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Cherylen takes over feeding herself

Thursday, August 14, 1969

Dear Perry and Gene,

My, can you stand another marriage? Linda, Marian, and now Dale. If the other three follow in like manner, you will be alone too soon.

We have been getting a few improvements in our house--like carpeting the stairway and the bathroom. It looks very nice. We are looking for Venice and Elvyn and Glenn who is home on leave. How are the married folks? I would like to see the two little girls. I'll bet they are cute.

We are sending a little money for Dale. You buy something for the event. We bought a blanket for David as Hazel said they were short of bedding. David is getting a very nice girl, and you say Dale is too. David's reception is on the 25th of August and Hazel wants us to go to the temple ceremony too, and to the breakfast too.

We had a lot of apricots, and she and Walter came and picked quite a lot, and I went home with her and helped take care of them--for her and for us. All of the Mangums got some too.

Friday, 15th - Well, the folks came last night, or evening. Venice, Elvyn and Glenn and Wilda, Norman and children. The children are surely cute. Glenn went to his mission acquaintances in Nevada today, and I am wondering if he will call on you folks.

Nelson went to Alaska, planning to come back when his parents come. Now Hope writes that he has a good job with good pay, and he will stay up there even though they, Hope and Grant, come back to Utah. Hope says "Isn't that irony?" His car is here, also a lot of his clothes and other things.

Venice says Kent is saving all of his money for a mission. He is quite an outstanding boy and doesn't fall for all of the wild pranks of most of his associates and acquaintances. How are Linda and Marian? Have their husbands really joined the air force? I better get this out for the mailman. Love, Mother and Dad

Gene, Perry and Renee
December 12, 1969

Dear Folks,

Perry underwent his hernia operation this morning at 8:00. He has taken sick leave so will have from now until after the 1st to recuperate. He probably will be writing to you while in the hospital.

We had perfect weather and a lovely visit from Hope and Grant and June for Thanksgiving. Jan came down with them and it was good to see him again. We talked to Jan last night and he was so happy--said the doctor was taking the wires off of his jaws this week and he was so happy to be able to "eat normal" again though he still can't open his mouth more than an inch for awhile.

Marian has finished her quarter of schooling today and is so happy to have her husband, Warren, back for the Christmas season. They will drive up to Sacramento in a few days to find themselves a place to live. He will be stationed at an air force base up there for a few months (maybe a year)?!! We have been enjoying the baby so much. She is such a bright, sunny little sweetheart. My how we'll miss them when they move away.

We see Dale and his wife Carolyn every few days. They live only a few miles away in Upland. Linda and Eric and baby Laura come over often too. They live in Pomona.

A few days after our visit with Hope and Grant and June we had more company. My brother Dick and his wife Betty came down (Dec. 3rd) to see us. They left the children with a babysitter up there so that they could go through the St. George Temple on their way down. It was so good to see them again since their return from Chicago. They are in their home at Kearns again. Dick and family are so glad to be back home. They loved the Church and their callings, but they did not like Chicago.

My mother is fine though she doesn't see very well. She goes to church with us each week. Renee just had her 17th birthday December 8th. She is a beautiful and lovely girl. She and Harriet are both honor-roll students. Wish we could see you both. Love, Gene

December 13, 1969

Dear Perry, Gene and All,

This is a "hurry up" time of year, and I have less and less inclination to hurry. We exhausted all the news Hope had to tell us of their trip, etc., so after this lapse of time, we are wanting to hear more of how everybody is doing. The sun is shining to day, but we still have some snow.

We are so glad Hope and Grant are near and we see each other real often. Hope hasn't had her photos finished yet, so we haven't seen Linda's and Marian's babies pictures. From what Hope said, you had a real big Thanksgiving group.

Dad has had a bout with the flu, but we are both fine now. I think June is coming up to Hope's for a few days of Christmas, so we will see her too. Floyd gave us a turkey for Thanksgiving, but Hope gave us part of theirs already cooked and stuffed, so we will have ours for Christmas.

Our neighbors, the Boswell's, have been to Hawaii but were glad to get back. Everything is so "awfully" expensive. Well, tell us how everything is and everybody is. Give Sister Fast our Love. Love, Mother & Dad

Sunday, December 21, 1969

Dear Perry and family,

So many things seem to be happening to you folks that I hardly know where to begin. But I do hope all is well with you and that you, Perry, are rested and well again.

We had a Sunday School Christmas program this morning and Sacrament Meeting will be something special. I hope some good singer sings "The Holy City." Then during the week, I plan to read the "Christmas Carol" by Dickens. Yesterday Grant and Hope took us to the Cottonwood Mall and helped us pick out a suit for Dad. He hasn't had a new one for several years.

Kerry and June came to see us, and he surely looks good and seems real happy. It was thoughtful of him to give June money for their taxes. Tell Renee she is not our only Christmas child now. Floyd and Sharon have a new girl born December 13. They plan to name her Tricia. I had forgotten about Alan and Norma's girl, Randee, born December 22, 1960.

We hope Jan is ok and will forget football.

Hazel has asked Hope and Grant, June and Kerry and Dad and me over to their home for Christmas dinner for which we are pleased. Love to all. Love, Dad & Mother

Laura and Cherylen
[No date, but probably late December or early January]

Dear Mom, Dad & family,

Things are ok here. I'm still tired all the time, but Linda suggested going to bed earlier. That might have a lot to do with it. heh, heh!

Yesterday Cherylen was eating lunch and was just fussing and squirming. I had made her a sandwich and given her some pieces of apple but didn't know what else she could want. (She had been eating only finger foods because she wouldn't let me feed her and she couldn't use a spoon herself.) Just for the heck of it, I got a jar of baby spinach down and started to pour it in her bowl and let her try a spoon again. She then started screaming and reaching for the jar. She had seen Mommy feed her from a jar, so she wanted it.

I gave her the jar and a spoon. With great vigor, she began dipping the spoon into the creamed spinach and cramming it into her mouth with both hands. After eating half the jar that way, she decided it was too slow and began to drink it. She didn't get any on the floor, but you can imagine what her face looked like. Linda and I were just in stitches! Linda took a picture of her, which Cherylen was rather pleased about. What a little character she is. She's so independent! She just balks at her over-protective mother--not at all like cuddly little Laura. I really enjoy her hugs because I don't get too many from Cherylen.

I hope everyone there is all right. Did Renee ever do her science project? Renee, how are all those boyfriends? Still coming over to the house? If you want to live on campus at BYU, you should apply for housing at least by June. Love, Marian

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