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I love you for always and always

January 13, 1945 (Our third month anniversary.)

My dearest Perry,

Here it is another weekend, time flies by. It will soon be a month since I've seen you. Oh my darling, how I miss you. When will you come back? I find myself hoping I'll be with child this month. I'm so lonely. If I were to have a child, I know it would help me Perry. I would have a little of you here with me to hold in my arms. Is it wrong to pray for this, Perry. [As Perry and Gene's first child, I wasn't born for two more years, so she had to wait a little longer for this wish to come true.]
Perry & Gene with first two children, Linda and Marian,
1951, Salt Lake City, Utah

I had a sweet letter from your father yesterday, darling. They miss you too and think of you always. He wants all of us to make tomorrow, Sunday, a special fast day. It's for you, sweetheart. We are also remembering Grant in our prayers. Oh, I long to meet your folks, Perry. I think they are wonderful.

I plan on going over to the ward tonight to join the crowd. I do have fun dancing and mixing in with the kids, but Perry, I miss you there too. Of course there are a few like me, but most of the kids seem to have a partner. I have a partner too--the best one in the whole world--but he is so far away. My heart is always with you, Perry.

We've been married three months, Perry. I'm so glad we married when we did, darling. I know I would be much more lonely and a very sad thing if I did not have you, dear husband, to dream and plan for. How wonderful it is being married to you. I love you, Perry. I love you for always and always. May our dear Father in Heaven ever protect us and guide us and bring us together soon is my constant prayer. Amen. Your wife, Gene

January 14, 1945 Sunday eve.

Dearest husband Perry,

I fasted today and in my humbleness I spoke to my Heavenly Father of the things closest to my heart. Such a comforting and peaceful feeling has come to me and I know my prayers are being answered.
Last night I read most everything in the January Improvement Era. I get so much good from reading in the LDS magazine.
Perry & Gene with all of their six children, 1959, LA, Calif.

Well, darling, you can relax. Yesterday I was really hoping that maybe I could be with child. But before I could give it much thought, the usual monthly thing happened today, very naturally, but a few days early. Perry, you may laugh, but I was very disappointed. Darling, you don't know how much I want a child--your child. Our Father in Heaven is with us tho and ever guiding us. So I am comforted and know that my children will come later.

Today was a beautiful day, warm and bright. I enjoyed church so much. The chorus sang tonight. We sang "Ye Simple Souls Who Stray" and "Thanks Be to God"--this one is beautiful. I like it so much. This afternoon I stayed in reading most of the time The Book of Mormon, but I took a nap too for I felt kind of droopy.

Tomorrow starts another day of work. I like my office job better than any I've ever had, but Perry, I only want it as long as you are away. When you come back, I want to quit that kind of work and be with you. Tomorrow evening I'm going over to Verna Johnson's house and see if she can test my voice and give me some lessons. I really don't know if I should spend the time and money or not. Guess I should be taking piano lessons instead.

I must write a couple of thank you notes to two girlfriends and write your folks before retiring. I hope I hear from you soon, sweetheart. I miss you so. I love you, Perry, always and always. You are ever uppermost in my thoughts, Perry, every minute every day. Your devoted wife, Gene

January 15, 1945

My Dearest Darling,

This letter is partly to try and redeem myself from the last letter I wrote. Guess I get sort of moody at times when I am away from you for so long.  Strange, I don't have anything particular to write about and yet I feel like writing. Guess it's just because I want to be near you and writing to you is the best substitute there is to actually being with you. Guess it's sort of like when I first started going with you. I wasn't a very good conversationalist and didn't have much to talk about to interest you, and yet I wanted to be with you all the time. Later when I knew you better, I didn't worry about what to say, it just all came very natural. That's the way it is now, I just feel like writing what comes in my mind, sort of like talking to you.

Golly, honey, you are the foremost thing in my mind all the time. Last night in particular, I had the 12-04 watch, and you were so much on my mind. I would just keep thinking about you on different occasions and then a big smile would creep on my face and I would say aloud, "Oh! I love her so much!" Then I would think of some of the other things about you and it would almost make tears come to my eyes, tears of joy and thanksgiving.

Oh, Gene, sometimes you are so "cute" and sweet and other times so serious and reserved--always just right for the occasion. You surely do seem to have a versatile personality. Guess that is why I married you. I spend quite a lot of my time thinking and making plans for us after the war. It isn't idle thinking of the daydream type, but really constructive planning. Oh, pray that the day will come soon when we can plan together and work them out together. The first thing we want to do is head for Utah and the temple, isn't it?

I'm hoping we will get some mail on board tomorrow, and I hope I have a whole stack of letters from you. Well, say goodnight for now, sweetheart. Your affectionate husband, Perry

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