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You Know, Honey, You Are Really Cute

January 1, 1945 (Monday at home)

My Dearest Perry,

It's the first day of the new year already. Oh Perry, wish you could have been here this past weekend. Saturday night Ginnie and I went over to the stake dance and danced with the Adams crowd. Had a pretty good time considering. Then last night we had fireside at the Kopp's home and after the meeting we had a wonderful New Year's party.  That's when I missed you the very most. When I see all of those couples it makes me want to be with you so much.

Mary Watts was there with Dean Curtis, Evelyn and Alden, Lois Moler and Earl Sponcellar, Spence Osborn and Avenelle Richards, and that German girl Ann with her fiancee (you know her) they announced their engagement last night. He is a Santa Ana cadet. I think there were about 50 or 60 kids there last night. They had a buffet supper. The sextet sang. We all had horns and funny little hats, confetti, etc. and when 12:00 pm came upon us, there never was such a noise before--everyone hollering and blowing those horns. Then they sang "Auld Lang Syne."

Then it was Monday morning so they played some dance records and most everyone danced. But it didn't stop there. Everyone piled into cars (about 4 or 5) and we all went downtown to a midnight show. We saw that picture of Judy Garland's "Meet Me in St. Louis." It was a wonderful show. Oh, Perry, sweetheart what were you doing last night? My thoughts were with you every minute. When will I see you again? I pray that it might be soon.

Today was Daddy's birthday. I gave him a real cute card. He really enjoyed himself today--took a walk with Mother and wrote some letters. I wrote your mother and father when I came home from San Diego, then wrote your sisters Hazel, Hope and June too and thanked them for that pretty slip. Did you get their package Perry? I don't remember if you told me or not.

Perry, I can't find a little coin purse with a zipper. But I got one that looks pretty good to me. I will send it to you. Tell me if you like it or not. We finally heard from Pierce. It was a wonderful letter. He is still in Holland. Says the food is so good and that he has such a big appetite. He must be gaining weight. Says he has not been or heard of any LDS meeting until just the other day. Not far from him there is an LDS chaplain who holds meetings quite often. He was so glad to hear of that. Says it's terrible to hear the language, etc. of the fellows around him day in and day out. It must be awful. He sent Mother $100 to put in the bank. Can't spend much over there. Wants to come home soon as anything and finish his schooling.

It makes me think of our future Perry. I want you to go back to college too. Darling, I have gone to the bank finally and changed my name. I feel so much better about it now. It's ours now, Perry, and the checks I put in the bank will be for our future use only. I'm not going to draw out any of it. It's for your education and our little home that I know we'll have someday when you take me to Utah. I pray the time will not be long, Perry, for I want our future now. I want our children too.

I must learn to have patience to wait. I know the Lord is with us, guiding us. But I love you so much and miss you so Perry. Your devoted wife, Gene
Gene with her brother, Pierce

Jan. 1, 1945

My Darling Wife,

Well here it is New Years Day, and the beginning of a new year. Hope it has been more exciting for you than it has for me. I have to stop and think about it or I can hardly realize it is New Years Day. I surely hope I might be able to spend the next one with my lovely wife. I can hardly wait until I get a letter from you, but I suppose I will hear from you before you do me. I hope you don't feel too blue and lonesome and shed too many tears.

Gene, would you inquire from Bishop Grant if my church ward recommends have been sent there yet. I've been confused as I didn't know where to make my final tithing settlement. I still have December's tithing left to pay.

Do you still go to chorus practice and what songs are you practicing now? I hope you will take in all the activities you can. It will help to keep things interesting for you, make time pass, and keep you from becoming blue and despondent. Is Virginia still with you and is she planning to stay with you? If so, that will probably make it better for both of you. Is she still taking in the church activities and liking it? She really needs that because I think she has really been lacking in the right kind of social life.

Do you still have your bid in for an apartment if it should open up? If something should open up, you and Virginia could live together and you could get some of our things out of your mother's way as I know it must be crowding her up quite a bit.

Guess this letter sounds kinda "businessy" but golly guess I've got to sound a little bit like a husband haven't I? Just wait until we can be together permanently and then I will really be business like and boy I sure will make you "toe the line." Oh, that will really be fun and you know, I even think you will like it. I get a kick out of you when you say, "I don't order you around enough." You know, honey, you are really "cute" and I surely do love you.

Every once in a while I get to thinking of some of the time we were together and I just get tickled all over. Like the time in San Diego when we were waiting in line for the show. You were so pretty and "cute" that I almost enjoyed the standing in line more than the show. (I couldn't see you in the show.) That is really something for a man who has spent nearly half of his time the last year standing in lines to say he could ever enjoy it. I hope you will take all the drudgery out of my life that well.

Well, sweetheart, I must close. I've got to save something to write about tomorrow night. Your loving husband, Perry

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