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Family Matters

January 16, 1973

Dear Perry and Gene,

We have been wondering how Linda's baby is. We hope it is gaining and improving in health.

You wanted to know about Mother writing a life story. Shortly after they moved into 1190 Elgin Avenue, they went to Richfield and stayed a few weeks. Hope and June wrote and typed what they told to them. Hope had it printed and she said she thought you and all your children got one of them. However, if you didn't, she has one for you, so let her know.

Sunshine Ranch grove of trees where Elmer prayed for a son
Also Mother wrote a short history when Grant 4th Ward was publishing a few life stories. I believe I have a copy of it which I'll send if you want it. I can have it xeroxed so let me know. That is all I know about. Last summer I wrote down a few things she told me about her parents and grandparents. I can also send those too. They're just short pages of things as she told them. If you want those, I'll be glad to get them in shape.

I've never written so many letters before as I have these last few months trying to get the Goodrichs organized. It's a slow uphill battle. The indifference and procrastination of the people is something indeed. And you know me, how I like to have things move if I am responsible. I'll send two sheets showing some plans and a little progress.

Walter and I had a real good trip at Christmas time. David, Barbie and Michael met us in Norfolk. We spent Christmas Day with them. The next day he took us to Jamestown and Williamsburg. It was wonderful to see and hear the beginnings of our nation. Williamsburg has been restored as it was before the Revolution. We really felt the spirit of the great ones such as Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson.

The next day we spent a very interesting time in Washington D.C. Then David and family went back home and we went on to Milwaukee. One of Walter's friends took us to see Lee Roberts, our cousin. He used to live in Roosevelt, son of Elmer Roberts. He's a very good carpenter and seems quite properous. He is very interested in the Goodrich family. He also gave me a book about Duchesne County which was put out by Mildred Dillman. He showed me where my picture was in it as a teacher, and I didn't know it. His parents were divorced and his mother has been completely crippled for over 20 years. It was quite refreshing to find someone so family conscious and so concerned. Perhaps the tragedy in his own family made him realize the importance of love and unity.

The whole trip was wonderful and it seemed incredible that we could go across the country so fast. Mostly we were flying above the clouds, but sometimes we could see through to mountain, rivers, plains, or city lights.

I read the book you sent to Dad and Mother and it was delightful. I have a nice history of Grandma Goodrich's brother George Henry Taggart. It cost $7.00, but if you want one, I imagine Scott Taggart has some more. Love, Hazel and Walter

Family gathering in Claremont, CA, August 1973
February 11, 1973

Dear Mother and Dad,

It has been quite some time since I wrote to you. I do hope all is well with you still. We are having a lot of rain now so I suppose you are getting more snow and you already had more than enough.

The other night I got out those life stories that you told to Hope while you were visiting with her in Richfield. They were surely interesting and some of them brought back many memories. Of course it made me appreciate you too even more intensely. It is surely good to read about our ancestors and what they did to make the way for us. I became particularly interested in that when Hazel sent me a copy of the Goodrich stories. I was so impressed that I gave all of the children copies for Christmas. We also included some stories Gene has collected on the Fasts. I wish I could get more on the Manwarings. I do recall reading a brief autobiography of Herbert Manwaring. Is that all we have?

We expect to come up for spring vacation again--April 15-21. However, Gene may come up with Linda, Eric and children March 19th. They surely want their children to meet Grandma and Grandpa Manwaring.

We are all well except for minor bouts with flu. It doesn't seem minor when you're having it, but now that we are recovered, we can see loftier things to think about. I hope we can hear from you soon. Love, Perry

March 5, 1974

Dear Perry,

As I look out, I see a foot of new snow and a huge snowman across the street and little children playing in the snow. Do you remember telling us once how Linda and Marian (a long time ago) hurried and gathered the snow from a neighbor's car which had come from a higher elevation and carried to your own yard to make a small snowman? This has been quite a storm, and you folks should have had some of it. But the sun is shining now and the day is nice.

That was quite an experience for all of you when Linda's baby was born, and we hope all is well now, and we were so glad to hear that the little boy's heart is perfectly normal now. Your father is quite pleased with the name. You spoke of your descendants. You know it seemed for awhile that the name "Manwaring" might die out as far as we were concerned. Your father was feeling a little left out because we had five girls and no boys.

Grandma Manwaring was down to our place, and she said "Well, doesn't your patriarchal blessing say you will have a posterity that will hear your name in honor? Your girls will hear some other name." Then after that, you were born. So now Dale and Jan will carry on the name.

Jan and his girlfriend were here some time ago and invited us to be present, if we can, to their forthcoming marriage in the Provo Temple in July, I believe. (Dad says Salt Lake Temple.) I have had quite a time with nose bleeds. I hardly dare to clear my throat. Dr. Davis didn't do anything for me--said my nose had been cauterized several times and to do some other things, etc. etc. such as keep a pan of water boiling on the stove to keep moisture in the room and of course, "don't irritate my nose."

Hazel comes and does things and takes our laundry. Our washer wore out, but I could still do a lot of it by hand. Hazel thinks the young generation is a selfish lot. Anyway "her school children are."

Next day: Well, the world is still white. The roads are clear though, and we are feeling ok. We have had quite a wind. Hazel said it was taking the shingles off from their house. She says the wind has more force at their location where it comes down those mountain slopes.

Grant came down several days ago to see his doctor and took me to the grocery store. He is not feeling very well. Well, I had better get this in the mail. Love, Dad and Mother

P.S. Did you read in the paper of the death of John Goodrich, my brother? Ruth and Arvil came here and told us about the funeral.

Perry's sister, Venice and husband, Arizona Temple
for the wedding of Venice and Alvin's son, Dale
August 29, 1973

Dear Mother,

Just a birthday wish. We surely hope you have a happy day. I suppose Venice told you we went to Mesa for the marriage and reception of Dale [Bascom]. It was a very pleasant trip and visit. Jan enjoyed it too.

We just said goodbye to Jan, Renee and Harriet this morning for BYU. It's rather quiet here now, especially since Marian with her three have gone to stay for a couple of days with a friend. She is here while Warren is finishing up his military assignment and getting them relocated in Ukiah, California. (That is an area somewhat near Sacrament.) He has graduated now and has a job there. We are surely glad for them.

We had a combined birthday party at our home for Harriet, Dale and Tina Hartman. It was pleasant. If you had been here, we could have included you. This was the first time we have had all of our children together in three years. Best of wishes. We surely love you. Perry

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