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Today is Columbus Day

Gene, Renee and Harriet on the grounds
of the Salt Lake City Temple
October 12, 1962

Dear Perry, Gene & All,

Today is Columbus Day, but school goes on there as well as here, I suppose. If Columbus could have known the honor he would have received in a few hundred years, it would have helped him to stand the trials he had a little better perhaps. [Perry had been doing research on the 4th voyage of Columbus and sharing with his family what he'd learned. He then wrote a book about the High Voyage and used it for his Master's thesis at Claremont Graduate School.] By the way, how is the work progressing, Perry?

We are still enjoying the "surprise" and wish such things could happen a little more often. Mrs. Sperry told us how pretty Linda is and how she seemed to enjoy surprising everybody. She said Linda was in her Primary class. Do you remember that, Linda? I am glad you went to Bryce Canyon. No person from Utah should miss that.

Hope and Grant were here recently for a short "hello." Hope says she may come up and stay while Grant goes on the deer hunt. The wind has blown here for three days and nights and this is the fourth. But it was nice most of the time for Conference. Had one shower.

June is having quite a time with the flu. She gets better and then goes back to bed again. She said this morning that Kerry Dee has a sore throat now, but it will be hard to keep him down. I can't think if there is anything new that I haven't told you, so I guess I had better seal this and get it off in the mail. Love from Mother & Dad

Enjoying a surprise visit with cousins
David Hilbig and Kerry Dee Andreason
November 28, 1962

Dear Folks,

When you wrote, you were so busy painting, etc. Did you get it all done? Glad Grandma Fast could be with you. Next to going "Over the River and Through the Wood, To Grandmother's House We Go," is have Grandmother come to your house.

The three families here in Salt Lake went to Richfield and had a wonderful time. We up here took pies and salad, etc. Hope and Grant roasted a huge turkey and it was perfection itself--so tender and juicy. The next morning Hope and Grant served one of their professional breakfasts with Grant's pancakes. It was a real good trip and the sun shone both days.

Venice wrote a letter which I took down and read which made everybody laugh, and I am sending it on to you. I think you will get a real kick out of it.

Gene with Leona at 1190 Elgin Ave., Salt Lake City
After you folks were here this fall, we had a terrible hail storm--the biggest hail stones I have ever seen. It sounded like huge rocks being dumped on the roof. Then, in a few days, a terrific wind blew most of the shingles off from the south side of the roof. We supposed there was no insurance as Hazel hadn't said anything about it. When I asked her, she said she thought it was transferred to their new house. I asked her if she would investigate. The result is we will get $200 on it. It cost $250. There was a $50 deductible clause. So we are very glad for that. It was necessary to have it re-roofed before the snows came and there is a new one on it now.

Frank Slaugh's wife died and I went to Vernal Saturday with Owen Slough and wife. I was very glad to go for I got to see so many people I haven't seen for ages. All of Frank's family was there, also all of his brothers and sisters. Owen Slaugh, while traveling, told us a story--an experience he had when he was hauling gasoline to Vernal. We came upon a certain turn in the road and he said, "Here is where I helped John Dillinger out of the snow. There was quite a lot of snow piled on either side of the road, and the car--a red one--was stalled in a snow bank. There were two men and a red-haired woman."

Owen said the men were swearing and cussing. Owen got out his chains, etc. and pulled them out. They hurried away without even thanking him or saying a word. Owen got in his car and started out and turned on the radio and heard the broadcast: "John Dillinger, who is wanted by the law, we have learned, is traveling thru Utah from California on his way east. He has a red car. Another man and a red-haired woman are with him."

Owen said he was sure of their identity and two days later, Dillinger was shot as he was coming out of a theater in Chicago. I said, "Owen, you should write that story down and perpetuate it." And Fern spoke up and said, "Yes and name it, 'Be Kind to Everyone.'" I thought you would enjoy that story. Please write again soon. Love, Mother & Dad

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