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Thanksgiving, 1966

Harriet with one of her many cats
October 1, 1966

Dear Harriet,

I was very glad to get a letter from you even though I did have to wait until you got sick. By the way, I hope you're all better now. I hate to admit it, but I don't even remember what Keaton and Maverick look like, so I'll just have to take your word for it that they're just as cute as ever. I guess cats aren't a very important aspect of my life; although, I do wish I could have seen Mohawk's cats. How many did she have anyway, and what color were they?

Thank you very much for the donation. My roommate thought it was so sweet, we both started crying. I guess you must have reminded her of her younger sister at home. I used it to go see a movie with my roommates. We saw The Group and thought it was really good. Remember, I read the book.

Tell the rest of the family hi for me and I hope I hear from them all soon. Have fun in school but still work as hard as if you weren't. That's what I'm doing and one way or another it seems to be working. I went to our football game last night. It was against Colorado State, and they've beat us twice in the past. Anyway, we beat them this time 27 to 24 and was it ever exciting! I got a nervous stomach at the end because everything was so tense, and I was too sick to go to the after-game dance. What a pain!

My roommate and I are cooking the meals this week. We figured out meals for the whole week and then did the shopping. It was fun but kind of hard--so many crucial decisions and that sort of thing, you know. If you don't hear from me in the next week or so, you'll know I died of food poisoning.

Say hi to your friends back home for me. I love you too, big kid. See you soon. Love, Linda

October 20, 1966

Dear Mother,

Am so busy. Can hardly find time to sit down and write. Aunt Minnie sent me an airmail card last week. Wanted me to write her immediately and tell her how you were. She misses hearing from you. So I sat down and wrote her a quick letter. Told her about Dick's visit and gave her your latest address. So you will probably be hearing from her too. Do hope you are feeling better now. Dick said he had a wonderful visit with you.

Perry and I are so busy. He has five more stories to write for this New York Book company, and I am typing them for him as fast as I can. Our Relief Society opening social was a big success. We got a big crowd of ladies out and served a big luncheon too. My but I'm glad it's over. It was an awful lot of work.

Now that I am on the Relief Society board, I have more meetings to attend and a lot of planning to do for each Relief Society day. Wow! Tomorrow we're attending a seminar for women in the West Covina Stake Center.

We are all fine here. Linda and Marian are enjoying BYU very much which makes us so happy. Must get a wedding gift for Carol. Hope I can come see you one of these days. Love, Gene

October 25, 1966

Dear Mom & Dad,

I'm sorry I haven't written sooner, but I'm having tests in every single one of my classes this week, and I'm going out of my mind. Mom, Renee and Harriet, thanks for the neat care package. The chocolate chip cookies were especially delicious, so were the Halloween cookies. The sweet rolls weren't bad either. I softened them up and ate them for breakfast. Marian called yesterday and told me we had some more goodies down at her dorm, but I haven't had time to go down and get them yet. I'm lucky if we see each other once a week. We try to spend all day Fridays together. I go to her classes and she goes to mine. Then we have lunch together.

Marian read me your letter, Dale, and we're both very proud of you. It sounds like you're a real swinging personality around good old CHS [Claremont High School]. That's great. You're even showing us up with your grades--way to hang in there!

Has Jan floated away in his helium-filled balloons yet? My roommate couldn't believe Jan was for real when I read her that part of his letter. I just about died of laughing. Mom, before Jan takes chemistry, will you please write a note to his teacher. It's only fair to worn the poor man!

I still like it here as much as ever before, but I sure do miss you all. Being away from home is making me grow up and be more mature though, so I guess that's good. Well that's all for now. Love, Linda

Perry carving the turkey
November 20, 1966

Dear Mother & Dad,

I wanted to get a letter to you before Thanksgiving. I surely do hope that you are well and that everything is otherwise well with you. Keep warm and keep yourselves safe from falls. What are you going to do for Thanksgiving? We wish we could fly up and see you. Linda and Marian are going to Hope's and Grant's. It is surely wonderful to know that we have such relatives who are so desirous to do nice things for us.

And it is wonderful to get such letters from our daughters who can say how much they appreciate their parents. I never imagined how much of a joy such letters could be. Now, Dad and Mother, if I have never adequately expressed it before, I want you to know how much I appreciate you. You are truly noble souls. And I surely appreciate the sacrifices you have given and made for your children. I only appreciate you more and more as I am called upon to make more and more sacrifices for my children. But because they are our children, and because we love them, they are sacrifices we give willingly. For several weeks this thought has been bothering me. I know how much I appreciate hearing appreciation from my children, and so I owe the same to you.

I believe I am just beginning to get an understanding of how the Lord feels when he says that all the things of the world are made for man's use and in no way do we offend him except when we fail to acknowledge His hand in all things. I believe this is something that only a loving parent--and a sometimes discouraged parent--can understand.

We surely appreciate what you did for Linda and Marian last summer and they appreciated it too. Marian wrote about how she enjoyed visiting you a few weeks ago. She said she just kept trying to figure out why your food tasted so good.

Thanks so much, Mother and Dad, for all that you have done for us. Thanks for being your selfless, loving selves. I love you and appreciate you more than I can adequately express. Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Perry

Dad at the beach with Harriet and Renee
November 21, 1966

Dear Mother,

Glad you are planning to be at Pierce's for Thanksgiving. Tell Pierce we'll stay home for dinner here but will come over for a visit to see all of you in the evening sometime. Our bishop and his family have invited us to spend a day with them at the beach next Friday after Thanksgiving.

Yes, I do keep pretty busy in my Relief Society work, but I am enjoying it. We just had a bake sale downtown Saturday morning. Now we are planning for a white-elephant sale and a ward dinner for December 2nd.

Perry and I are budgeting our finances very closely these days to keep Linda and Marian in school at BYU. They are both enjoying it there so very much, so we think it is all well worth the sacrificing. Perry has finished all of the stories for the textbook company. Now we are revising them all for the New York editors and publishers. We'll be so glad to get the money for these stories, but it will take time. Yes, I guess we won't be getting our inheritance money from Peoria, Illinois till sometime next year too. It all takes time, but my how I could use it!

We are all pretty well now. Jan had a cold several weeks ago that went into pneumonia and we really had to work fast to pull him out of that. Just received the wedding announcement from Carol Fast. Haven't sent her a gift yet but must get something. What are you giving her? Do you hear from Eric Fast? We should write him.

Must close. See you Thanksgiving Day out at Pierce's. Take care of yourself. Love, Gene

December 3, 1966

Dear Linda,

We are all counting off the days (like you) till the holidays when you will be home with us. We want to see you and have us all together again. Daddy is planning some fun activities and things for all of us to do too. My, there is so much to do!

Even Dale (who wants to leave home in the worst way) wants to see you girls for Christmas. He wants to have a good talk and visit with you, Linda. He told me this. I know you will be able to help him. He really respects you and looks up to you.

Take care of yourself and help Marian get well too, honey. More later. Love, Mom

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