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I'm working again darling

Once Perry and Gene had all six of their children then the
pets started arriving!! And even though Harriet and
Renee tried to make them be friends, it never did happen.
August 19, 1945 (Sunday)

My Darling Gene,

I guess the last letter you received from me was a pretty short note, wasn't it? I really didn't have time to write and I wanted to get some word off to you before the mail left so you wouldn't be waiting and wondering. I know it isn't much fun.

Well, ever since the Navy came out with their discharge plan that is about all anybody talks about, and I'll admit that is about the only thing I can think about--DISCHARGE! I only have 31 points but that is much better than a lot have. Looks like this is since that marriage may turn out to be a really big advantage after all--ahem! Guess I'll call you my little "ten point" darling from now on. (ha) I'm surely hoping they start dropping the points before too long. There are only about 20 getting off this ship under the present system. It's still hard for me to believe the war is actually over. After they get the armistice signed and get our troops in Japan then I think I can begin to believe it.

I received your letter about you quitting your job just before leaving, so didn't have time to answer it. Sweetheart, I'm sorry you are out of a job again, but I can't blame you for quitting under the circumstances. I do want you to have time to enjoy yourself a little while I am away. Are you going to try and get another job now? It would be well now to start really planning in terms of when we will be together again now. That really sounds wonderful doesn't it? You see, it shouldn't be too long now until you can begin doing the things you have really wanted to do. Do you follow me?

Your dress must be very pretty judging from the sample you sent me, (it smelled mighty good too) only I surely wish I had you in it. I'm hoping I'll get some mail from you tomorrow. I love you, my darling. Forever Yours, Perry

August 22, 1945

Gene My Darling,

Here I am again trying to get a letter written before the mail boat leaves as I guess it will be a few days again before I can write or receive letters. Last night I received your letter of the 13th. You were so excited and hoping the war actually would be over. I guess you were feeling about the same as most of us and now that it is a reality, it is really hard to believe. We had our first really conclusive evidence the war was over when yesterday twenty men were taken off the ship for transfer back to the States and discharge. Of course they had all been in a long time and had dependents. I'm surely hoping my turn will come around before too many months.

Yes, my sweetheart, there are so many things that are going to happen "after the war." All the things we have been hoping for for years seem almost within grasp at last and it all happened so suddenly too. It seems strange, but wonderful to really start speaking of those things which only a few days ago seemed so far away. I have thought and dreamed so long of the things we were going to do after the war that I believe if I were there now, I would go right ahead and do everything as though it had all been rehearsed hundreds of times.

Claremont, California 1964. In his day-dreams,
did Perry ever imagine a bunch of grumpy kids? Looks
like I'm having a "bad hair" day. Marian's wishing she
were somewhere else. Dale and Jan have been fighting. . . 
Do you know all of the things I want to do first? I must have told them to you many times. How about some of your ideas? Are they all the same as mine. Do you know how much I love you, my darling? Sweetheart, you know my only thought is to come home to you just as soon as I can. I often wish I could be home for Christmas, but I doubt if I will be out of the Navy by then though I may be in the States. I really think I'll be back for good by next spring though.

I don't often make any predictions. (It isn't safe.) But I really do think I will be out of the Navy by that time. I hardly know what it will be like to really live again. I surely have a good time imagining though. Must leave you now, my darling. I love you, Perry

August 23, 1945 (Thursday morning)

My sweetheart Perry,

I'm working again darling. This is Thursday morning and I am at work now. This is all the stationery I have to write on, but I just have to use it--it's been several days since my last letter to you. Oh Perry, I'm a happier person now. I was a little disappointed at first (even with the war ended) because you said you probably would not get in for awhile or as soon as you had expected. I was really counting on seeing you real soon, so you can see how I felt.

I just knew then that I should get a job right away. (Darling, you'll never know how sick I've become of this kind of life.) Well the other evening, Pierce and Emily and I went to a show and we saw an add about the LA Community War Chest. The organization needs more people now for this years "drive." The day before yesterday, Pierce and I came downtown and he said, "I'll bet they need typists too. Call them up." So I did and here I am, Perry. They told me to come right in and I started working yesterday. I'll get about $30 a week--44 hour week. All I do is type. But Perry, I feel so much better now that I'm working again. Now the time will go fast again.

Perry, Viola is making me some new clothes. I guess I've told you this before. She made me a dress. Now she is making two blouses--then later she is gong to make me a black dressy dress. This way is much cheaper than buying clothes downtown and Viola does beautiful work--wait till you see.

I went to a bridal shower for Bernice last night. She is being married this coming Monday in Salt Lake. Viola has made so many lovely things for her. Golly Perry, I wish you could see her wedding gown. She bought it and will have it made into a formal evening gown after she is married. Perry, that's the kind I want when you buy mine. I want it to wear in the temple first then I'll keep it for special occasions.

(Thursday evening)

Darling husband Perry,

I started a letter to you today at work but did not get far. I was kept so busy. My darling, I received three letters from you Monday. One was your little note telling me that I wouldn't hear from you for awhile. I'm so glad that you tell me when you can't write--it helps. My prayers are with you, Sweetheart, always. Surely it will not be long till you are home again. Oh, my Perry, I love you so.

I liked your letter telling me all abut V-J day there in the Pacific, also your letter about loading the ship and eating so many apples. It's a wonder you didn't get sick on them. Yes, darling, I remember how well you like apples. In fact, I used to think maybe you liked them better than you liked me--ha! Golly, you had to have one of those in your hand and a bite in your mouth before you even kissed me. You little monkey!

(Friday evening)

Dearest husband,

I wanted to finish this letter yesterday. I went to chorus and after practice, while everyone was playing volleyball, I started to write, but I was interrupted too much. Pierce and some of the others had dates and went out later so I walked home with Mother and stayed all night with her. I came straight home from work today--had dinner and now in my room. I want to go to bed early tonight.

Pierce took Mother to a ballet at the Hollywood Bowl tonight. She will really enjoy that. His furlough is up Monday. He'll be leaving then--has to report to a camp in Texas. I hope he stays in this country now. Darling, where are you now? Are you in Japan? When will I see you? Does your mail still have to be censored? I do hope I hear form you soon.

I don't think this is a very good letter. I'll write a much better one tomorrow. I love you. Your Gene

August 25, 1945

My Darling Gene,

Just before I left our last port, I received your letter dated the 13th and 14th. You were so happy because you had just received the news of the Jap's surrender. It was such a sweet and happy letter and made me wish all the more that I could have been there to be happy with you right at that moment especially when I think of you wasting all those good hugs and kisses on Viola (ahem!) I know it won't be too long now though, my sweetheart, until we can be together for always and have all of those things we have longed for so much. I'm really getting excited and rather impatient--as you said--"like waiting for Christmas." That reminds me too that I surely hope we can spend Christmas together.

No, Sweetheart, I suppose the censorship will last for some time or at least until all the surrender terms are officially signed and all the Japs have surrendered. Wish I could tell you where I am at and where I expect to be going, but anyway if you took a good guess, I don't think you would miss very far.

Darling, I love you so much and want so much to be with you and now that that time actually seems near, it seems more like a dream than a reality. Surely hope I get another letter from you today. I'm getting very eager to hear from you again. I love you Gene. Always, Perry

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