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Aunt Genevieve dies

Genevieve (age 31) and her young family in 1943
Floyd (10), Gene (8), Alan (6), Afton (2) and Don (5 mos)
March 18, 1967

Dear Perry,

I have one sheet of paper, so I hope I can say all I want to before it gives out. We did appreciate your writing to us, and we were so glad you could come when Genevieve died. [Genevieve died at the relatively young age of 55.] Just to have you here was so comforting. I was so disappointed that I didn't fix a better lunch for you. I had some Christmas fruitcake I meant to put out. It still seems sad without Genevieve. It would be worse when a mother leaves a family of children.

Grant, Hope and Nelson spent Thursday night with us. They brought up a load of "stuff" to put in Allen's garage instead of taking it clear to Juneau. You know they are moving there. It is mainly Grant's idea, but it sounds like it will be better for him. June is much disappointed, but I guess she will make it ok.

We don't hear much from Venice. I know she works too hard, but it seems that Glen is doing fine. I talk occasionally to Hazel on the phone, and she says David is doing fine also. Everybody has so much work to do. We hope your book materializes all right. Strange how they think a book of stories can just come to life like that.

We wanted so much to hear about Dale. Maybe I will call Linda tonight. We have had so many patriarchal blessings to do the last two weeks. It kept me so busy writing and mailing them. Your dad and I were both tired from so much strain. But we have no more scheduled, and it is good to rest.

Last night they had a ward dinner in connection with the Relief Society program, and we went. We paid our $15 monthly payment. This is supposed to finish paying for the chapel and it will be dedicated March 26 (Easter) by Joseph Fielding Smith. I had quite a bout with a cold, but we are both ok again now. Venna Bascom called on us yesterday. It was good to see and talk with her.

Lorin and Floyd and family went to Arizona and saw Afton and husband. They brought back a big supply of Arizona fruit and gave a lot to us. Well, it is raining again, and I must close. Love from Dad and Mother

April 18, 1967

Dear Mom & Dad,

You wouldn't believe what beautiful weather we're having at last! So clear and bright--no smog at all. Every few days it rains and the lawns are a brilliant green. School's fine. I sure do like my English classes. Next fall I get to take practically all English classes because I've finished with all but one of my general education classes. I've decided to take German for my foreign language requirement. French or German are the languages recommended for my major, but German seems the best as it stems from the same Indo-Europea origin as English.

How was Jan's birthday? Did he like the stuff I sent him? Did it get there or didn't I have enough stamps? Dad, you still haven't told me about your latest writing project. What's going on anyway? I can't wait for school to be out so I can come home and see you all again. Are you going to come here on vacation? Will you come late in the summer because you plan to teach summer school, or are you going to bag summer school and spend all your time writing? I may bring one of my roommates home with me. She lives in Salt Lake--the girl I wrote you about whose parents have died. She really is a fun girl and wants to see the beaches, Disneyland, etc.

Oh, I just remembered I found a place to live. It's off campus and will cost about $25 a month. I can pay for my food and necessities of life if you can pay the rent for me. Will you be able to? I love you all and miss you too. Love, Linda

Genevieve & Lorin
April 28, 1967

Dear Mother & Dad,

I sat down last Sunday night to write you a letter but didn't get very far. Then your letter came with the letter from Hope. I felt so sorry for Hope that I sat right down and wrote a letter to her. It's true as she says, "What good things an 8 cent stamp will bring." I surely hope she gets to liking it better [in Juneau, Alaska.] I'm sure she probably will as she gets to know people and gets some friends. Hope is pretty good to adjust.

We have been getting a lot of cold and rain here this last month. I suppose that means cold and snow flurries for you. I hope you are able to keep well and warm. Yes, I enjoy the Deseret News very much. I think that is a very good present that you get me every year. That way I not only get the benefit of the Church news and even Utah news once a week, but I am reminded of you and your birthday gift 52 times a year. I really thank you for it.

I am sorry to hear that Nelson may be drafted. It's too bad that he may have to interrupt his schooling. The times do not look good do they? I didn't know about Glen's accident. Where is he at? If I had known he was in the hospital, I would have gone to see him. I haven't seen him since Christmas time.

I am still writing for the book company on another project now. But I am far, far behind their schedule. I'm afraid they may tell me to forget the whole thing. But I am grateful for what I was able to do and the financial assistance it gave.

I was pleased to hear about Alan [Genevieve's and Lorin's 3rd son] being called into the bishopric. I am sure his mother is pleased with him and the rest of the family too. She certainly raised some children to be wonderful people. I hope I can do as well. I hope we can write a little oftener. I'm going to leave the rest of this space for Gene. Love, Perry

Dear Folks,

We so enjoyed hearing from you. So glad the kids could all come and visit with you and that you got to meet our bishop and his son. They are wonderful people. Marian tells us they only have a few more weeks of school at BYU to complete this year. They have already found a house off campus to live in for next year. Dale will soon be graduating from high school too and is filling out papers to see if he qualifies for BYU too.

I am very busy in Relief Society work and enjoying being a counselor this year. Perry is very pressured with all of his jobs plus the writing too. We are looking forward to summer and some respite--maybe a trip--we hope! Love, Gene

May 2, 1967 (temperature 78, weather good, sky blue)

Dear Linda,
Linda at Grandma & Grandpa Manwaring's house
Salt Lake City, Utah

I just got through reading your letter dated April 18. I just discovered it yesterday in Mom's purse. Linda, you just can't imagine how much I enjoyed the things you got me for my birthday. I liked the hideous envelope and the beatnik sticker the best. I really had a great birthday. I got your package in the mail right on my birthday. Renee and Harriet got me a wallet. Dad and Mom got me some new dress socks and a pinstripe shirt. Dale got me some track shoes, and Marian and Warren got me some targets.

I don't have my license yet because I have to get better at parallel parking. But I still drive most of the time when Dad and Mom are in the car. About a month ago we started church softball. Dale is 1st base, and I'm pitcher. Now I have a baseball uniform, and so does everyone else on our team.

It was raining practically every day in April except on my birthday it was clear. (I'm not kidding.) So we've been having very miserable weather. One Saturday morning it was cloudy and cold, and I was feeling very miserable, but I soon became very happy because I found a mole run, and I jabbed a mole to death with the point of the shovel. This made my whole day better knowing that I had done something good towards society.

Now I will tell you about my financial condition and the work that I am doing. It is good. I babysit and do yard work. I now have $60 in the bank, and I will soon have $50 more. By the end of this week, I will have $110. But I will not stop there. I will go much farther so that I can get the things that I need.

How do you like BYU? Marian said that school gets out there on May 19th. School gets out here June 16th. Dad doesn't have summer school this year, and even if he wanted it he wouldn't get it because they have to be shareful and let other teachers teach summer school. So Dad is planning (wants) to leave the afternoon school gets out to leave on vacation. Mom reassures Dad that we are going (planning) to spend some time in Las Vegas, but Dad doesn't like bright lights. So he reassures Mom that we are going to spend some time in St. George. But Mom doesn't like the flies in St. George. So maybe we'll do both? Mom also tells Dad that after we go to Utah we will go to Wyoming, then Montana, then Idaho, then Oregon, then California, Sequoia, Yosemite, then home. But all Dad can say is "Maybe."

Now I will tell you about me. I am great! I am eating like a horse. I am growing by leaps and bounds, and I am strong and good. Now I will have to write Marian. Love ya, Jan

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