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I'll never let a day go by without writing you

May 21, 1945 (Monday evening)

Dearest Sweetheart Perry,

I know what it is to be disappointed in not receiving a letter from the one you love. I wanted one so badly today, but didn't get it. Your last letter upset me so. Dearest husband, are you angry with me? Oh please tell me you are not. Please love me and forgive me for not writing you when I should have. I'm writing you everyday now. I'll never let a day go by without writing you--it's a promise I've made even in my prayers. Perry, I must have your love always and forever for without it I would surely die. I love you so Perry.

Visited Pierce Fast recently, my mother's only living brother,
accompanied by my own dear brother, Jan Manwaring.
We had a wonderful time talking about the past
and present while catching up on all the family news.
Today was such a beautiful warm summer day. Made me wish I could be out all day, but of course I worked instead. Mother had a letter from Pierce today--one he had written on VE-day. He said they took it very calmly over there too. Guess we all did. Emily says Dick tells her he thinks the war with the Japs will be over in six months. So many people are saying that. Wouldn't that be wonderful if it did happen that quickly? Guess they are being very optimistic tho.

I'll go to bed early tonight cause I'm still awful tired from the weekend. My prayers are with you always, sweetheart. God bless you and be with you always. Please write soon, darling. Your own devoted wife, Gene

May 22, 1945 (Tuesday evening)

Dearest husband Perry,

There was no letter from you today either. I wanted one so very much. I have a feeling that perhaps you have gone out again. Oh, my sweetheart, if you have, I hope you received some of my letters first. And I do hope I hear from you soon. I've been praying all day for you and telling our Heavenly Father how I want you and long for you.  I pray for your safety and speedy return always. Please write me, my darling, and put my mind more at ease. I want to know what you are thinking and what you think of me.

Tonight I am at Emily's and Ricky's place. She wanted me to stay all night with her. It's the first time. We have done an awful lot of talking too. It seems we'll never run down. Today was another beautiful day. Viola and I worked till 4:00 pm. Starting work earlier cause of the sun. Must go to bed now, Sweetheart. Sweet dreams. I love you, Perry, always and forever. Your very own, Gene

(Wednesday morning early)

Hello Sweetheart,

I dreamed about you last night. It was about our honeymoon. Can't remember much about it now tho. Emily and I were awakened very early this morning by the baby. He is an early riser. I dressed him and brought him over to the house while Emily went on to work. She leaves at 7:30. Now I have fed him and Mother is bathing him. I must hurry off to work now. You know something, I'm learning an awful lot about babies--how to dress them, feed them, bath them and put them to bed, etc. Think I'm getting some pretty good experiences, don't you?

Will write you again tonight, darling. Hope there will be a letter waiting for me too. All my love, Gene

May 23, 1945 (Wednesday evening)

My sweetheart husband,

This is the third day with no mail from you. It seems rather ironic. Guess I had it coming to me, but I don't dare read your last letter cause in it you are scolding me so. Please write me soon, darling. Tell me you are not angry with me anymore. Do you still love me, Perry? Tell me you do or my heart will break. There are times when I feel as though I can't go on without you. Since your last letter that made me cry so, I have been praying constantly for strength to endure and patience to wait.

Emily wants to go to a show tonight. She is putting the baby to sleep here first. They'll have to stay with us tonight then. We are gong to see "God is my Copilot." Think it's supposed to be a good show. You see the reason I go out when I can is cause I get so lonesome and blue, sweetheart. I can't enjoy myself like I would if I were with you, but I know I shouldn't stay home all the time.

Oh my Perry, I love you so and want you so. You know what is in my heart and what I long for. I want you and our little home and children--our children. Then I shall be the happiest woman in this whole world. Dearest husband, do you pray for this as I do. It is what you want too, isn't it?

God bless you always, my husband. I love you Perry. Your devoted wife, Gene

My 25, 1945 (Friday morning)

My sweet husband Perry,

Darling, I received 4 letters from you in yesterday afternoon's mail.  I was a pretty happy girl reading those sweet words. So many questions were answered. I knelt and thanked the dear Father in Heaven. His spirit is with us always, darling. And I know it won't be long till you will be here with me again, and we will see the fulfillment of those wonderful things that were promised us.

Oh my sweetheart, you do love me and your words of love thrilled me so. Perry, you are the dearest husband in this whole world. I just know it. I hope you will not have to wait too long for mail. I am writing you every day, Perry. I'm so glad you can write every day too. I know our letters can't always be so long, but that doesn't matter. If I can get a letter from you for every day, the time will pass quicker and easier and I will know you are all right.

I went to chorus last night with Nellie. It was a wonderful practice. I really enjoyed it. Was so tired when I came home, I had to go straight to bed, promising myself I would write you first thing this morning. At lunch time Viola and I go across the street to Barker Brothers. It's a big, beautiful store and inside on the first floor they have an organ. The organist plays for one hour at noon everyday. The music is so lovely and pretty. We sit there and listen and I think of you all the while. Yesterday his last song was "Always." I like that song.

I must run along to work now or Viola will think I'm not coming. I'll write you again tonight or in the morning, darling. I love you, Perry. Always your own, Gene

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