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Jan Returns & Baby Jesse is Born

Jan's home from his mission to Bolivia
September 21, 1972

Dear Perry & all,

Writing to you has been on my mind for some time, but I get side-tracked too often. Yesterday we went with Hazel and Walter and Hope to Provo where they held the Goodrich Reunion. It was a good spot in the park, and there we found Renee and Harriet and Marian and children. We had a very good visit with the girls.

I should tell you about my birthday cake. One Saturday they came from Provo and brought a gingerbread house all decorated with white icing, like melting snow, all dripping down the eves and colored dot candies marking the window, doorway and chimney. It was so beautiful and funny, I had to go and call the neighbors in. Part of it is still in existence. I hated to dismantle it, but Floyd and his family called on us, and I had to pick off some of the most inconspicuous candies for the children.

Yesterday at the park, a Brother Johnson who is the husband of Venna Goodrich, and is president of the Granger Stake talked to us--Pa and me--about what a fine man Alan Mangum is. Alan is a bishop and teaches school. He told us that Alan is such a worker and a very good school teacher and a good bishop. I told him that Alan had a good wife too who was able to help him.

I hope we get to see Jan when he gets back. Renee says she thinks he can't get off here in Salt Lake City. Venice's boy, Kent, goes soon on a mission to a Japanese location. Kent has really done things to make his family proud of him. He has saved his own money for this mission, and he was wanted as manager of a Safeway store out there. He sang a good song yesterday at the program.

Well, I will close for now.

Later: So many things come along to take my time and attention. It is still good weather. Has anyone told you about Grant? He had his operation for "chest hernia." He has had quite a time, but Hope told us yesterday he is feeling better. He went to Richfield recently to sell his home there. Everything, he said, was in such bad condition he phoned to Hope for her and Nelson to come and help. They repainted and cleaned everything and finally sold it.

They are planning on buying the old Williams home in Spanish Fork. Nelson doesn't seem to get anyone for a wife yet. He seems content to go along with once in awhile a date with someone. He told us this recently about going to the wedding reception of one of his old "flames." the mother of the bride, when Nelson came along to offer congratulations, threw her arms around Nelson's neck, broke down and cried. She had always favored Nelson, but her daughter was unpredictable and was always playing games. I wish Nelson could find some good, dependable person.

Hazel was voted in as president of the Goodrich Association, much to her dismay. She has so many things already to do and teaches school too.

Uncle Jan brought Cherylen & Laura ponchos from Bolivia
Well, I have told most of the important news items I believe. We hire two neighbor boys to cut and carry away the grass, and they should come today. We told them not to come Saturday as we would be gone. Tell Dale and family hello, and Linda and hers. Thank Linda for the pictures, and I plan to write before I get many years older. It would be good to see them all. I can't quit thinking of Marian's little girl who when she was here was so full of life, and at the reunion the other day was sitting by her mother--just a perfect little lady.

I will close hoping to hear from you again--not too long in the future and hoping we will get to see Jan. Love and best wishes to all, Mother and Dad

October 4, 1972

Dear Mother and Dad,

It seems that my handwriting is getting worse and worse so I try to type as much as I can. It was surely nice to get your nice letter. I had just been thinking how long it had been since I had heard from you. then when we got the letter, it was a nice surprise.

It is so wonderful to have Jan home with us for a little while. We have surely been doing a lot of talking. We stay up and talk and talk. Of course he has a lot of film slides to show us too, so we have been getting filled in on his two years absence gradually.

He surely wants to see you. He is flying up to Provo with some friends this Friday the 6th. He wants to attend a missionary reunion there that night. He will spend some time with his sisters in Provo, but of course he plans to come up and see you before school starts so you can plan to be seeing him soon.

I have a different job this year. I am supervising all of the reading specialists in the school district. I find it quite exciting up to the present. I am trying to bring a number of new and innovative ideas and have a number of people quite interested in them. Hazel will probably be interested in this. I really hope I can bring them off the way I have planned.

With conference coming up this next week we will especially be thinking of you because we know where you folks will be. We wish we could drop in and see you. How are all of you up there? I haven't heard from Hope or June for quite awhile. I surely hope you, Mother, and Dad can keep well this winter. I surely hope you will write us and let us know how you are. Love, Perry

November 24, 1972

Dear Perry & all,

We were so glad to get your letter telling of your plans for the holiday, so I will tell you what we did. Floyd asked us out there. Lorin was there too. Sharon had a real feast cooked, and we brought some of it home with us for today. They had a real nice turkey with dressing, plus a chicken. So they sent the chicken home with us, plus a pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Floyd has finally got his home finished and furnished. Lorin seems to be doing well.

Hope asked us up there, but we had already promised Floyd. She had June, and Hazel and Walter. Grant has been having a real bad time with an infected ear. He has had to get a doctor's help. Kerry Dee and wife came to see us. They have a nice little girl, and they all seem happy. Lorin seemed well and happy. He has been in Colorado all summer with Gene and family. His children surprised him by fixing up his house during the summer for his return. They even put pretty carpeting on the floor. All in all, we had a real good day and we are both well. Love, Mother & Dad

Jesse at birth
December 4, 1972

Dear Mother & Dad,

It was good to hear from you and to know that you had such a nice Thanksgiving. Last Wednesday Linda gave birth to a baby boy--Jesse Manwaring Hartman. Everything seemed to be just perfect. Linda didn't require any anesthetic and no stitches. The baby seemed to be in excellent condition. Then the next day he began gasping for breath and breathing rapidly.

At first they thought it was a lung infection. Then they discovered it was a heart defect. He has been under oxygen ever since then and is under constant observation. They will be taking some tests within the next few days to determine if they should go in for surgery or not. If they can get it to correct itself enough, they may wait and operate when he is about six or so.

Needless to say, this is all been quite sad for us. We would certainly appreciate your prayers in his behalf and in behalf of Linda and Eric. He has been placed in special care in a hospital in Pasadena and Linda travels out there twice a day just to hold and feed the baby. She certainly shows beautiful strength and courage and so does Eric. Eric was really looking forward for this baby and was really hoping it would be another boy.

I know it would mean a great deal to them if you could drop them a few lines. I am sure you would know what to say. Meanwhile we are fasting and praying as are the others in Provo. That is all we can do right now, but we can do that and although it is the most we can do, it may not be a small thing. "The prayers of a righteous man availeth much," as the scriptures say.

Other than this, we are all well, and we are looking for the return of all of our family for Christmas. But they all had a good time together at Marian's on Thanksgiving. Please call the others in Salt Lake and let them know about little Jesse. Love, Perry

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