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I know you are further away than ever now

January 30, 1945

My Dearest Perry,

Yesterday I received your sweet letter of Sunday, January 21st. It was postmarked the 22nd and took one week to get to me, so I know you are further away than ever now. I feel bad that you have not received any mail as yet, for I know how I feel when I don't hear from you. Thank you, sweetheart, for writing me even though you haven't my letters and can't tell me much. I can always write "news" but you are so restricted.

But darling your letters are so very sweet. This last letter really thrilled me so much. I could actually see our little home and you there with me--and the love abiding there. You know this is all promised to me in my blessing. I know it's all there somewhere in the future for us.

Well, last night I took my second voice lesson at Verna Johnson's house. I enjoy it so much, and Verna has such hopes for me. She says I have a beautiful voice and have inherited it from mother. She wants me to study for one year (at least). Mother was with me. Verna wants her to sing in church next sunday and to practice more because she is so good.

Perry, I was asked Sunday to be the Primary Sunday School secretary. Someone resigned and I was recommended. Guess I'll accept it tho I don't know much now what the duties consist of. It's a record-keeping job I spose and those things are very important in our church you know. Will that make me important?? hmmm!!

Thanksgiving Day in Utah, 1946
I haven't heard from the "Mr.  Mrs. Alden Betts" as yet. Guess they are too busy on their honeymoon. Darling, I had a very nice letter from your sister "Vi-Vi" [Genevieve] yesterday. She thanks us for the wedding picture we sent them for christmas and was so glad to hear about our wonderful christmas. She speaks of having gone up to visit your three sisters in Logan. One of her little boys came home from school with the German measles recently. I must write her too for she asks about you.

Mother had a card from Virginia in San Diego. She and her mother are coming back to LA this week to stay with Kermit till they get their reservations to go back east. They plan to leave very soon.

Today is Tuesday, so will go to mutual tonight. They are going to have the voting for the queen to be picked for the spring dance. This should prove interesting. Wonder who I should vote for. I'll close now, darling, and mail it right away. This is called a dry month here in Southern California. We have had no rain for a long, long time. It seems rather strange. Not cold, not rainy, just sunshine or fog. Let's move to Utah, Perry, where we would have some weather--huh! I love you my darling husband. For ever and ever your Gene
Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 1946
from left to right: Walter and Hazel, Genevieve with baby
and Lorin, Grant and Hope, June and Dee, Gene,
Elmer and Leona Manwaring with grandchildren in front

January 30, 1945

My Dear Gene,

It will soon be the end of another month. I keep thinking about how soon it will be your birthday and how I wish it were possible for me to be there with you and really do something for you. I hope you receive the little package on time. Be sure and let me know when you get it.

Gene, could you get me a very fine gold or sterling silver chain? One that is just long enough to hang down a little around the neck as a necklace. The links must be very small and fine. Also send me some DuPont transparent glue. All I will tell you right now is that I want to experiment making something for you. That shouldn't weigh too much so it shouldn't cost too much to send airmail. You can see though and use your own judgement. If you can get two chains and they don't cost too much, send me two of them.

Guess I won't be getting any more mail for a few days, but I am surely eagerly looking forward to when I will. I'll expect piles of it then. Haven't written very much this time, but will write you again tomorrow. Affectionately your own, Perry

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