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Babies Scott Manwaring and Christopher Bodily are Born

Dale & Carolyn's little boy, Scott, born February 9, 1972
February 12, 1972

Dear Perry & folks,

The book came yesterday ok, and I wanted to sit down and read it all over again. My artwork in the back is still there!

The ground is still bare and the sun is shining. Everybody is well as usual. We saw Renee a few weeks ago. She looks well and happy. The mail has come early, so this letter will not get sent today.

Later: We were glad to hear about Dale and family and the new one who will perpetuate the name.  Give Dale our best wishes. We were glad to get letters from Linda and Marian too. It surely would be good to see all of them. Dad said, "Didn't it sound good to hear Perry's voice?"

We are anxiously waiting for your article in the Era. [Perry published an article in the Church magazine about the process of learning to read titled, "Black Marks Your Eye Can Pick Off the Page"]

June is having quite a time with bursitis in her shoulder and typing all day at the office doesn't help it. Well, did I tell you that I won a prize for being the oldest woman with the most grandchildren at the stake party? The prize was a little book on "How to Keep Well."

Well it is about mail time, so I will seal this and get it sent. Love to all, Mother

May 11, 1972

Dear Mother & Dad,

I guess it's appropriate that Mother's Day and Dad's birthday come on the same day. I can remember several times of this happening. We surely hope you are both feeling well for the occasion.

We are all well here. thanks for the birthday card you sent me. Also, I think I failed to thank you before for the book by Thoreau that you sent me for Christmas. We surely had a nice visit with you when we were there. Happy "Days" to both of you. Love, Perry

July 13, 1972

Dear Gene and family,

I'm sending Harriet and Renee a small gift. I'd hoped to get something for them before I left, but we left earlier from Pat's and didn't get a chance to do it. How is your mother doing? I hated so bad to leave so soon, but I felt like I just had to on Art's account. I went to Disneyland and to the ocean on Wednesday and Saturday.

Marian with baby Christopher born June 22, 1972,
Sacramento, CA.  Cherylen holds up her brother, David
while cousin Laura takes care of her Bear-Bear
We enjoyed every minute of the time I was with you all and would have liked to have stayed longer. Seemed like you homes were so far away from each other. I thought before I left home that I could get on a bus and go any place I wanted to, but no bus system in New Hall connects us to each town. But we enjoyed everyone so much. You were good, and Perry too, and Pierce to take care of us. I loved you all for it. You have such a nice family. I wish I could have seen Marian and her family. But maybe again sometime before I get too aged and crippled up.

Poor sister Leora. She just couldn't understand it all, but I was glad to see her once again. I haven't been down to see Leola but will as soon as I can get rested up. I didn't tell her I was going to see Leora for she'd been like your mother--she'd have wanted to have gone along and would have worried about it. She is doing fine they say, and I'm so glad about it.

Your Uncle Arthur gets very forgetful anymore but not too bad. He still drives down town and out to the boy's home in the country. He's going on 84 years. It's awful to get old especially not being able to walk very long or be on one's legs. But some others are worse off then we are so we should be thankful that we can get around as well as we do.

Gene, don't forget your promise to visit us now. We'll be waiting for that day to come. It's been a long
Charlotte & Scott
time since you've been with us hasn't it? Thank you so much for your hospitality and your driving us around. It was so nice of you. Pierce and Mona too were so kind and good to us. We enjoyed everyone so very much--even Linda's in-laws--she was so nice. Give my love to your mother and god bless everyone of you and your family. They were so nice and those dear grandchildren--don't we love our grandchildren.

Well, must close and get to bed. Love from Aunt Minnie and Uncle Arthur

August 27, 1972

Dear Mother,

It seems like a long time since we have written each other, doesn't it? But I surely haven't forgotten you. In fact just now I looked at the clock and saw that I had an hour before church. As I thought about what could be the most useful thing I could do in that time, I was struck with the thought that I should write a letter to you and Dad. Then I quickly realized that your birthday was coming this week.

We are going over to Dale's and Carol's after lunch for a birthday supper with Dale. Do you remember how he wanted to celebrate his birthday with you when he was little? I think he would like to again. He has been trying to figure out a way to get up there. He would surely like you to meet his little Charlotte and Scott. But now he has the full responsibility of a family and so I guess it has to be postponed for another summer. He wants to get back into school and had to register on the 30th, which interfered with his planned vacation time.

Renee and Harriet are leaving tomorrow to return to BYU. I hope they will be able to get up to see you sometime this fall. Marian and Warren are already there. Jan will be home in just 3 weeks. It's like looking toward Christmas as a child.

How are you and Dad feeling? It would surely be nice to see you but it doesn't look likely this summer. We'll have to let our children carry our greetings. But for now it's Happy Birthday! Love, Perry

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