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I suppose most of the fruit is frozen

Feb. 12, 1963

Dear Perry and family,

We laughed at your last letter because you addressed it "1139 Elgin Ave." Now if you were to come to Salt Lake, you likely would not know where to find us. [Perry's parents moved from 1139 to 1190 Elgin Avenue--just up the street--to Hazel's and Walter's old house.]

We read of rain in California--a lot of rain. How is it at Claremont? It is dry here and yesterday and the night before we had a terrific wind and cold as Alaska. In fact, I think it must have come from there. Today is better. We are glad you enjoy the books. There are several stories we could write and will when we can get at it.

Renee, I think you are going to be an artist, and we surely do like the pictures you sent of the roses and Milky Mae. I have shown them to the folks who have come, and June showed Kerry Dee your letter so he could see what good writing you do. Kerry Dee is in such a hurry. He doesn't take time to write very well, and June says the teachers give the children such big assignments in writing that it is discouraging. It seems strange to think of picking roses in January.

Venice and Glenn were here on Sunday and Monday. They came out with some friends. Glenn got his patriarchal blessing. They are getting their house nearly finished now. Mrs. Parker was in our house yesterday and she asked about you folks--especially the children, so I showed her the colored picture of the group and how tall Dale is getting. She was very pleased to see all of your pictures. Venice says their Dale is taller than Glenn and has bigger feet and longer fingers. When he plays basketball, he can catch the ball with his one hand, his fingers being so long.

We were so interested in Jan's Christmas letter saying he and Harriet and Renee were in the glee club at school. Just keep on, that is fine. Grandpa and Grandma

February 28, 1963

Dear Perry & Gene,

I have been up to talk with the doctor and office lady, and he says your plans will be all right, but that he would want to see Marian as soon as she can come to the office so he can check her condition first. I like the nurse there and office lady. They are all nice and sociable. I hope Marian doesn't have any setbacks, or anything to hinder her progress or your plans. It will be a good time of year, or should be.

We have a ward banquet tonight to go to. The ward plans building on to the present building and so it is money now. It is only $1.50 per plate to night, so everyone should be able to come I should think. We have such a big increase in membership from the Graystone Apartments.

Elmer has his day off today and is resting. June and Kerry Dee were in a wreck the other night. She stopped her car before driving on the highway, and a truck being driven by a girl came around the corner "pell-mell" and crashed right into June's car head-on. June said she knew she couldn't get out of the way, so they both prepared to "face it." She did have presence of mind to turn the key and shut off the gas. Neither were hurt, just shocked, but the car was all mashed in front and later had to be towed away. It was close to a service station on the corner and there were plenty of witnesses.

June said she was real proud of Kerry. He said, "Mamma, you stay here, and I'll go and phone." She said, "Why, do you know what to do?" "Sure," he said, "I'll call the road patrol and tell them there has been a wreck here and to bring the officers." She is still busy filling out blanks and forms for insurance, etc. The man at the service station let her take a car for use until hers can be fixed. It is hard on her nerves as she can't stand such things very well.

Well, I will watch for the mailman and get this off today. We hope all of you keep well. Love to all. Mother & Dad

PS. Elvyn and Venice and boys came to Salt Lake last week to see Gordon in the basketball tournament. He is in St. George you know. They visited everybody a short time. I believe all the folks are well at this time. Mother

April 22, 1963

Dear Folks,

You were surely good managers when you chose to come the week that you did. It has been real bad weather ever since--snow, rain and wind and so cold most of the time. This morning when we got up, there was quite a bit of snow on the ground again. The sun is shining now and it looks quite nice. We hope the patriarchal letter has reached you by now.

I can imagine the ones left at home were glad to see Mother and the girls arrive. That really was a fast ride home. Renee and Harriet, that was real thoughtful of you to pick some (right now I can't think of the word) for us. [I wonder what it was--fruit? flowers?--something from California that doesn't grow in Utah] They were nearly all good.

Marian, we surely do hope and pray that your throat continues to heal and get well. [Marian went to the old family doctor up the street on Highland Drive to get her tonsils out. That was a less expensive option than seeing a California doctor. And according to Marian, in California, she would have had to be hospitalized for the procedure.] Dale and Jan, the girls were really anxious to see you, so you must always remember that they think a lot of you.

I suppose most of the fruit is frozen. Our apricot tree was in bloom. We are wondering if there is any use to plan spraying the apple trees.

Perry, it seems easy for you to write poetry. Keep it up. The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers asked me to read my mother's history in our meeting last Thursday. Yes, I have her's and her mother's that you can get when someone has tine to type them. I have written mine and sent it in to Stella Richards who is getting histories of Naples people born before 1900.

I don't think of anything in the line of news, and I hope you are all back to normal, including Marian. We were glad to visit with them and you didn't put us to a lot of trouble either. Love, Mother & Dad

PS. We just received another number of the "Millennial Star" which is published in England. Nelson, I suppose, is responsible for that. Thoughtful of him.

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