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Will you be my Valentine?

Perry as a child, Vernal, Utah
February 11, 1945

My Darling Wife,

Today is another Sunday. What were you doing most of the day today, my love? I slept for about four hours today. Do you know I am getting to be quite a "lug-head"? Guess it must be the climate.

Didn't get any mail today so I re-read some of your old ones. Some of them I liked just about as much as when I first read them. I'm saving all the best parts of all of them. How do you feel today? Do you feel a year older? I hope you will tell me all about what you did, if anything special. Did you miss your husband?

10:15 AM Monday. They turned the lights out on me last night before I had a chance to finish this. I didn't realize, my sweet, that we were so close to each other that when you had an illness, I would have the same. Ever since you wrote me about having your wisdom tooth pulled, mine has been bothering me. It's been pretty sore these last few days. I can hardly chew.

I gather from your letters that you are really eager to go back to Utah? That really makes me happy too because that is the first place I want to head for after I am out of the Navy--that is the first place after 2912 S. Flower St. [Los Angeles] I often think and dream of that time when I will come walking in and surprise you like I used to. Do you think you would prefer living in Utah to California? You will be able to decide better after you have been there, but I think you will agree with me.

Since being away from you, my darling, I have decided it isn't so important where we live as long as we can be together. Right now I think "a little hut just built for two tucked away in the heart of a hill," would be heavenly, don't you?

No letter from my love yesterday, but I am eagerly looking forward to those familiar envelopes and handwriting for today. Must close now sweetheart. I must write to my folks. Lovingly Yours, Perry

Gene at 5 months, Milwaukee, Wisconsis
Feb. 13, 1945

My Darling Wife,

Here it is the day before Valentines Day. You have already sent me a very sweet Valentine with the best verse. But the best part of all were the two sweet kisses you enclosed, "mmm mmm". I wish I had something to send you. Gene, I want to ask you a question, and I want you to answer me truthfully and frankly. Now don't be afraid of hurting my feelings but tell me the honest truth. ok? Here it is. "Will you be my Valentine?"--I eagerly wait for a reply.

You should have been getting my mail quite regularly lately. Nearly every day. I wish I were as fortunate. The mail service isn't quite so good coming this way. Don't feel bad about me though because I am well and quite happy--considering. I can never be completely happy until I am with you again though, my love. Your letters do me the most good of anything. You needn't worry about your letters not being interesting to me. I love anything you say. Just tell me all about yourself and all you do. Remember, I am more interested in you than anyone or anything else.

Well, my darling, I must close for now, but I enclose all my love and thousands of kisses. I love you, Perry

Perry's older sister, Genevieve taken
in front of the little log home where
their family farmed in Utah
February 13, 1945

My sweetheart Perry,

I am making cookies for you this week. I hope it won't be long till you can receive them. Darling, have you gotten the little package I sent you yet? Perry, your sister Genevieve wrote me again. I love her so much. And in her letter was four darling little Valentines from the children. Wasn't that sweet of them. I have sent each of them a Valentine too. Floyd wanted a little picture of his Uncle Perry and Aunt Gene, so I found a Valentine to put a snapshot in and sent him one of you and me taken when we bought the Christmas tree, remember?

I also had a long, nice letter yesterday from Emily. I surely wish I could see her. She wrote saying Dick thinks he will be home from North Africa by Christmas 1945. He said he feels sure that they won't be over there much longer. Oh, Perry, isn't that wonderful? I wish it could be that wonderful for us too. But how do I know, maybe it will. Who knows, you may come back sooner. Oh how I dream of your return. It will then be the happiest moment of my life. I love you so very much, my dearest.

Perry, I haven't found any little chains yet to send you. I mentioned it to some of the girls at church Sunday when they asked about you, and Avanelle Richards said she had a little sterling silver chain she wanted me to have. She said she had 3 gold chains and lockets so never wears the silver chain. Wasn't that sweet of her? I shall send it soon as I can find a gold chain too and the glue. I think I know where I can buy one reasonably.

Tonight is Mutual again. They are also going to have a dance with a little orchestra. I will go over and see what it's all about. Saturday night is the "Sweetheart Ball" at the stake center. It's the dance where the girl asks the fellow to go. If you were here, I would surely be asking you to go with me. Would you accept?? You'd better say, "Yes." Maybe next year I'll be able to ask you, huh?

Oh darling, it's about that time of month. I sort of feel awful blue and depressed. I miss you so very much and long for you so. Wish I were in your arms right now. I love you, Perry, I love you. Forever yours, Gene

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