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My Darling Husband, I Am Wondering Where You Are Tonight

Gene (bottom left) with Adams Ward friends
January 5, 1945

Dearest Perry,
This letter won't be as long as last night's letter, but I do have several things to write you about. Something interesting seems to happen most every day and I always want to tell you about it. I received two sweet letters today, one from Hope and the other from June. They told me about their happy Christmas and were so glad we had ours together here the week before Christmas. Of course, I have told them since about our 2nd Christmas.

The Navy allotment check also came today for December. I'm going to put it in the bank right away. My darling husband, I am wondering where you are tonight. Has that ship taken you far from me or are you near by? Will it be long till I see you again? Oh, I know you can't answer these questions, but these are just my thoughts.

Tonight after work Evelyn and I went to see Deanna Durbin's new picture, "Can't Help Singing." Perry, it was filmed in Utah. It was in technicolor and was so beautiful--the trees and the mountains and all. There wasn't much of a story however, but the music was pretty. Hope you get to see it. Utah surely is a beautiful state. I really want to live there Perry.

Dick Tucker, the fellow I was telling you about in my last letter, took Ginnie out to dinner tonight. He really likes her and I think she likes him too. I hope it turns into love for them for it would be good for her. He bought her a little gardenia corsage. It reminds me of the night you and I went to Chinatown. Remember the little tiny heart with the anchor on it you got for my bracelet. It's on the bracelet now, Perry, and I love it best of all cause it represents you.

Saturday morning. I was so tired last night I couldn't finish. I dreamed about you. You came home, but you had a Marine's uniform on. Isn't that funny? But I loved you the same. It was such a happy dream. I woke up right after that and was so disappointed. Oh Perry, there's a new popular song out. Everyone is singing it. It has the best words: "You gotta ack-sen-tuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, don't mess with Mr. In-be-tween."

Guess I better close here and write you again tomorrow honey. Tonight I will go over to the ward again. It's the regular Saturday evening dance program, and the kids will all be there. Oh, I almost forgot, we received another wedding gift, Perry, from my Uncle (Doc) Harry and Aunt Luella Fast. It's a luncheon set. I'm sure getting well supplied in those. I love you Perry, your wife, Gene.

January 6, 1945

My Darling Wife,

I received the sweetest letter from you yesterday. I have been reading it over and over. I hope I'll get a lot more from you soon. The mail just can't travel fast enough to suit me. Please always pour your heart out to me and withhold nothing. I love you so much I want to, as you said once before, "share every thought with you," even though I am thousands of miles away from you. I keep looking at all of the pictures I have of you and reminiscing of the times we were together when they were taken. I hope you will send me a few more snapshots from time to time if you are able to get films.

It's so warm and hot. I'll probably be plenty brawny and tan when I see you again. I'll even make your tan look "lilly white." Then I'll probably be wanting to go to the beach and show it off. I keep dreaming of those days when we can spend all of our time together and we can go places we want to go and when we want to go. That is the only thing I have to keep my morale up. But then it isn't good to dream too much as it becomes rather aggravating seeing we are so far away. But then we must do more than just dream. Now that we are away from each other we should save our money and make our plans, so we will be able to work our plans when we are together again.

I think I'll send for a correspondence course to give me something to work at in some of my spare time and keep my mind from stagnating. It will also help if I go back to college again, as I will get college credit for it. Probably something along a literature line, something I would enjoy at the same time. I think if I can keep my time filled as much as possible with interesting things to do it will make the time pass much faster and keep us from becoming despondent until we are together again.

I also want to brush up on my scriptures and church studies, so I can be "hep" on that when I come home. And of course my first responsibility will be to write my wife every day if at all possible. That sounds like a pretty full schedule, doesn't it?

Where are Dick and Pierce now? Did I tell you I got a very nice letter from Emily? Well sweetheart, I think I had better go take a shower before I turn in, so I will be thinking and dreaming about you. Lovingly Yours, Perry

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