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Another Little Granddaughter is Born

May 21, 1969

Dear family,

I just had to call as soon as I found out the good news about Jan because I knew he'd want to know right away. I forgot to mention that the good grades Jan got in seminary made quite a big difference and were actually the determining factor, so it looks as though that early morning ritual really paid off. You should hear from them in about one week. If you don't, let me know and I'll go see what's holding things up.

Eric picked up his cap and gown today and today is his last day of classes--what a relief. Eric had to go talk to one of the deans of students today. I imagine it's about his beard, but I'm not sure. I hope they don't cause a big stir this close to the end!

I'm sure looking forward to coming back to California and "home" again--I really miss the place. I think that's all the news. Hope you're all well. How's Tippy! Love, Linda

p.s. Eric just came home and said the dean just wanted to visit with him and find out whether or not he was one of those "weird hippies." Since Eric's such a nice guy who just happens to like beards, there's no problems. Whew!

Monday, June 9, 1969

Dear Perry,

Thank you for your nice "newsy" letter. You know I told Elmer I felt like we would hear something today about Linda and Marian, but I never dreamed Linda had gone to California. We are glad to hear about the baby and that that is over with. Tell Linda I didn't know we were coming to see her too when Nelson and I came. He had said he wanted to see someone in Spanish Fork, and I didn't suppose we would go to Provo, or I would have brought her a bottle of fruit also. I think that is a pretty name. I will have to write the news to Thelma. I feel a little disappointed in not getting to see little Laura Fenn. Now she will be too far away.

Salt Lake is really beautiful now--so many beautiful roses and other shrubs. That really is a good record for your family to have made in school, Perry. Maybe we will get to see Jan this summer. Jan really is ambitious. What will Renee do next year?

A visit to Utah in 1961. Renee, Dale & Harriet on one horse
and Deon Caddy, a neighbor, and David Hilbig on the
other horse. Jan and Marian are sitting on the fence.
Deon Caddy is home from the French Mission and gave his talk in meeting yesterday. I couldn't hear very well as he has a small voice, and he wasn't close to the microphone. Some others complained too. David Hilbig and his girlfriend were there and he said it was a very fine talk and a good report. Quite a few from Fourth Ward were there. Walter and Hazel came and called for Dad and me. I thought it was very good of them. Mr. and Mrs. Caddy sat together, but I know no more than that whether they are reconciled or not.

This seems a good time to stop as I know of no more news. We did get good letters from Hope and Venice the day yours came. Love to all, Mother & Dad [Leona & Elmer]

Linda with baby Laura
June 15, 1969

Dear Perry, Gene & Family,

Venice told me Linda had a baby born the 3rd of June she thought, so I need the baby's name and birthdate and year and their marriage date and I need Marian's husband's birthdate and year. I'll be glad to get these recorded if you want me to have them, but I'm not going to keep writing to anyone in the family to get their dates anymore. If they don't write and send them to me, they will have to keep track of their selves or get lost because so many act like they don't want me to bother them when I write and ask for these dates. so unless you send them to me, I won't worry over you.

We are having funny weather--more winter than summer. We get about 2 nice days and then 4 nasty ones. We went for months without any rain. We had plenty of wind. Then everyone got their hay down and it started to rain. Dee was hauling hay Friday and it started to rain. He wanted to get those bales in to the stacks so he brought up a big rack load and didn't stop to unload it. He threw a tarp over it and jumped in his truck and went down and got the rest.

It was raining quite hard when I left to go up to President Goodrich's 60th wedding anniversary, but it stopped by the time we come out. But it's cloudy and real cool--too cool to suit me. I like it warm enough where the rest are puffing. Then I'm comfortable.

I've got a big washing to do tomorrow, so I hope the sun come out and shine so my clothes can dry and not get rained on. I hope you are all well and enjoying nice weather. I wish I could go where it is warm. I get achy when I get cold. Love to all, Aunt Thelma [Elmer's sister]

Tuesday, June 24, 1969

Dear Mother & Dad,

We had a wonderful visit. We always enjoy ourselves whenever we are there with you. Thank you so much for your lovely hospitality. Our time was so short and our time schedule so crazy and unpredictable--just hope we didn't upset any of yours too much. As Perry says, "We just wanted to break the rigid daily work, school routine pattern and have a good time for a few days." And I guess we surely did. We did a lot of traveling and visiting. Perry says we traveled 2000 miles--that's an awful lot of ground covered in just 4 days!

Perry's back is getting better I think. He is exercising and getting good sleep each night and a nap in the afternoon. He has started his summer school program (morning hours only) and is on vacation til July 1st from his night school teaching. This way he can get more rest and relaxing done. Renee and Harriet are in summer school too each morning. More later. Love, Gene

Hi Folks,

We got home safe but tired. We surely enjoyed seeing you. As I said, it is good just to be in your presence. We surely appreciate your efforts to do everything for us. I know it was a real problem since we were always changing our plans. Love, Perry

Saturday, June 28, 1969

Dear Perry & Gene,

Those were good letters. I am glad if you enjoyed being here. I have told the girls that I don't worry too much when Gene and Perry come because Gene always has a lot of ideas about food and can always think of something. I sometimes think, though, I am always so slow getting all my house in order--always behind with some part of it that I wonder if people think I never do anything. It seems like with just two people in it, it shouldn't get littered or gather dust, but it does. Perry, one definition of home is "where the heart can rest," so I am glad if you can relax and rest.

It is still cloudy and stormy looking. We had our "Old Folks Day" at the church house instead of the park. It was warm and comfortable, and we had a good dinner and program. Love to all, Mother

Harriet, Renee, Perry holding baby Laura, Leora & Gene
Marian and Warren holding baby Cherylen
July 27, 1969

Dear Linda & All,

Thank you, Linda dear, for sending me the information I asked for. I like to keep track of as many as I can. I'm sorry Marian's husband had to go. I hope he doesn't have to be sent over as soon as his 6-week training is over. This old war is taking so many.

Thanks for telling me about the rest of the family. I hardly ever get to hear anything about any of you. Grandma doesn't write very often. I didn't know Dale was planning to get married. I hope he can get a real nice girl and they can be very happy. When this happens, send me his wife's full name and birthdate and year. Genevieve used to keep me up on all of this. I'd send her things I had about some she didn't know about and she would me.

Wayne really liked Marian's husband. He said he didn't get to know your husband, but he sure thought Warren was a fine man, so he will be glad to hear about him. Wayne is in Germany on his mission--has been gone a year the 5th of August. It's getting a bit lonesome here without him running in. He was a real sweet boy to his old auntie.

I thought the picture was nice of all of you. Thanks for sending it and the rest I asked for and most of all I enjoyed a letter from you. Well, I guess it's about dinner time, but I knew I had to write this now as I won't have another free day all week. Love to all, Aunt Thelma

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