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Last week I think I went to three parties

Manwaring family, Claremont CA, 1967
August 28, 1945
Tuesday morning at work

My Sweetheart Perry,

Perry, please don't be angry at me for not writing you very often lately--I feel so bad already. I have not had a minute alone for the past week. Pierce left for camp this morning early. Last night I stayed at Mother's. We all sat up late talking and helping him with his last minute packing.

I wanted to write you last night after I read your letter of the 19th Sunday. Oh, my darling, you speak as tho you expected to be out of the Navy soon. Oh, how that thrills me. Do you think you might be out by Christmas? I liked being called your "ten point darling." Will you get any more points, Perry, or have you got all that is coming to you? How many will you have to have before you can get out? Darling, why do they continue censoring your letters now that the war is over? Oh, my Perry, I love you so and long for you so much.

Yes, darling, I am working again--just typing--and it's only a temporary job (till you come home.) It seems that most of the girls that are employed here are working only till their husbands or sweethearts return. Most of them talk as tho they expect the men home (discharged) at least by January. Is that being too optimistic, or do you think it is possible, Perry? Emily got a letter from Dick too stating that he expects to be home in a few months and before January. My darling, I pray always that you will be back soon, very soon.

Last week I think I went to three parties. All the kids went to Nellie's house Saturday evening for a party for Pierce. It was fun, but of course we were up very late. Then Sunday night after fireside chat, another girl had a party for him at her house. Now all I want to do is go to bed early every night this week. Those parties were almost too much for me.

Perry, I had such lovely letters the other day from your mother and father. How very sweet they are. I love them very much already. I can hardly wait to meet them. Oh Perry, it's all I can think of--going to Utah with my wonderful husband to be sealed in the temple, to meet his folks, to see that beautiful state with my darling. And I'll not ever want to leave your side, sweetheart, not ever. Oh, to be with you always--when will those dreams come to pass?

I'll write you again tonight Perry, when I get home. I love you. Always, Gene

August 28, 1945

My Darling Wife,

I've been waiting and hoping for some mail for several days now, but apparently there is no mail service here as nobody has been getting any. If I don't get some mail soon, I'm afraid it's likely to be quite a long time. It makes it more difficult to write when I don't have your letters to inspire me. (That is the reason I have been waiting.) But I guess I hadn't better let that stop me. Maybe my letters will help to keep your spirits up.

I've surely been wondering a lot about you these last few days, if you are working again, or what you are doing, but I guess I will find out all about you when I finally get some mail again. I'm writing this standing up again so hope it doesn't become too difficult for you to read. Will be standing up to eat from now on too so I guess it's going to be the same old routine all over again.

One thing though, it won't seem so bad this time as I will know it can't go on forever. Now that I can see the end to this and the realization of some of my hopes and dreams are in sight, I don't think I will mind some of these little inconveniences nearly so much.

My darling, I surely do hope you are well and happy. I think and pray for you always. I love you, my darling. Always, Perry

August 29, 1945 (Wednesday morning)

Dearest husband Perry,

I fell asleep last night when I wanted to write you. I am at work early this morning so will write now. Oh, Perry, I had another sweet letter from you yesterday when I got home. You told me so many things. Now I know I will see you sometime between now and Christmas and that you will be out of the Navy for good by next spring. I wish it were sooner, but now when I know about when it will be it makes me feel much better.

Perry in his Navy blues
Perry, I like to have you tell me your plans for us--they are so perfect and just exactly what I want too. Please tell me darling what will we do first when you get out? Will you have to have a new wardrobe of clothes, Perry, or will the clothes you have at home still be ok? What does my sweetheart look like in civilian clothes? You are so handsome in that Navy uniform and not having ever seen you in anything else, I think I'll miss those Navy blues.

Perry, when we go thru the temple, I want to have on that pretty white gown you said you were going to buy me--so I guess we'll be going shopping won't we--about the first thing. But Perry, what will I do with all of my things when we go to Utah? I have so much it seems. Will I leave them here or take them with me? I have a trunk and several suitcases, a typewriter, the record player, and all those things (glassware and china, etc.) that I got as wedding gifts. Guess I'll leave them here till we know for sure where we are going to live.

Oh, Perry, I hope we can have a little house somewhere just as soon as we can. Then I will really and truly feel like a married woman. Oh, how I yearn for a little house and my husband and children. When I have these, I shall be the happiest woman in this whole world.

I went to bed quite early last night so am feeling pretty good today. I washed my hair and after my bath I started to fix it and wanted to write you too, but instead, I laid across the bed and went sound asleep. I finally woke myself up and crawled in the right way after I said my prayers. Golly, I sure was tired.

The weather has changed and it is real cool now--makes me think of our days in San Francisco only not as windy. Perry, you have never mentioned it and I always forget to ask you, do you wear your wedding ring all the time? Remember, you were going to let me keep it for you, but you had it on till the last, so I s'pose you still do. I was so glad when you said you liked it. God bless you, my sweetheart, and bring you home soon. I love you so very much. Your little wife, Gene

August 30, 1945

My Darling Gene,

I guess there isn't going to be any mail service all the while we are here at this place, which I don't think, and I hope, won't be much longer. We are allowed now to say where we are at now, so at least I have something to write about this time.

I am at Cebu, on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. I have been ashore twice and found it rather interesting. Some of the native villages look like they may have been fairly nice at one time, but are now quite badly torn from bombings, etc. For the most part though the villages are very filthy and the people all look scrawny and disease-ridden.

I was also on the small island of Mactan, guarding the entrance to the harbor. It was on this island that Magellan was killed when he attempted to sail around the world. I remembered reading about it in history, but I certainly didn't think I would ever go to the place. They say there is a statue of him on the island, but I only saw one of the native chief who killed him. Rather ironical, don't you think?

Darling, I don't have much time right now, but I wanted to get this letter off and let you know where I am at the present time as the new regulation just came out. Also wanted to tell you how much I love you, my darling. All I can think of is when I can return and be with you. Next to that, the thing I am looking forward to most is when I can get some more mail. I love your letters so much, my sweetheart. Your letters are so sweet and do so much for me that when I have to do without them, my spirits sorta' lag.

Looks like Gene only chewed half the stick of gum :)
Sixty-seven years later, the rest is still attached to the letter!
Guess if it's all right to say where we are, it should be ok to say also where we have been so I'm sending a newspaper and a little souvenir I picked up while at the Red Cross Service Center on Guan. I wrote you a letter there. Goodbye for now. I love you, Perry

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