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I'm the luckiest girl in this world to have you

June 23, 1945

My Sweetheart,

As though it weren't bad enough that I let two days go by without writing to you--I wrote you yesterday then put the letter in with several others in my stationery folder. When I went to mail them, I missed yours and today found it still there. Please forgive me sweetheart. I am sorry because I want you to know that when you go for several days without hearing from me, it isn't my fault but only because of the movements of the ship. That's why I try to write you nearly every day as long as I am in port even when I don't hear from you. This may be the last letter you will get from me for a few days so please don't worry or get blue.

Last night I saw the show "The Princess and the Pirate." Do you remember when we saw it? We only saw the last part of it so I really enjoyed it. No letter from you again tonight, so I guess I won't be getting any for a few days now. I surely hope it won't be too long. Guess I'll have to get out some of your old ones and read them--some of those I received while I was in San Francisco. I didn't bother to concentrate on them much or reread them because I had you right there.

Darling, I surely hope it won't be too long before I can see you again and then until we can be together forever. All my love, Perry

June 24, 1945

My Darling,

Guess I was wrong about not being able to send you any more mail for a while. I'm glad I'll be able to still get mail, but I will surely be glad to get out of this place.

I went with a recreation party over on the beach today. All there was to do was to drink beer and swim, so I enjoyed myself swimming. The water was real warm and clear. It's a little hard on the eyes and mouth though. (I just can't seen to keep my big mouth shut.) I really think I prefer fresh water.

I reread some of your letters today. It's been so long since I heard from you. They were those ones when you were feeling so badly because of that one letter I wrote you while I was in Pearl Harbor. You never did say if you forgave me for it. Please try to understand my feelings at that time.

We held our church services again today and I gave the lesson. We had eight today. We are getting about one more each time. What have you been doing lately, darling? Have you been going bareback riding anymore or been going to the beach? I hope you can do enough interesting and constructive things to keep yourself occupied and keep you from getting blue. Are you still good friends with Nellie and is she still interested in the Church? In all of your letters, you mention her so I assume you must really be getting to be good friends.

Sweetheart, it's becoming rather difficult to write when I don't hear from you. We are hardly getting any mail aboard at all. Anyway, it's rather difficult to go back to expressing my love on paper when I was able to hold you in my arms and speak it to you only a few weeks ago. I constantly pray that it won't be too long until I can do that again, but most of all when I can be with you forever. That is the constant and foremost thought in my mind. It is only because I love you so much, my sweetheart, and because I know I will never tire of being with you. Always yours, Perry

June 25, 1945

My Darling Wife,

I finally received your letter of the 15th today. It surely did seem wonderful to hear from you again after such a long time without any letter. Darling, there is nothing that can take the place of your letters while I am away from you.

No darling, I am not in the Hawaiian Islands this time. If I were, I would have my picture taken, as you want, and send it to you. If I go there again, I really will have my picture taken this time if it is at all possible. I would rather wait, though, until I come back and I could have it taken with my sweetheart. How would you like that? I would buy you a special orchid, or something as good, just for that occasion.

Your letter quite thrilled me and you seemed to be in good spirits for which I was glad and which makes me feel happy too. You know it's only when you are happy that I can be happy, and I suppose it's visa-versa. And I know exactly what you mean when you say it's hard to put your heart into the things you do.

The chorus party sounds like quite a lot of fun. I wish I could be there to take my sweetheart to it. Perhaps that day won't be too far off. At least by so thinking, I am able to live each day a little easier. Goodbye for now. I love you, my darling. Your lover, Perry

June 25, 1945 (Monday)

My dearest husband Perry,

Oh I am so happy today and you are the cause of that. Yes, my darling, I have received 5 wonderful letters from you. They were dated June 13th, 14th, 17th, 18th, and 19th. Oh, such sweet letters. I can't tell which one thrilled me most unless it was your last one telling me that maybe in a few months you would send me to the Manx. You will be in again and I will see you again (would it be only a few days again, but I guess it would.) Oh, Perry, when I read it, I could hardly contain my joy. I wanted to shout it out loud.

Darling, we had such a perfect time when we were in San Francisco, but then it seems we always do when we are together. I look forward to our next "honeymoon" with all eagerness. I think I feel about the same as I did when I was a child waiting for Christmas to come. Perry, I love you so. I long for you so.

Christmas Day, Salt Lake City, 1945
The dream you told me of in your first letter fairly took my breath away, darling. It will come true, Perry, even this Christmas. I know it will. I shall pray for this anyway. Your poem is beautiful, Perry, and very expressive. I like it though I do wish it could have been a happier one. My feelings were very much the same as yours at that time, darling. For almost a week after you left me, I felt so lost and almost helpless. Golly, Perry, I don't know what I'd do if it wasn't for the church and all its activities. I'm so thankful for this. You are right, Perry, when I can keep busy, I feel much better.

When you said that it was crowded where you were, I guessed that it meant your ship is carrying a lot of Marine troops. But I'm glad you found someone you knew and also so glad you found that many LDS fellows so you could hold meetings.

Yes, Perry, I am looking around for another job cause I don't think this painting work will last much longer. Mr. Lang's office girl came back today. So he paid me for the three days that I was there. I shall start looking around for something else now. Saturday I worked at the shop and finished painting some little figurine dancers. Then Viola and I had dinner downtown and went to a show. We saw "Experiment Perilous" with Hedy Lamaar and George Brent. It was quite an exciting show.

Yesterday after church eight of Adams Ward's girls (including me) had dinner downtown at Clifton's. Margaret and Lillian Copp, Mary Watts, Ferris Kent, Marge Allred, Nellie, Emily and myself. It was a regular "old hens" party, but we had so much fun. but I ate so much that when I came home, I fell asleep and didn't wake up till hours later. In fact, I missed church last night and when I woke up (about 8:00 o'clock) I thought it was morning. (Are you laughing at me, Perry?) I really don't know how it happened.

Oh, I am so glad that you can take a correspondence course, darling, and radio broadcasting sounds so right for you. I do hope you can go into that kind of work, Perry. You have such a good voice. whenever I think of our future, when we shall be together and have our home and truly start living our hopes and dreams, it thrills me so I can hardly believe it's true--these wonderful things that are happening and will happen to me. I just know I'm the luckiest girl in this world to have you, dearest Perry. Surely I have been richly blessed.

I think it's wonderful that Hazel has graduated with a degree. How proud you all can be of her. This letter is beginning to get quite lengthy. That's what happens when I hear from you. I can find so much to say. Some of my last letters were awful, I guess. It's so hard to write, darling, when I don't hear from you for so long, but I guess you understand. Perry, the pictures were beautiful. How I would love to visit that place someday.

Well, darling, I think I'll have to stop here. (I'm in my room writing this and it's almost 6:00 pm) Nellie and Emily are coming over. We are going out to dinner. Till tomorrow, sweetheart. Forever your devoted, Gene. I love you, my dearest husband.

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