much happier or more thrilled if she had said, "Perry is home!" (Oh, but that day will be the very happiest of my life. I live for that day, dearest husband.)

I came home immediately for those 3 precious letters--I couldn't wait till evening--and read them over and over. I wanted to write you that evening but so much was going on. (I'll tell you about it later.) Then, Saturday morning, another letter came. You wrote it April 24th and I received it Saturday April 28th. That sure was fast I think. You spoke of getting liberty. Oh Perry, are you in Hawaii again? How I wish I were there with you. What are you getting me? I'm so curious. Darling, when can you tell me where you are and where you have been???

Oh my Perry, I love you so. Sweetheart, you must know I want very much to read what you have written. Please promise me I may someday? Darling, I shall try always to be my very best self for you. I must be worthy of your wonderful love. Perry, you mean everything in this world to me.

So many things have been going on this whole weekend. A Jubilee at church Friday night and Saturday afternoon Viola and I went shopping. I want to tell you about this in detail, but I want to get this off to you now so will make it another letter tomorrow. I've had this letter too long now. Take care of yourself now Perry. I love you. Your own, Gene

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