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I remember so plainly that first Sunday I met you

Gene with her parents, Emmett and Leora Fast,
and her brother, Pierce
January 28, 1945

My Dearest Sweetheart Perry,

What are you doing this Sabbath day? Do they make you work this day too? It is a beautiful day here. Just like summer. The sun is so warm and bright. Perry, I miss you so much this day. How can I enjoy all these things without you with me? Let me tell you how I feel--this morning as I sat in Sunday school class, I felt as if only half of me were there. My other half is with you, dear, and you are so far away.

And my thoughts are ever divided thusly--they are with you and here too. Whenever I am enjoying something, I feel that it is only a part of me and I won't be able to fully enjoy a thing without you by my side. I know that you too experience this same feeling for you have expressed it in your letters to me. It's the first time I've been able to put into words this feeling of my need for you. I love you very much dear Perry.

(Monday morning) As usual, I did not finish yesterday and was feeling rather blue missing you. I spent a very quiet day at home yesterday. We had dinner late and then I fell asleep and mother didn't wake me until 6:00 p.m. We hurried off to church because I had to be on time to sing in the chorus. We sang two numbers, but we didn't do so well cause we hadn't practiced much.

Evan was conspicuously missing from chorus. He went to Arizona with Alden and Evelyn. He is going to work with Alden and his brother for a month. I miss Evelyn already. We were always together here at the office. Their marriage was really a surprise to most everyone here. I'm sending you the ward news which tells about it. Also the surprise of Ray Cottom's engagement. That was a blow to everyone at Adams.

Saturday evening after work I went to see Abbot and Costello's new show. It made me think of the last time I saw them. It was our first date, Perry, remember? I'll never forget it--it was such a perfect date. I remember how you laughed in that show--you couldn't stop. That funny man who got so mad cause he couldn't sleep so he banged his head on the bed and knocked himself out to sleep! It was such a crazy show, but we really enjoyed it.

Darling, I did a funny absent-minded thing. In my last letter to you, with the valentine, I mentioned that Mother and I had gone to a show. I couldn't for the moment think of the name, so I left a blank space to fill in later. Now don't you laugh. I forgot to fill in that blank space. I guess you are wondering what I was talking about. Well, the name of the show was "The Keys of the Kingdom" with Gregory Peck starring. It was really a good show. I hope you get to see it.

Will mail this now, and I do hope that soon, or by the time I hear from you again, you will have received the most of my letters. I love you my darling husband. Forever yours, Gene

January 28, 1945

My Dear Lovely Wife,

Today is another Sunday. Each Sunday brings my thoughts back to you, even from the first time I met you. I remember so plainly that first Sunday I met you. I can remember yet practically every move you made, all you did, all you said, and even the clothes you wore. I observed you so closely. I'm sure you didn't realize you were undergoing such an intense scrutiny. Had you known how I was watching you and what was going through my mind, you would probably have had stage fright, and then the charm that attracted me the most might have been lost.

I really should go back to the previous Saturday night, though, when I first met you and danced with you and loved you even from the beginning. (Only it has grown so much into such a big and beautiful thing since then.) Do you remember? You asked me if I thought you should go with those other fellows, and I wanted to tell you "no," but I had no claim on you and I was only a stranger. I told you in substance though. Sweetheart, why did you ask me? Oh, how well I recall how I hated to leave you that night, but how eager I was to meet you the next day.

Did you know I had quite a sleepless night that night. I kept thinking, "Can it be that at last. . . ?" I was peeved when Bernie and I missed the bus. I wanted to see you and talk with you before church and maybe even sit near you. My darling, every time I think about you, which is all the time, I think of nothing but happy pleasant memories. I hope and pray I, and we, always will have. I am surely going to try to make it so. I can remember a few times I have made you cry, but never intentionally. I have learned a few things about being thoughtful and considerate.

How do you like your music lessons by now? Tell me all about it. I wish I could take them. Maybe I will when I get back. However, I'm not without a few of the fundamentals. we will really have to sing some duets when I get back. We are surely going to have lots of fun, aren't we?

Sweetheart, I keep thinking about what you were wishing (but a little disappointed.) I think you know what I mean. I love you so much for it and because you have so many righteous desires. Those are the kind of things (and there are so many) that make me love you so much more all the time.

Darling, can you still get films? If so, I would like you to get some more snapshots of yourself and send them to me. I have those others and the ones you sent me, but I would like a few more, just a few occasionally, of you so I can keep seeing you as though I were yet with you. Also, your mention of the candy and cookies sounds very good to me.

Well dearest, I must close for tonight. I wish I could do as the song says, "Hide myself inside this letter." The best part is where it says, "I'd hop right out and kiss you like you've never been kissed before." I would really like to do that. Dearest, you are ever closest to my heart and foremost in my thoughts. Forever your love, Perry

p.s. Please don't worry about where I am at. Only be assured that I am safe and well.

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