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I don't expect any more mail from you for a while

May 16, 1945

My Darling Wife,

Today I received the letter you had written the day before the one I received yesterday--so as I was afraid, I am sorry I wrote you the way I did yesterday. I know it isn't always your fault when your letters don't reach me as I expect they should.

Darling sweetheart, I hope that letter won't make you feel badly or make you think I criticized too hastily, which I suppose I did. And I certainly don't want you to miss any of your chorus practice to write me, especially since you have your girl friend, Nellie, interested. I want you to have plenty of entertainment, but I hope you'll make time to write me often too. I'm afraid this letter will arrive rather late, but I hope you will forgive me, my darling.

Perry's best friend from high school,
Clyde Wahlquist and his first little girl
I don't expect any more mail from you for a while and you won't get any from me either for a while, but I'm going to go right on writing every day so you will still have a letter for each day when they do arrive. I finally am getting some mail from Clyde. They are buying a home back there. He surely is "blown up" over his little "blue eyes." He said one lady told him that was the first baby she would admit was cuter than hers. (ha, ha) I'll surely be glad when we can be as happily settled. If I can ever be with you once more and for good, I'm sure I will be much happier than anyone, my sweetheart.

Darling, I have to get up pretty early in the morning so I can't write much tonight. I'll go on thinking though and let my thoughts merge into my dreams--thoughts of things like "Wilson," December 24th and 25th, etc. Also of many more yet future.

I love you my dear, sweet wife, more than I can ever begin to express in writing or by words. I only pray for an opportunity to be with you and show you. Goodnight for now, darling. All my love, Perry

May 17th 1945

My Darling Gene,
Golly, they've been keeping me pretty busy and I don't have very much time right now either, but I'm still going to write you even if it's just to tell you how darn much I love you, my sweetheart. Darling, I don't believe there has been a minute since I have been away that I haven't thought about you and longed to be with you again. I like to think about all those wonderful times we used to have and when I do, a little smile will invariably steal over my face just to remember how darn sweet and "cute" you were. Then I let my thoughts drift on into the future and I can still see you just as plain there too, darling.

That is my most favorite pastime. I try to do more than just dream of our future though. I try to plan just as much as I can, but that's pretty hard because you can only go so far in planning and then you have to start working some of those plans. I'm sure all will work out for the best in time though. In the meantime, I just content myself in having such a sweet, lovely wife and one who can understand me so well. For that I thank our Father in Heaven every day.

Darling, I know I will never cease loving you. Eternally yours, Perry

May 18, 1945 (Friday evening)

Dearest Sweetheart Perry,

I'm listening to so many pretty love songs on the radio. It makes me want you so. Remember when we sat on the couch and listened to all of the beautiful music one evening till it got dark. Oh, that was so heavenly. When will you make me that happy again? I love you so, my husband. I pray the dear Father in Heaven will bring you back to me soon.

I received your May 14 letter today. I'm so glad you are still in Hawaii and were able to attend church again. your description of the surrounding and things you saw was quite good. I could almost see you there in that beautiful place and oh how I long to be there with you. You must take me there sometime, Perry.

Your idea about putting our savings down on a little home when you return sounds wonderful, dear husband. Where is our little home going to be, sweetheart? Course I would be happy just anywhere with my lover.

Pierce Fast, Gene's brother
Nellie and I went to chorus practice again last nite. Dick Johnson directed us. We are going to sing Sunday evening. I guess you have heard of President Grant's passing away Wednesday the 16th. Sunday will be a day of memorial services in all our churches.

I worked a regular full day today--nothing exciting. Would like to go to a movie with Emily tonight. Will see if she wants to go. Tomorrow, if it is warm enough, we are going to the beach--Emily and Ricky and Nellie and I. But if it isn't warm, I'll go bike riding with Nellie.

Mother had a letter from Pierce yesterday. He is still in Germany. He sent us some pictures of himself. He has lost some weight we think. Will close now, darling. Will write you tomorrow too. God bless you and be with you always. I love you, my darling. Always your own, Gene

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