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I know how it is to wait and wonder

Once Dad got home from the Navy and the
children started arriving, we were Mom's
full-time job for the rest of her life.
July 25, 1945

My dear sweet Gene,

I received two of your letters today posted the 13th and 16th. They were what I had been looking for for several days now. Of course, my sweetheart, I understand why you don't write or don't feel like it when you don't get any mail. That is one thing I can understand very well because I have experienced it myself so much. Like you, I always think I'll wait another day to see if I won't get a letter because it is so much easier to write when I hear from you.

I don't like to see you feeling so blue, my darling. Please don't feel badly because you haven't found a job yet. You will probably find something soon that you will like, and anyway I didn't think so much of those screwy hours you would have had, especially if I were able to come back before too many more months. I'm sure everything will turn out well and for the best in the end.

Remember, you can only do what you can and then leave the rest to a watchful Providence. In the meanwhile, you can probably keep yourself busy and interested in doing little things you wouldn't have time to do if you were working. Above all, don't spoil your health and happiness by worrying. It isn't like you have to work every day to keep from starving. Possibly this advice is rather useless because you may even have the job you want by the time you get this letter and if not, I'm sure it won't be long. I love you, my darling, very, very much.

I thought we would be unloading all of these passengers by now, but apparently we may have to put up with them for a while yet. This ship has been made a temporary fleet replacement center. I surely hope the fleet needs them bad enough that they call for all of them in a hurry. The water situation is all right again now for the crew anyway. It has even been cooler the last few days. The only thing that bothers me now is it's being so crowded.

How I wish I could be with my darling wife to enjoy those wiener roasts, parties, church, etc. I love to be with you all the time--there has certainly never been a time when I haven't. You are so much fun to be with that it always just makes me feel good all over. I guess I'm just very much in love with you, you little rascal, or should I call you a little monkey like you do me. Anyway, you're the sweetest person in the world for me and that's why I love so much to be with you. That is also why I miss you so much when I have to be away from you.

I surely hope you will like your new place and be able to get along there all right. It surely sounds cheap enough. Do they really serve good meals there? The time before when I left, you started picking up a little weight and people started teasing you. Have they teased you anymore recently? Ain't I crazy? I'm very curious though and like to know all about my sweetheart. I love you so much.

God bless you, my darling. I think of you and shall pray for you and us constantly. I think so much and with so much expectation of the day when we can be together again forever. Surely it can't be too terribly far off. I love you, darling, with all my being. Forever, Perry

July 28, 1945

Hello Sweetheart,

Received a letter from you last night. It seems you were rather blue because you hadn't been getting any mail and hadn't found a job yet. I do hope you start getting my mail regularly again because I know how it is to go without. I do all I can to see that you hear from me often, but the last few days we have been so busy. I just haven't had time to write you these last two days.

Your mentioning the Pilgrimage Play surely did bring back memories. I was surely happy that night, but I think you were kinda' peeved with me, weren't you? How I wish I could be there to take you again. I hope you'll go again this year and think about me all the while and remember last year. Then you can tell me all about it. Even if you were mad at me last year, you didn't act like it when we were going home in the car. Do you remember? (ha, ha!)

Darling, I just this minute got one more letter from you. It was surely sweet, but then yours usually are. You still hadn't received any mail from me. Do you know your letter this time had a different kind of perfume than usual. I easily recognized it. It was that perfume I sent you when I was in Honolulu.

Darling Gene, I can understand perfectly and long for just as you do those things you say your heart fairly aches for. I don't know how long it will be, but I surely pray it won't be too long. I love you so very much. I only want to be with you forever and ever--eternally. Must go now, but will try to write you oftener. Yours, Perry

July 28, 1945 (Saturday)

My dearest Perry,

I stayed all night at mother's last night. Pierce got in about 10:00 o'clock and we sat and visited till quite late with him. It sure was wonderful to see him home again. He has a 30-day furlough. Then he will be placed in the 7th Army for duty in the Pacific. Perry, I have some pretty souvenirs he gave me from Paris, France. a pretty silver bracelet and two little hankies with the French flag and the "Arc of Triumph" embroidered on them in bright colors.

Today I worked till 3:00 pm then I went downtown and met Emily. We went shopping for a dress for her. After going into almost every department store in town, we found one to her liking. Golly, we were all tired out when we got home this evening.

Tonight we are all going over to the Adams Ward playground, Emily, Pierce and I. All the gang at church have been looking for Pierce. We ought to have fun tonight. I'll write you again tomorrow, sweetheart. I want to mail this tonight tho. I know it is only a note. I love you Perry. Your own, Gene

Hi Perry,
There's a little space left here so I won't let it go to waste. It's really swell to get back home again after almost a year. I have 30 days to sleep and eat in. Boy, what luxury! You know, it sure would be swell if you were here too. It'd be just like old times. Maybe we can all be together again soon. May God bless you and keep you.

Love, Pierce

July 29, 1945

My Darling Wife,

Today is Sunday and I had quite a long snooze this afternoon. Really seemed good. Just got through taking a good shower and right now I'm dressed in rather immodest attire, but I'm comfortable anyway. Didn't receive any mail from you today, but I received an Adams Ward news and several California Intermountains. I noticed several interesting articles about President Grant's death. Noticed also Hortense Cliger is getting married. Also received a letter from the Improvement Era offering their regrets and they are going to extend my subscription five months.

We had our services today, but our attendance is getting smaller because the fellows are getting transferred into the fleet. I imagine this is about the last Sunday we will be able to hold our services.

July 30

Sorry, my darling, but I wasn't able to finish this last night. I didn't receive any letter from my darling today, but I guess I don't deserve one every day because I haven't written every day. I hope you have started receiving my mail again now because I know how it is to wait and wonder. I hope you are assured that I am quite safe and well.

July 31, 1945

Sweetheart, I had another abrupt interruption last night again. I'm surely having a difficult time getting this letter written. I'll have to explain it all to you some time. I surely did receive a very sweet letter from you today. You found a job just as I knew you would, and it sounds like a better job than the others and pays more too. I hope you'll enjoy working there, have good associates, etc. I hope it's the kind of place where you could get a few days off occasionally if I were able to come and see you. I know you'll be able to handle it, sweetheart.

Your speaking of the playgrounds at Adams, the music and dancing surely does bring back sweet memories. Surely wish too that I could be there to take you. That was really so much fun. I love to think of every moment I spent with you though my sweetheart because it has all been so perfect. However, that doesn't overshadow the prospective good times we are yet going to have, huh? I love you so very much, my darling, and can only think of you and of the time when we can be together again. Truly Yours, Perry

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