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Isn't it too bad that we are constantly just living for tomorrow

Feb. 9, 1945

My Dearest,

I didn't keep my word about writing to you yesterday. I kept putting it off, hoping I would get one from you first. But when I didn't hear from my love, I was so disappointed I didn't feel much like it. I saw a show instead, "the Bride Came C.O.D." Didn't care too much for it. It seems that so far our mail service is rather pour out here, but maybe today will treat me better.
Gene on the apartment rooftop
where she lived with her parents.
Picture taken on her birthday,
February 10, 1945

I hope you will get the films developed soon. I want more than anything else in the world to see you and be with you again. But since that won't be possible for a while, your letters and some pictures serve the next best possible thing. Are you able to get films? I have the other pictures in the picture holder in the wallet you gave me. I am always taking it out and looking at you and admiring you. Do you know you are really very beautiful and oh!, I love you so very much. And according to the way you are being teased, as you say, you must even be getting more beautiful. Golly, it surely is wonderful to think about what I have waiting for me until I come back.

I just found out that there won't be any mail today. It is surely a good thing there is always a tomorrow. Isn't it too bad that we are constantly just living for tomorrow, a day which sometimes seems so very far off. I'm going to keep writing to you just as often as I can because I want you to hear from me regularly even if I can't you. I sometimes wonder if my letters mean half as much to you as yours do to me. After telling me about those four letters you found, you have almost convinced me they must.

Must go now, but I close saying that I love you with all my heart. Completely yours, Perry

Baby Gene with her mother Leora in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Gene was born
February 10, 1945

To the one I love most of all, My Darling,

If my calculations of time are correct, I have been thinking all about you throughout your day. From the time you were probably hurrying off to work until now, you are probably sound asleep and, I hope, dreaming of me. All day this has been your birthday. Sweetheart, it is one day I will never forget because it marks the day of entry into this world of one of God's choice spirits, born far from the place I was born, and yet who I was to one day meet far from the place of either of our birthplaces, fall in love with immediately and very shortly ask her to marry me. And oh! how thankful I am that she said "yes."

I think now the thing that would make me the most happy is to have the same kind of an event happen that happened some odd years ago today. Just as your mother dreamed she would look just the way you did, and I can almost hear her now calling for "ma ma." What a beautiful word.

Did you write to me, my love? What did you do on this your birthday? Did you think of me and long to have me there to take you somewhere special? Did you long for that even a fraction as much as I did? Oh, my darling, I was all resigned to sit down and write you a rather difficult letter because it didn't look like I was going to get any from you. Now, to my joy, I have just finished reading two of your very sweet letters posted January 29th and 30th. What a pleasant surprise that was. Darling, do you really realize what a tremendous effect your letters have on me?

Sweetheart, I know just exactly what you mean when you speak of enjoying things and feeling as though only half of you were there. How often I have felt exactly the same way since I have known you. Truly our hearts beat as one. Truly we are become as "one flesh." I too have been thinking of and reading our blessings and how you would be blessed with a happy home. It is so hard to be patient sometimes, isn't it? But the trials we go through now, if endured well, will only amplify our happiness when we are together again.

Gene, I thought you did express those thoughts so very beautifully. And since you mentioned our first date, I'll have to tell you that I was thinking of that very same thing today. Gene, I can tell you very honestly that I was the most thrilled after that date, more than I had ever been before. Don't laugh if I tell you that after I had left you that night, I was practically talking to myself about you all the way. And sweetheart, do you know that when I got back that night, I offered a prayer that I had met someone so sweet. As I have said before, all of my memories of you are perfect memories.

I'm glad you like your lessons and that Verna has such hopes for you. I'll have you entertain me when I come back. Yes, my darling, I guess being secretary in such an important thing makes you quite important too. You sweet thing--or I should say "you little monkey."

Say, that reminds me, the other day I saw the cutest little monkey. I didn't think it was possible for a monkey to be cute, but this one was. It made me think of Genevieve's boys, how they wanted a monkey. It would have been just the right size too. I wish I could have sent it to them. [At this time, Perry is stationed in the Philippines.] Well, here I am talking about monkeys and I sat down with the intention of writing you a birthday letter.

I don't have very much more time right now, but darling, let me repeat again and again, "I love you." will you ever grow tired of hearing me tell you that? It always comes from the bottom of my soul. The more I think of it, I know that our coming together was nothing less than providential.

My pen must stop, but my thoughts will go on. All my love, Perry

P.S. I'm in favor of moving to Utah too. I don't like the weather here either.

February 10, 1945

My dearest sweetheart, Perry,

Here it is my birthday already, and darling, I received 4 sweet letters (all at once) from my dear husband yesterday, which has made my day today so much lighter and happier and more perfect. But of course, nothing like that day will be when I see you walk in thru the door and then take me in your arms. Oh, I shall want you to hold me and never let me go.

Oh, my darling, of course I dream day dreams too--the same as you do and the same dreams too. I too remember when you were here and could hold me in your arms. Perry, I long for you so. Dearest husband, you write such perfect letters. I sometimes wonder if you are not disappointed in some of mine. You have such a wonderful way of expressing your thoughts. I feel so handicapped at times. Darling, I value these letters from you far above anything else that I possess except you, and your are the dearest of all.

These last ones were those you wrote on January 28, 30, 31 and February 1st. Darling, I was so thrilled to see the new rating change placed after your name. How wonderful. Perry, does it mean you are wearing three marks on your sleeve now? Can you tell me? I guess I don't understand too much about the Navy. I'm glad you could tell me about you being in Hawaii. I do wish you could have gone to the temple. Yes, Perry, I shall send you two chains and the DuPont glue soon as I can. It all sounds very mysterious and exciting, but I shall ask no questions. But I'm wonderin' an awful lot.

Now I will tell you what I did today. It was so warm (just like summer exactly). I wanted to go bike riding so bad, but I could find no one to go with. I guess most everyone works on Saturday. Anyway, I put on a summer skirt and blouse and went up on the roof. Daddy came up with the camera and took some pictures of me. I took the film over to the drugstore right away. So will be sending you some pictures very soon, sweetheart, of that wife of yours. I stayed in the sun as much as possible today.

This evening I did a lot of catching up on my diary. Perry, I worked Tues., Wed., Thurs., and Fri. of this week with Viola and our work for the week was finished. We received a check for $59.10 which of course was divided in half for us both. We seem to be in business for ourselves. We don't get a salary for our work. I feel like a contractor, but that seems to be the way this work is handled. How does it sound to you, Perry.

Tomorrow I shall try to make my husband some cookies and some candy. Hope I can do as well as I did before. I'll send them soon as I can, sweetheart. Oh, I love to make things for you Perry. It's such fun. I want to cook for you every day and take care of you dear husband.

I thank the dear Lord each night that you are well and safe. I have so much to thank Him for. I must go to bed now, Perry. Sweet dreams, darling. I love you. I love you. Forever your own, Gene

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