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It Gives Me Such a Wonderful Feeling to Think You Would Keep My Letters

January 7, 1945

My Dear Sweet Wife,

Today is Sunday and it is on such days that I miss you so much. I keep wondering what you are doing and what we might be doing if I was there with you. Today is also one year since I was sworn in the Navy. It hasn't been a particularly pleasant year, but it was the Navy that brought me to you and for that I am so very thankful. So even though the year has been rather unpleasant in many respects, it has brought me more than any other year in my life.

It is hard to determine just what lies in store for one in each ensuing year, but it usually seems to turn out to bring me much good ultimately. That thought should give us hope. While this year threatens to be our darkest one, it may turn out to be a very happy one for us in the end--or even the best. Oh, let's pray that it might.

Darling, I don't have so very much time tonight as it is soon time for taps. But oh my sweetheart, I think of you constantly and keep thinking what a fortunate man I am to have such a sweet wife. I love you so much. My constant desire is to be able to do that which will make you (and consequently us) the happiest. My fondest love, Perry

January 8, 1945

Rose garden, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, 1945
My dearest husband Perry,

I think I received the sweetest letter that I have ever before received, tonight. Perry, it was your letter of January 3, postmarked the 5th. You do express yourself so well and describe things so well. Darling, you are so sweet and complimentary. It gives me such a wonderful feeling to think you would keep my letters even when you shouldn't. (I know you just don't have enough room.) Oh, Perry, I'm so proud of you and I love you so much. I can hear you asking "Why?" Well, because of the things you say and because of what you are. Perry, you brought tears to my eyes when you told me about enjoying something beautiful. I long so to be with you. How I would have loved sharing that beauty with you. Anyway, you will be able to tell me about it someday. I too pray it might be soon.

Darling, I do hope you have gotten some of my mail by this time. It makes me feel bad that I can receive your mail so regularly and you can't mine. But anyway, I'm glad you had such a nice letter from Emily. Saturday night was Bernie's regular dance program. I went alone, (Ginnie won't go anymore) and had such a nice time. Mark Minor brought me home with several other kids too, Evelyn and Evan and Ord.

Sunday of course was fast Sunday and testimony meeting. It was a beautiful day, and I enjoy church so much. Then I went home with Viola Sorenson and we baked a cake for fireside that evening. It was a Mormon cake made with carrots. Perry, everyone loved it. I'll have to try it out on you sometime. (Do you know something, I like to cook.) Fireside was very interesting--a return missionary, Ellsworth Eldrige--related some of his experiences which were very interesting. Ex-president Muir was the speaker at the evening services Sunday night. He spoke on love and marriage. He is such an interesting speaker.

Virginia went to San Diego with her brothers Sunday to visit their folks down there. I'm working longer hours again now Perry, a 44-hour week from 8:30 to 5:00. I was only working 40 hours before. Oh, Perry, I have some news about our friends--guess! Evelyn is going to marry Alden. He is in Arizona now working with his brothers, expects to be gone about a month. He writes Evelyn every day, and she does likewise. She finds that she is really missing him. When he comes back, he will join her in Seattle, Washington. They'll be married in the temple after that. Isn't it wonderful?

We have another V-mail from Pierce today. He reports that he is safe and well--doesn't say much more--he sure is a guy of few words. Ha. Perry, last night I went over to Verna Johnson's with Evelyn. She is finishing out Alden's voice lessons. I think I shall take a few lessons myself. She is such a good teacher. Anyway, I can find out what kind of a voice I have. What do you think? She gives lessons every Monday night, 45 minutes, $5.00 per month.

Gene's friend, Lewis, a doll maker and gift shop owner
While I was over at the Sorenson's house Sunday afternoon, I saw some pretty little figurines (unfinished) which Lewis has had for a long time. I admired them and he said I could have them. He would have thrown them out otherwise. He said I should come over and finish painting them and take them home. There are 4--it's a figure of a little boy in pajamas kneeling by a chair saying his prayers. I'm going to send one or two to your sisters as I have promised them something and think they will like these.

Your dear little nephew Floyd wrote me such a sweet letter, Perry, thanking me for the candy I sent for Christmas. He told me what he got for Christmas, some books and some new ice skates, etc. Said to be sure and tell Uncle Perry hello. I really enjoyed the letter. I love your folks, Perry. Must write your mother and father again soon.

Must close and mail this now, darling. I pray each night for your safety and that you might return to me soon and in His care. I love you, Perry. Your own wife, Gene

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