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Dale injured his knee

Dale with his fully-repaired knee
January 9, 1964 (Thursday)

Dear Mother,

I am writing this to you at the Kaiser Hospital here in Fontana where I have brought Dale. I don't know if I told you Dale injured his knee one day right after Thanksgiving at school while running on the track. He smashed it into a football tackling block, tore some ligaments, and we thought that was all, but it locked on him and he was put on crutches. We still didn't think it so bad. After three weeks, however, when it still remained the same, we were referred out here to a bone surgeon who says Dale has a torn piece of ligament between the joint of his knee, which will not move and will have to be operated on for removal before he can ever use his leg again. This came as a shock to us all.

Perry took out a family hospitalization plan with Kaiser in November which will cover most of the expense (I hope). That is why we are out here. He will be operated on first thing in the morning.

This is as far as I got with my letter this afternoon. It took us an hour to get him registered, etc, and into a room and settled and it was 3 o'clock before I got home. Then, of course, I had supper to prepare, etc. I will go and see him tomorrow after the operation. Please add your prayers to ours for his speedy and successful recovery. He will use the crutches a few weeks after the operation. Then he should be ok again.

1190 Elgin Ave.
January 11, 1964

Dear Perry & Gene,

We received your letters yesterday and we have called the girls about it. We surely do hope and pray that everything will work out well for Dale. Glad you have hospitalization. How about the doctor's fees? Perry, did the amount I sent help with what you needed then? I just volunteered that much and you never did say. Now we can spare a little more if you need it. We want to do whatever is needed for Dale's best good, and we know that the Lord can bless and heal. It seems to me that your family have a great deal of faith, and the prayers of the children reach up to the Father where sometimes others don't.

We had a wonderful Christmas, and we surely did enjoy all the letters your family sent. They are all good letter writers, and sometime I will catch up with them. Thanks to all of you. We have some snow, and it still looks cloudy, but then it is not so cold. June and Kerry Dee ate dinner with us on Christmas day.

Last night when I called June about Dale and to exercise her faith and prayers in his behalf, she said, "All right, we will, but Mother, pray for Kerry and me too. Sometimes I feel like I am at the rope's end." Kerry has been causing her some trouble the last while, and she has worried so much. He is so restless, and June is so nervous and emotional. He needs a steadying hand.

Hazel brought a gallon of paint for a Christmas present. Then on Monday after Christmas, she and David came and painted the front room a very light color. It is so much lighter now and more cheerful. I tried to pay for the paint, but she would not.

We will be praying and hoping for Dale, and let us know how he makes it. Love, Mother & Dad

Perry, Gene, Dale, Harriet, Renee & Jan
January 22, 1964

Dear Perry and All,

We are surely glad to get your letter saying everything is all right with Dale. A real miracle has taken place, and the Lord heard all of our prayers. I have said that people who have gained a real testimony have had to pay for it in some way. Maybe your doctors deserve a real testimony too.

Your father has just been out sweeping the snow and it is coming down in big flakes. Your children would enjoy this. Ashel and Elva are in Hawaii. Ashel has a friend who thinks so much of him that he has given both of them a trip with all expenses paid for two weeks. They left Salt Lake by train Monday night (evening), and plan to stay all night with Veda on their way back, which will be Sunday, Feb. 2. Your father thinks you might like to talk with him by phone at least. So maybe you can work it out.

One of Ashel's boys, Glendon, is going on a mission to Chile but is going to BYU for a few months to learn more about the language. It is the youngest son. I don't know of any more news that I should write. Glad you are all well, and we are doing all right here. Elmer has used all of the records of "Jesus the Christ" on the machine for the blind and a few records of articles from the Reader's Digest.

We will be waiting for the book on Columbus. You are evidently relieved at getting it done. Love, Mother & Dad

January 24, 1964 (Friday)

Dear Gene & Family,

Have wondered how Dale is getting along as a patient now and is he still in the hospital? Tell him I think he'd better stick to basketball. He's tall and probably could be "the star" of his team by getting the ball in the basket oftener and maybe not so rough and dangerous as football, I hope!

Of course, I've found out that I couldn't star in either game for by my reaching up too high with a box of books to put on a shelf, I really took a flop, and by being careless not to check on my little stepladder's hinges. But that's what we get by not checking and being too tired. This also will cause a person to do tricks like this. but we learn the hard way so regret afterwards when it's too late.

Looks as if we will have a beautiful day, as I gaze away off to the mountains, but do notice the usual haze that seems to be gathering toward the mountains north and east in your direction so guess we can blame the automobiles for that. My back seems to bother me on the line with my hips where I bend like an old rusty hinge that needs plenty of oil. But I hope to get back to normal so need your prayers to add along with the ones that you ask for Dale--"the tall and short ones" of the family.

I wear my tight girdle to give me support and hope for the best. It's hard for me to keep inactive. But I like it here on the top floor. It's quieter and gets more light. I wrote Rich and family yesterday, don't hear very often from them since they have such a large family. They don't have time hardly for themselves if they try to keep up with all their activities like school and church and making a living. Same as you folks. Good thing people are younger when in all these activities with a family.

12:25 PM - Had to stop since I had a caller to come in from the 3rd floor. She is such a tall, good-sized LDS but not well and has to watch her diet. So she sat down and visited for quite awhile since she thinks I'm a little handicapped from my "spill." Slowly I'm getting my belongings organized, so I'll know where to find them. Woodwork and all seemed so dusty up here even though a fresh coat of paint had been put on before I moved up. Shelves, etc, needed cleaning and clean shelf paper. I was grateful that Brother Burnham sent his 2 boys to bring up my few heavier pieces of furniture for me the evening that I hurt my back. Sure hope the strained muscles will get better.

I went to Relief Society meeting last Tuesday AM and do my own shopping when I need anything. I got my laundry caught up also by taking it to a good laundromat several blocks with my cart, but it's such a fine, new clean place near Ardmore on Olympic--not far from where I used to live.

I must close and write Aunt Edith and Harriet. They'll wonder why they don't hear from me. Hope Perry got his book finished and will prove himself a famous author. I'll go drop this in mailbox and will have to fix me up a lunch by making a hobo stew in my pressure cooker. It's a good meal all in one. You should try it--think your family would like it--a layer of meat, ground or unground, seared well with layers of vegetables on top, flavored well, tomato sauce. So good. Love to all, Mother (Leora)

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