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"The Little Kiddies Look so Cute"

Linda, Eric, Laura, John & little Jesse
September 17, 1973

Dear Linda,

Thanks for the picture. Thanks so very much. The little kiddies look so cute and happy. It is good of you too, but I think Eric would look better with some of his hair cut off. But that is just my idea, and Dame Fashion is quite a dictator.

We have a few breezes lately--just a forewarner of fall and winter. Warren called on us, and we were glad to see him. He and Marian are glad, I'll bet, that he has finished that course.

We had quite a lot of fruit in our orchard this year. Floyd and Hazel helped gather it, and Hazel put up some for us. It could be scarce next year. We had another "Labor Day Breakfast" and I kept thinking of the time that you and Marian went down with us. Do you remember? That was quite a long time ago.

I can't remember if you met my brother Arthur Goodrich when you folks lived here. He has cancer, "full of cancer" the doctor says. He is still cheerful and we talk on the phone almost every day.

Linda, I am sending you five dollars for you or the little kiddies (as you please) and wish we could just slip in some and say "Hello." That little boy, Jesse, looks like a perfectly well child now. Is he? We just were able to say hello to Jan when he called to get his books.

Kerry Dee, with his wife and two children, called on us Sunday. It was his birthday Saturday, but I don't know how old he is. June, Grant and Hope were with him. Kerry and wife have two children, and they live somewhere in Colorado.

You all look so happy. Love and best wishes, Grandpa and Grandma

November 26, 1973

Dear Perry & All,

Thanksgiving is over and a new week is here or beginning. Last week I kept thinking of the poem "When the Frost is on the Pumpkin," and thinking too of you as you used to like to read it. Now it is snow and more snow.

We went to Hazel's for Thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed the day very much. David and family were there. When we got home, Floyd and Sharon came with a roast chicken, cranberry jelly and pie, so we really have been eating Thanksgiving dinners.

We got your Thanksgiving card, and Hazel and I could hardly count the "twenty" you mentioned, but we did. Walter told us of his boyhood in Germany when he could hardly remember ever having enough to eat. I can hardly imagine it. Then when the war came, it was worse.

Grant is in the hospital with the chest hernia problem, and Hope has been staying with June. There seems to be some infection I believe. Poor Grant, he has had quite a time. For quite a while he had ear aches in the fall. Dad has been out shoveling snow and now has gone to sleep. Did the BYU folks go home by plane or by car?

After all of this snow, I keep wondering about Ashley Valley and the snow they might be getting and about Thelma shoveling herself out. It would be nice to hear about all of the Perry and Gene Manwaring families, etc., but for the present, I will just hope that everyone is well and happy. Tell us about the Provo group when you can. Love, Mother and Dad

Gene, Perry, Harriet, Jan & Renee
December 17, 1973

Dear Folks,

I have been waiting for Perry to write but won't wait any longer. I'll write today. Poor Perry has been sorely afflicted with poison oak ever since Thanksgiving weekend and another Saturday 2 weeks later when he and Dale went into a lemon grove nearby to cut wood for the winter. We got a nice supply of wood for our fireplace, but Perry is surely suffering for it and has finally gone to a doctor and got a cortisone shot for it. It covered both of his arms but is beginning to heal now.

We enjoyed your letter so much. Have also heard recently from Hope and also Venice. Each of our children at the BYU has written us too about a wonderful Salt Lake visit last weekend to see you all and told how much they enjoyed their weekend up there.

They probably told you about our wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and weekend. Harriet even got to go with Perry and pick out our Christmas tree at a big Christmas tree farm. We haven't cut it down yet!

You've heard about my mother's fall and hospitalization. She is still recovering--won't be able to walk for some time to come. She is in a small hospital here in Claremont now and we go in to visit her everyday. It is so sad to see her so immobilized. My brother Dick with some of his children came down for a few days after Thanksgiving to see Mother and all of us. We were so glad to have him here.

I talk to Linda every day on the phone and she comes over often. We go shopping together and to Relief Society together and I tend her little boys (John and Jesse) when she and Laura go to Primary each week. It is such a joy having her near by.

We miss Marian and family so far away in Northern California and write her often. She and Linda miss each other too and sometimes call one another on the phone. They are planning to come down for Christmas even though Marian is lately suffering morning sickness again. Linda is very "heavy with child" now but never complains. I enjoy her and her family so much.

The children probably told you I am making plans to go back to school again. Starting next semester (about February 1st.) It's a two-year state college not far away. It's an art course. The college is very near Dale and Carolyn's big home in Glendora. Guess you've heard about them too. Dale and Carolyn have a big, lovely home where they take care of 5 county boys. This job pays them very well and Dale now plans to get back into school again full-time. They are both happy with the work and love the boys who are in their charge.

Perry is back at Montview school again this year after so many years as the reading specialist there. He enjoys the working with children so much. He is still researching and writing too whenever he can. We are both in the ward choir and must practice twice a week now. I am also singing with the Relief Society choir and go to practice each Friday morning. I shall hate to give this one up in February.

Our weather is beautiful again--everything so green and Christmas flowers and holly blooming now. I love this time of year here. Linda's lemon and orange trees are heavy with fruit, which she shares with us each Chistmas. Wish you could see California in December.

We especially enjoyed our visit with Marian and family this fall too. Would love to live in Northern California some day. The forests and hills up there are very beautiful. I'll send you Marian's address, also Dales: Mr. & Mrs. Warren Bodily, 1615 S. Dora St., Ukiah, CA 95482 and Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Manwaring, 160 N. Valley Center, Glendora, CA 91740. Linda's is: Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hartman, 1201 N. Indian Hill Blvd., Claremont, CA 91711.

We are expecting all of the children home sometime this week. Must hurry and get everything ready. Perry will be writing you soon. Love, Gene

December 20, 1973

Dear Mother and Dad,

Well it's one more Christmas and I suppose among all the other things Christmas is, it is a time of remembering. I am glad I can say that all my Christmases have happy memories. And among my happiest Christmases were the times we had the least. That ought to tell us something but still we go on year after year looking for happiness in the world's goods.

We are all well. I guess we will have all the children and grandchildren here for the holidays. Marian flew in Tuesday night. Warren will come Saturday, and our three BYU students will come tomorrow.

You probably heard that Gene's mother fell and broke her hip just before Thanksgiving. She had to have an operation and she is now in a convalescent home. Poor thing, she has a hard time understanding why we sometimes have to go through the things we do.

I guess you have had a lot of snow and will probably get a lot more. Please be careful and don't try to get out and do things more than is wise. I must go now. We surely wish you a merry Christmas and thank you for all the merry ones you have given us in the past. Love, Perry

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