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Elmer is born. Jan & Cara Lee wed.

Two-year-old Elmer on an
Easter egg hunt at Grandma
and Grandpa Manwaring's house
January 18, 1974

Dear Perry,

It was surely good to get your letter yesterday. For several days I had been contemplating phoning you. Hazel and Walter come quite often, and they do some shopping for us. The neighbors are good too. Mrs. Newbold the other day said, "Now Sister Manwaring, if there is anything I can get at the store that you want, just let me know for I go right by there every day." I went to the DUR [Daughters of the Utah Pioneers] meeting yesterday with Mrs. Ballard. She is always obliging.

We have some snow yet, but it is gradually thawing. Are you having trouble getting what gas you need? We still get our Social Security checks and are doing ok. Hazel and Walter saw to it that Dad and I each got a good overcoat--the most I ever paid for a coat, but it is very nice. I was good to see Jan who brought us the oranges and lemons.

Sorry to hear about Gene's mother. You have often said to me "Be careful not to fall." Well the other day I was bringing in Winder's bread and milk and caught my toe on a thick rug that Hope and June bought us and down I went and bumped my head on one of the bottles. It didn't bleed, but it is still sore. Dad can't see too good, so I try to do most of the seeing jobs.

Hope and Grant are in Spanish Fork. I told June that we heard more often from Hope when they lived in Alaska. June is quite tired of her job, but I guess there isn't much she can do to make matters better. She went to Denver for the holidays to be with Kerry and Julie. He came and got her, which I thought was very good of him. When it was time to come back he brought her to the airport to take the plane. She said there was quite a bit of disturbance in the air. June said she had ridden in bumpy cars, jolty wagons, etc. in her life, but she had never before had such a "bumpy" ride and was so relieved to get to the airport. She had to call Floyd to come and get her in the middle of the night as the plane got in late.

The mail just went one way, so I will try and get this out. Love, Dad & Mother

John, Jesse, Laura, baby Elmer visiting Great-grandpa Fast's
grave with Grandma Manwaring, Great-grandma Fast and
her good friend, Flossie
January 31, 1974

Dear Gene and Family,

I doesn't seem possible that January is just about gone. Where does the time go? I was surely saddened about the condition of your mother. I just can't realize that there is a question of her not being able to walk again. How I wish I could see her but that seems to be out of the question now at this distance. You said they keep her quite tranquilized. Does she know you at all times. I do hope she is as comfortable as they can make her.

Also hated to hear of the deal of Walt Fast. If I remember correctly, he was nearing the century mark. What a remarkable life he has led. I suppose Leadelle is still alive, but I understand in a home of some kind.

This is such a beautiful day that I feel like taking off, but I do have things to do. They are tearing up the street in front of my house and what a mess that will be before it is finished. I wonder why they are always working on the streets that seem to be in reasonably good shape.

You say you are going back to school. I think that is wonderful and I am for it if you have the time. The old saying is if you want to do anything bad enough there is always time. Hope you are over your colds. I feel fine and hope it continues. I go almost every afternoon to see my sick neighbor and do believe I am not thankful enough for my blessings.

I see I have a beautiful rose in bloom. Just had everything trimmed around the place and it looks nice. My folks in Oklahoma want me to sell and come back there, but I lived there twenty-five years and that is enough. It was cold while there but not much snow--some sleet I hate as I am not too sure-footed, and I do take it easy so as not to fall.

I have several letters to write so all for now. I hope you can keep me posted as to your mother if only a short note. My love to your family, Flossie

March 5, 1974
[This letter was accidentally posted in the 1973 collection. A shortened version is reposted here.]

Dear Perry,

As I look out, I see a foot of new snow and a huge snow man across the street and little children playing in the snow. This has been quite a storm, and you folks should have had some of it. But the sun is shining now and the day is nice.

That was quite an experience for all of you when Linda's baby was born, and we hope all is well now. [Frederick Elmer Hartman was born in the car in the way to the hospital.] We were so glad to hear that the little boy, [Jesse's,]  heart is perfectly normal now. Your father is quite pleased with the baby's name. You spoke of your descendants and carrying on the name.

Jan and his girlfriend were here some time ago and invited us to be present, if we can, to their forth-coming marriage in the Provo Temple in July, I believe. (Dad says Salt Lake Temple.)

Next day: Well, the world is still white. The roads are clear though, and we are feeling ok. We have had quite a wind. Hazel said it was taking the shingles off from their house. She says the wind has more force at their location where it comes down those mountain slopes.

We have heard that Wilda has a baby girl. Grant came down several days ago to see his doctor and took me to the grocery store. He is not feeling very well. Did you read in the paper of the death of John Goodrich, my brother. Ruth and Arvil came here and told us about the funeral.

Well, I had better get this in the mail. Love, Dad and Mother

April 2, 1974

Dear Mother & Dad,

Perry will be taking his spring vacation next week. We plan to drive up to Provo and Salt Lake leaving here Saturday morning early (April 6th.) We would like to spend the first night (Saturday) with you folks. Jan plans to meet us at your place too. We expect to be arriving at about 6 pm or we hope not much later.

We are planning to meet Cara Lee's parents Sunday perhaps as they are coming to SLC from Burley for this occasion also. We will leave Harriet here to take care of the house and yard for us. She is also working for the local pharmacy here nearby and enjoys her job.

We're all fine and looking forward eagerly to seeing all of you. Love, Gene

April 28, 1974

Dear Mother and Dad,

It was surely great to see you again. That was one of the best visits I have ever had. We had a good visit with you, and I even got to shovel snow off the driveway just for old times sake. I also had a very good visit with Hazel and Hope, a brief visit with June and a telephone conversation with Venice.

Hazel has written me that Dad hasn't been feeling too well lately. Dad, I hope you can recover and get to feeling up to par soon. I am always amazed at how well both you and Mother are doing for your age. Be careful you don't take any falls.

Things are beautiful here right now. Flowers are blooming and it smells so much of spring, particularly early in the morning, that it reminds me that it will soon be my birthday. I always did think spring, May in particular, was a good time for birthdays.

Thanks again for helping us have such a good time. Since I've been home, I've felt like turning around and going back again. And maybe we will before too long, say maybe about June, but July for sure. Love, Perry

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