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I am so lonesome for you tonight, darling

Gene in downtown L.A. with
one of her girlfriends.
January 11, 1945

Dearest Perry,

I have just spoken an earnest prayer to my Father in Heaven--it was for you Perry. And then I asked if it might be His will that you and I could be together again soon and be sealed in the temple. I am so lonesome for you tonight darling. But I know I must have patience to wait, that is what my blessing tells me. Oh, I have been so richly blessed. Surely the Father loves me. I will find the answers to my prayers.

Today I received another lovely wedding gift for us Perry. It was a silver salt and pepper set from a girl I knew quite well in Washington D.C., Sara McCracken. I don't remember if I told you about her or not. She is not a member of the church but knew me before I was one.

Alden called Evelyn tonight. He is coming in to L.A. for some supplies and wants to take her back with him to be married in the temple. She says she wants to go home and see her mother first so is deciding to leave in about a couple of weeks. Ginnie is still with us--still looking for a job too. I don't know exactly what she plans to do. Think she wants to go back east in the spring. She is still dating that Dick Tucker fellow we met at the party. This evening Evelyn and I went to see "Frenchman's Creek." It was quite picturesque. I liked the music and technicolor scenes. I'd much rather see a movie with my husband tho.

(Later, January 12) Perry, I'm sending you something I think you'll find more useful than another that you have. I hope you will like it better. I want you to have it. It's a little package. Tell me when you get it. I didn't finish this letter last night, darling. It got late so quickly so will mail it now.

Perry, I am considering selling my record player. I paid so much for it and think I could sell it for the same. Then after you get out of the Navy, you will get us a radio-combination player like you said. Remember you said that was one of the first things you wanted to get? I'll keep most of the records tho. I'm putting every cent I can in the bank, Perry, for us. I'll let you know when we've reached $1,000. It won't take long you know.

Must close now. I do hope you are receiving my letters. I hope I get a letter from my love tonight. I love you so much Perry. Your devoted wife for ever and ever, Gene
Gene with a girlfriend.

January 13, 1945

My lovely wife,

It was so good to receive two such sweet and wonderful letters as I received today. They were postmarked the 5th and 6th. They were so sweet after such a long wait. I literally devoured them. I did like the one so much that was so long and newsy. It was about the best letter I have ever received, excluding none. I kept reading them over and over and now it has given me inspiration to write again and to live again. You see my darling you really have quite a stimulating effect upon me.

Yes, my dear, I am a long ways away from you, measured in miles only, and it looks like it will be a long time before we can be together again. That is a hard saying I know, but I guess we will have to face it with the most faith, hope, and courage we can muster up. Often when I get blue and discouraged, I read the 122nd section of the Doctrine and Covenants and see what others have had to go through with only the promise, "It shall be for thy good." If that is the most sympathy Joseph could expect for all his troubles, I guess we should scarcely expect more while ours are only minute in comparison.

Well I am sure that all I have said so far has served but very little to give you any comfort or make you feel better in any way. But you see, I have always been spiritual by nature and oftentimes I long to pour my heart out to someone pertaining to the knowledge, mercies and wisdom of the Lord. But anyone with a corresponding soul seems impossible to find around here, so I turn to my wife whom I know will understand and whose heart and soul are in perfect tune with mine. It is at such times that my pen seems very disobedient to write anything except what is in my heart anyway. I hope you don't think all that is a mere superfluity of words. It surely isn't intended to be so.

We are underway again and each time takes me farther away from you. Thank goodness I haven't been so unfortunate as to get seasick anymore. Maybe I do have my sea legs now. PAUSE (That was a pause to knock on wood.) Glad to know that Dick and Pierce are so well situated at the present. I'm sorry to say that my recreational facilities, food, and church contacts aren't as good as theirs sound to be.

This letter all seems to sound rather disillusioning. I hope it doesn't cause you to feel bad or worry because there is really no reason to because honestly, Gene, I am really getting along quite well. Must close for now. Please my darling, write me as often as you can. I love you with all my heart. Affectionately yours, Perry

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