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If we were back in Utah, we could celebrate the 24th too

July 1, 1941 (Sunday 1:00 pm)

My Darling Wife,

I'm starting this letter to you now but hope to finish it this evening after I have a letter from you. I hope I'm not disappointed.  This morning we went over to a ship that was anchored near us to hold our service. I was on the signal bridge when we got a message saying they were holding LDS services over there. It was really quite nice as we had a larger group. There were 20 in all. A lieutenant in the Marine Corps took charge. So you see, I'm not missing out entirely in my church services. I've been more fortunate in meeting LDS fellows this time than I was before.

July 2, 1945

I was going to finish this up last night, but I became pretty busy and was busy up until midnight. Last night I received two very sweet letters from you, my sweetheart. One of them had a very sweet kiss in it. I could almost feel it.

Darling, I'm glad you did decide to go on the chorus outing even if you weren't able to write to me. It sounds like you had a lot of fun and that is good for you. I hope you will take in all the good recreation you can while I am away. I only wish I could have been there to enjoy it with you. I noticed Gene Manwaring's name was on the program. (Hmmm)

Perry worked hard to build a nice home from what had
once been an old cinder-block chicken coop on the
property behind his parent's home in Salt Lake City
When you mention how you long for our little home and children, you are not only expressing your own thoughts but mine also and I love to have you mention it. Hazel is moving to Salt Lake. She didn't like paying so much for rent or else have to live in some dingy old place, so she has decided to buy a small home there. She says it's a small five-year-old brick home with lawn, shrubs, a garden spot and a garage. She said she would surely be glad when we could come and visit them. Hope and June are going to live there with her too. I told her if by any chance she didn't want to keep it, maybe you and I would buy it from her after the war.

Must close now, my darling. I love you very much and will love you forever. Eternally yours, Perry

July 2, 1945

My Darling Wife,

Over the years, more children were
born and the little house in Salt Lake
was improved upon and enlarged
I just received another letter from you today dated the 21st. Sweetheart, I know you are getting awful blue and very tired of looking for a letter and never finding one. I knew you would be as we were underway longer than either of us expected I guess. I know that you realize, however, that it is something that can't be avoided and that I always try to get you a letter just as soon as possible.

Darling, I can understand why your letters are short. Mine are the same way when I don't get any mail for quite a while. They are still very sweet though and your three little kisses were exceptionally sweet, and I loved where you said, "My sweetheart of all my dreams." Do you still remember the poem: "Oh maker of dreams, will you sell me a dream of a homecoming sailor boy with a sweet old smile on his nut brown face and his eyes telling tales in their joy."

I'm surely getting tired of this place we are at now. I always feel as though if we would get moving, I would be back to see you again sooner. I can't see much sense in the way they rushed us out of the States so fast just to be around here. Probably there is a purpose in it somehow and if not, I guess it's just as well I don't know about it because it would only give me too much more to gripe about. As it is, I only hope somebody knows what they are doing.

Will get this off in the mail tonight. Two letters today will pay for me not getting my other finished yesterday. I love you with all my heart my lovely wife. Forever Yours, Perry

Perry added a living room with patio and fireplace to the
original structure. This is the way the home in Salt Lake looked
shortly before it was sold and the family moved to California
July 4, 1945

Hello Sweetheart,

Today I received your first letter after you had received mine and was surely glad to detect your happier spirit. Only wish I could be there to be happy with you and make you even much happier. I'm sorry the poem carried such a depressed tone. Guess they usually reflect the mood I am in at the time. When I can be back with you, I should really be able to write something cheery. But now is really when you need it, isn't it? Perhaps when I'm feeling extra chipper, I'll make a special effort to write something a little more in a pleasanter vein.

Darling, your letter was so very sweet, but of course it just reflectes the way you are--that's why I love your letters so much. I'm glad if you feel you are so lucky. I'll really try to always make you feel so. It was rather coincidental about you seeing the show "Experiment Perilous." We saw it just tonight--the same day I received your letter about seeing it. Like you said, it was rather exciting, but I didn't care for it so extra super-special.

Notice the date of this letter. If it weren't for the calendar to remind me, I wouldn't even know it is a holiday. I wonder what you are doing. Holidays don't mean much though unless I can be with you. Any day or any time I can be with my sweetheart is a holiday for me though--the best of all holidays. When I get out of the Navy, I just want to spend one happy holiday with her--one holiday which will last for all my life and all eternity. I love you, my darling, so very much.

What did you do for the 4th? Anything special or exciting? If we were back in Utah, we could celebrate the 24th too. Bet you never did celebrate the 24th did you? It's really a bigger time than the fourth back home. Oh well, I always have to content myself with the thought that we will really celebrate some of these days and then we will do all those things we have wanted to do for so long and do all the other celebrating we want to.

Well, my sweetheart, I'll have to leave you for now. Know this though that my heart goes out and along with every letter. I love you truly and with all my heart. Always Yours, Perry

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