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Leona & Elmer Celebrate 65 Years Together

Leona & Elmer celebrate one of many special occasions
August 27, 1975

Dear Mother,

Your birthday is coming this Sunday. Happy birthday! I hope I can be as well as you when I am 87. I wish I could be there but with this distance, all I can do is wish. I shall certainly be thinking of you.

We surely had a lovely time up there this last visit. It was brief but certainly pleasant. And I'm glad I was able to attend the Goodrich reunion. Keep staying well and maintaining that spirit with your little touch of humor. I'm glad Hazel can help you. Love, Perry

August 31, 1975

Dear Perry & All,

I guess I am one year older now, but things go on about the same. We eat three times a day, sleep plenty, try to read the daily paper so we will partially know what goes on in the world. A wind is blowing, and the big trees across the street are swaying back and forth, making one feel that fall is on the way.

Floyd and Sharon came Saturday bringing a beautiful cake. She said, "How old are you, Grandma?" And Floyd said "twenty-one." June came in and handed me a book by Carol Lynn Pearson, "Daughters of Light." Then Walter and Hazel came Sunday and took us out to Sandy where David and Barbara live. They have a real nice home. It was good to have a little get-together when we met on our back lawn and had some fried chicken, etc. The BYU boys and girls were here (that was a week ago.)

Well, I better get this out for the mailman. We hope you are all feeling "fit & fine" and let us hear from you once in a while. Love, Mother & Dad

September 10, 1975

Dear Mother and Dad,

Congratulations on your 65th anniversary! Sunday the 14th. I remember well the story you have told about the long trip by wagon from Vernal to Springville. Then from Springville to Salt Lake by train. On this day I want you to know how much I appreciate all the sacrifices you have made for me and your constant demonstration of love. You have been superb examples. May this day be filled with pleasant memories. Love, Perry

Perry, Gene, Renee & Harriet
October 12, 1975

Dear Mother,

I am certainly glad you had such a good remembrance by so many of your children and grand-children on your sixty-fifth anniversary. It must be a joy to know that so many of your descendants honor you and have such a deep love for you. Truly, I hope you can get some idea of what it means to have "joy in your posterity." They truly do all love you and Dad. I pray that I may have that kind of respect.

We listened to Conference on the radio. It always makes me think a lot of you and Dad. I knew you would be listening too, and it made me feel "at one" with you. The weather here was particularly beautiful at the time, but it has turned real cold the last few days--truly fall weather.

Jan & Cara Lee, Provo, Utah
Gene is up in Provo this weekend to go through some of the homecoming activities with Harriet. Renee is here with me, and we are doing just fine, but it does seem rather empty without Gene. I don't know if she will be able to come and see you--probably not--as her time is so limited and her transportation is limited too. But maybe she can write you about it when she comes back. She is coming back tomorrow.

I am certainly glad to know that you and Dad are both well. I have a prayer for you constantly. I am grateful that Hazel can be there to give you so much assistance. Please let her help you all she can. She wants to, and it is reassuring to us who are so far away to know that somebody so capable as Hazel can come and give you some help.

Yes, Sister Fast is still with us. She is quite well but is failing. We have to give her a lot of assistance.

Best wishes to both of you. Be careful. I hope you won't take any falls. I am grateful every day for parents who have given me such good days of remembering. Love, Perry

December 27, 1975

Dear Mother & Dad,

I recall how Christmas greetings and letters kept arriving all through the holidays when I was a child. I quite liked it, and besides as I view it now, it gives me a good excuse to delay my Christmas letter to you. But then one should not require either deadlines or special occasions to write a letter. That should be dictated by the heart.

I cannot help but recall with thanks the beautiful Christmases you gave me. As we were driving in to Los Angeles last night, the children, those who were riding in my car, started asking questions and I spent most of the time telling about Christmas and life on the farm. We went in to see an opera, which has been made into a movie, "The Magic Flute" by Mozart. It was very good and we all enjoyed it.

All of our children are here this Christmas. This is the first time we have had them all together for Christmas for a long time. We don't know when it will happen again--I'm sure such times will become less frequent as time goes on, so we are enjoying it to the fullest.

We have certainly thought a lot about you this Christmas. Mother, please write and tell us about your Christmas this year even if it was very quiet and all by yourselves. We certainly love you. Please keep yourselves well. We hope you can get through the winter without colds. I am glad that Hazel can be as close as she is and gives you so much help. Love, Perry

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