Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Well, darling, my thoughts are always of you.

The Oahu Stake Tabernacle in Hawaii where Perry got
to go to a church service while on leave. This is the
"something beautiful" Perry mentioned in a
previous letter that he wished to share with Gene.
January 8, 1945

My Dearest Gene,

I not only love you for what I am when I am with you, as my card said, but for what I am when I am away from you as well. Your light and influence not only affects me when we are together, but reaches much farther than that and gives me inspiration and determination even when we are far apart. I am sure I even feel the power and influence of your faith and prayers. I hope that I might be able to do even partly as much for you.

Gene, I sometimes wonder if you will get tired of me pouring out my heart and soul to you like that. Or perhaps I might say it so much that you will begin to think me insincere and the true meaning of my real feelings will be lost under so many extravagant adjectives and phrases. Tell me darling please, because I want my words to always mean just what they say and to always have the same value they had when I first started going with you and you said one of the reasons you liked me was because of my sincerity (even though I did lack some of the qualities of an expert conversationalist.)

How is everyone back there now? How are your mother and father, and how is your father's stomach? They have surely been swell to me. I really feel very indebted to them. I wish I could do something for them, but it seems I am so helpless, especially now.

Darling, I am enclosing the pictures you wanted. It is things like that that makes me want to be with you so much. Let me know if you get them, okay. Also enclosed is all my love. It is so much you will probably have to pay freight to get it out of the post office. Forever Yours, Perry
The Oahu Stake Center was dedicated August 17, 1941, less
than four months before Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, but
miraculously it escaped any damage during the attack.

January 9, 1945

My Sweetheart and Wife,

It is one month from tomorrow before it will be your birthday, but mail travels so slowly that I am sending your birthday present now so you will be sure and have it for your birthday. Let me know if it arrives safely and on time and how long it took. It is a small package so I am sending it airmail. I surely wish I could be there to deliver it to you personally, but there are a lot of things we will have to wait for. There is so much I want to do for my wife to make her happy and make her love me even more.

Darling, it is becoming rather difficult to write without ever hearing from you. I suppose you have the same problem, but soon I hope to have a whole stack from you, then that should provide me with material to write about as well as inspiration to last me for quite a while again.

I've written letters to Martie and Lee and Kathy thanking them for what they did for us. They surely treated us swell and made it an occasion for which we will always remember and be thankful. All of your family and relatives have surely been good to us and I like them all very much. I can hardly wait for the day when you can meet all of my folks and we can "sponge" on them a little to get even (ha ha). I know you will like them all and they you.

How are Alden and Evelyn coming along now. Has he persuaded her to take the step as yet? Well, darling, my thoughts are always of you. I love you, Perry

January 10, 1945

My Dearest Perry,

I do hope by this time you have received some of my letters, darling, for I have received four of yours already. I'm so glad you can write often Perry. Your letters mean so much to me. Reading your letters and writing to you is almost like having you with me for that short while. Oh, Perry, my thoughts are ever with you. I wonder where you are, how far away, and what you are doing. Do you have much time to read? Are you receiving the Era yet? If you have been in Hawaii, can't you tell me about it after you leave the island? Won't they let you describe scenery or anything?

Oh, darling, I am so anxious to know where you are and where you are going. How long till you are here with me again to take me with you to Utah. When will I see you again? I don't know if my letter is very coherent or not, but Perry, my thoughts are all of you. I have been staying all night with Evelyn the past three nights. She asked me if I would after she had had several bad sleepless and nightmarish dreams and nights alone in her big room. She has about gotten over it now however. Think she plans on going home to visit her mother awhile soon before she sees Alden.

Darling, I haven't written much tonight. I'll write you tomorrow though. Would you like me to send you some news clippings from the paper? Or do you get news? How would you like some more candy or maybe cookies? I'll make some more--I love to for you. I love you Perry. Your devoted wife, Gene

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