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Grateful for Family Near & Far

Leona & Elmer Manwaring
January 5, 1976

Dear Perry & All,

The mail has come and gone but this can go tomorrow I hope. I have just been reading your letter over again and thinking of Christmases past and thinking of what it still means to us. Although it is really not our Savior's birthday, it is still a wonderful time.

We received a lot of Christmas cards and Hazel took care of most of them for me. We have had a visit from Grant and Hope recently (a short one) and he is still suffering from that hernia operation of long ago. Nelson called one day and played our organ a short time.

We get a lot of satisfaction from our nice carpet and compliments too, and I still like to play a few tunes on the organ. June sent us the "New Era" and the "Ideals" Christmas issue, and they are so interesting. I am glad I can still see to read with glasses. There is a lot to read about and to think about since this is the Bi-Centennial. On the last issue is the Goddess of Liberty with her raised arm, holding the lighted lamp. I am thankful for having had the privilege of seeing that statue in the New York Harbor when Grant and Hope took us back to get Nelson on his return home from his mission.

We have quite a bit of snow, but the roads are kept clear. I shoveled and swept a path to the gate. Mrs. Sperry came once with her snow blower and cleared the path to the garage. Looking out at the snow, I am reminded that your grandchildren don't see a "field of white."

Dad often laughs at the time you rode on the merry-go-round and got so dizzy and sick and wanted to "go home to Momma." Being sick and dizzy is not so funny either. I am very thankful for my health, and Dad feels ok most of the time, but he is so nearly blind it makes him rather helpless and dependent on me or somebody. Ruth and Arvel Stone came recently. We are glad they come once in a while. Ruth and I are the last ones living of the thirty-two children of our father.

Well there is a lot to think about and read about. We were glad to see Linda and Eric and children, and I enjoy seeing the picture of Marian's children on our organ. It brings a smile and wish we could all see each other more often. Well tell everybody hello, and I will get this in the mail. We hope you are all well and can have a good and happy new year. Love and best wishes to all, Mother & Dad

Bryan & Wilma Young
Fairview Park, Ohio
January 8, 1976

My Dear Sister Leora,

We have been separated (all of us) all our lives (almost) but so close in loving thoughts. God has kept us close together in love. I hope you are well and healthy. Wilma and I are fairly well--I can't hear any too well even with an aid. Wilma has had one eye operation (cataract) and now has another one on other eye. My eyes are not what they used to be, but thank the good Lord, with glasses, I can read and get around pretty well.

Minnie called me a week ago and talked to both Wilma and me for several minutes. We were in bed but sure glad to hear her voice. Arthur and she are just fair but up and around. I was so pleased to get your Christmas card and above all your nice picture. That was the nicest present of all. I am enclosing a picture to you of Wilma and me taken recently.

Try to stay well and may the good Lord bless you and keep you is our wish and prayer for you. We are always glad to hear from you. Love to all, Bryan

Perry Manwaring family all together
January 17, 1976

Dear Mother & Dad,

It was good to get your letter, Mother, and to know that all is well with you--your health and all. I wrote you two letters for Christmas. You didn't mention if you received them, but I suppose you did. They may have been a little late in arriving as we had so much company here for the holidays that it was hard to get any letters written. I surely hope you can keep in good health. And I am glad Hazel is there to help look after you. She is certainly competent.

The weather here has been so warm it is just like summer. But I know the rains will have to start soon, and I will get very weary of that because when it starts, it just rains and rains for weeks and weeks. Is it snowing there?

This letter is brief, but I wanted to let you know we are all well and also how much we love and appreciate you. At our high priests' fireside Sunday night, I was asked to speak a few minutes, and I could only talk about my parents and grandparents. I am certainly grateful for you. Much love, Perry

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