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I'm sorry I can't tell you even where I have been

Gene with her Brownie camera
January 25, 1945 (lunchtime)

Dearest Perry,

I wanted to write you last night but several other things happened instead. Evelyn and Alden came over and I gave them a gift from the women of our office. It was a sheet and two pillow cases. They were quite thrilled as it was their first wedding present. I think I'll get them a bath towel set as our gift to them, Perry. They are leaving today for Arizona and will be married tomorrow morning in the Mesa Temple. How I wish you and I could be doing the same thing.

Then they took me over to her place to pick up some things I left there. On the way over, we saw red reflections in the sky, and I said it looked like a fire. Alden said, "Let's go!" So we drove out Adams (in his brother's car) to the fire. It was a garage on fire out near Western. It burned to the ground. It was really quite a big bonfire. Several fire departments were called out. Well, that was quite exciting. Then they brought me home again.

I was very tired last night, but before I went to bed, mother read about 3 sections or chapters from the "Signs of the Times." No, it was something else like that--I can't think of the name--something "Warnings." Anyway, it was all about the leading up to the Millennium and described the things that would happen during that time and after. Oh, it was so interesting, Perry. I just love to hear and read about it. I surely would like to be here during the thousand years of peace. What a wonderful experience that would be.

Tonight I must wash my hair and write Emily a letter. If I hear from my darling tonight I shall write you too. I think I write my best letters to you just after I have received one from you. Guess that's the way it is with you too. I've just been paid today. Must pay my tithing and put some in the bank. Perry, please tell me if you need anything. I love you my dearest husband. Your devoted wife, Gene

Gene with her mother,
Leora Fast
January 26, 1945 (lunchtime)

Dearest husband Perry,

I received another sweet letter from you. Mother brought it down to me yesterday. It was your letter of the 19th postmarked the 20th. Your letters come very speedily to me. I do hope you have received mine by this time, sweetheart, for I know how it is just waiting and looking daily for mail.

Well, I finally got my hair washed last night and it's curled up quite prettily today. Everyone in the office has noticed it.  Well, I guess Evelyn and Alden are married by this time. Their plans were that they would be married this morning. I surely am going to miss those kids. They kept all this a secret from the rest of the church except the bishop, but he is going to have it put in the ward paper which comes out this weekend. It sure will be a surprise to a lot of kids.

Say, Perry, Evan told me that your cousin, Ray Cottom, is engaged to Laura Vancott. I don't know if it's true or not. I haven't seen either of them for some time, but isn't that a surprise! I'm sending this with a Valentine. I like the little thought in it. Am sending also all my love dearest husband. Your own, Gene.

PS. Have taken some pictures several weekend Sundays ago but still in camera. I'll send them to you soon as they are developed.

January 26, 1945

My Darling Wife,

Today I received two letters from you. One was written on the 10th and the other the 1st of January. This was the one you told me all about your New Years party. I guess they got mixed up trying to follow me around. I especially thought your January 1st letter was really a "super-duper." Even if it had been written quite a while previous to the other letters I received, it was wonderful and I loved every word of it.

I'm sorry I can't tell you even where I have been. Most of it hasn't been very interesting and what has can wait. You needn't send me any news clippings (except things of local interest) because we get all the important news about as soon as you do. The radiomen copy it every day and we do have a radio in the mess hall, but it is usually too noisy to understand. Thanks, darling, though for thinking about it. You think of everything. I haven't received the Era as yet, but I will wait a while and if I don't receive it before long, I'll write them.

My darling, I love you so much the way you are putting your money away and planning for us. Your blessing said you would be blessed with frugality. I had to look it up in Websters to find out what it means. It means "thrifty" and I know that is just the way you are and the way you will always be. Darling, I am saving my money too. Only right now, as you know, I am in debt and just as soon as I get that paid I'll send my money to you to put away for us. I'm keeping an account of my tithing, and I am going to send it every three months.

Sweetheart, I still haven't written my mother and father nor my sisters and it's getting late. I'll write you again tomorrow. All my love (world's full), Perry.

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