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The watch you got me really works swell

July 4, 1940 Gene Fast, 20 years old
Cumberland, Maryland
Constitution Park
June 27, 1945 (Wednesday)

Dearest husband Perry,

I didn't get a letter yesterday, but I didn't mind--I'm still reading the first five that I received the day before. Oh, my dearest, do you know how happy your letters have made me? All day long I think about the things you've told me. Your plans of taking up radio broadcasting thrilled me so Perry. I do hope that you can go into that kind of work.

Oh, darling, I can hardly wait till I see you again. I do hope it will be soon like you hinted in your letter. How wonderful it would be if you could get a leave. I would want us to go to Utah then right away!

Instead of going to work yesterday, Viola and I went to the beach. It was such a beautiful day and it had been so long since I had been to the beach. We had a lovely time and got a slight tan too. I went in the ocean for awhile. The water was so nice. It was such fun. Oh Perry, I wish we could go swimming sometime--to the beach--and play in the waves or walk along the shore. How I would love that. Can we do that sometime, Perry? Huh!?

We worked today at the shop then told Mr. Tabes we were looking for another job. He said he would like us to work on there but didn't blame us for wanting to get a salaried job. I guess he'll miss us, poor old man.

The 1940 US Census has recently been
released to the public.During that time
Gene was living with her parents
in Cumberland, Maryland
Nellie is with me tonight. I called her up this eve and she said she was still all alone. (She is looking for a roommate.) So I invited her over for the night. She says she can't stand being all alone. Sister Osborne is looking for some girl from Adams Ward to live with her.

Darling, I do wish you could have gotten the Era this year. I wonder what could have happened? I do hope they will send it to you regularly now for the number of months you didn't get any. I must close here, darling. I do hope I hear from you again tomorrow. I love you my dearest. Your own, Gene

June 28, 1945

Hello My Darling,

Today I received your letter written on the 20th. It's the one you wrote at your new job. The last one before that was dated the 15th. I knew you would be wondering why you didn't hear from me for so long. You see, I didn't go to the Hawaiian Islands this time so I couldn't buy those things you wanted me to. If I do, I will still do it.

Yes, your job sounds pretty good. It's too bad it only is for a few days. If you sort'a keep your eyes and ears open, you may be able to find something permanent that is nearly as good. However, the main thing is to find something you will enjoy doing. Don't take anything just for money's sake.

Sweetheart, I'm glad you do like to go shopping with me. I'm not ordinarily very fond of shopping, but sometimes I do enjoy it very much and that is when I am looking for something special for you, and very, very much when you are with me. I am really going to enjoy buying you that white evening gown. Also some other things too. What would you like? Just so I can think and dream about it. How do you like the mirror and brush? The watch you got me really works swell and it surely is convenient. Just what I have always wanted but didn't feel I could ever afford to buy.

I love you, my dear sweet wife, and can think only of that day when I can be with you forever. It's pretty hard to "wait and not be tired by waiting" isn't it. Goodbye for now, my love. Your Perry

June 30, 1945

My Darling Wife,

No letter from you last night, but I have new hopes for today. I'll be glad when I get your letters you've written after receiving mine. I hope it will cheer you up a bit.

Gene, did you ever see the show "Music for Millions?" I saw it just last night and I thought it was really good. The music was really wonderful. Most of it I was quite familiar with which made me appreciate it more. If I could have seen it back there with you at my side, I would have enjoyed it a hundred times more though. I love you, my darling, and I love every moment I am with you.

Gene, do you still want me to write requesting some film? The reason I didn't do it before is because I thought I would soon be in the States and then I could try and get some myself, but that didn't work out either. I would surely like some more pictures of my wife if she could get some film and have some taken. Could you?

(Later) Sweetheart, I thought I would wait until this evening to finish this. I thought if I had a letter from you, it would give me the necessary inspiration to finish this, but they didn't bring any aboard at all tonight so I guess I'll have to do my best without.

This is Saturday and the last day of the month. Saturday night really can be "the loneliest night in the week" sometimes can't it? But it could also be the pleasantest if I only was with a certain somebody. What do you do on Saturday nights now, sweetheart? Have you ever been horseback riding again?

Do you notice that my letters aren't as good as they used to be? It seems like since I was with you this last time, letter writing seems like such a poor substitute for really being with you. I have such a hard time putting my thoughts on paper. All I want to do is to be able to be with you and talk to you.

This afternoon I read over some of your old letters and saved the best ones, which was most of them, and tied them up to keep for that scrapbook I've told you about that I am going to make. Also read over your patriarchal blessing. All that gave me enough inspiration to hold me over for today, but I'd better get a letter tomorrow. I'm sure a hopin'. I send you all my love, my darling, which is very, very much. Always yours, Perry.

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