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I dreamed I was out of the Navy

May 6, 1945

My Darling Wife,

I always wait until after mail call before writing to my sweetheart to see if I have any mail from her. I didn't have any today, but I've just re-read your letter I received yesterday, which makes at least the 20th time, and now I think I have been sufficiently recharged to write you. At the end of your letter you said, "I'll write you tomorrow," so I know it's in the mail someplace and I'll probably receive it tomorrow.

I didn't spend my birthday today very much different than any other day except that it was Sunday. I did do some thinking about how much I have to be thankful for. For instance, while I know this isn't a very good place or a very nice way to spend a birthday, yet it is a lot better than some other places where I could easily be and it could be spent in a lot worse ways. I hope next year I will be able to spend it with you, my sweetheart, for I know that is the only way I will be able to fully enjoy it, or any other day for that matter.

Perry and Gene visiting family in
Salt Lake City, November 21, 1946
(Something Perry can only dream
about for now)
Then I got to thinking how much has happened since my last birthday. Did you ever stop to consider how much can happen in one year? It's amazing the miracles TIME can perform if we only have patience to wait. Just think how much has happened this last year. I now have you, my darling, which is the greatest thing that ever did happen to me. When I think that way, it strengthens my hope for the future.

Darling, I love you for so many reasons. I don't know what I would do without you. You have been my inspiration all the while I have been away and I know you will be throughout all our lives and eternity. I thank the Lord every day for you my dear sweet wife. Must leave you now until tomorrow. Goodnight my sweetheart, Perry

May 8, 1945 (Tues. eve.)

My dearest Perry,

Another dear letter came from you today. You had finally received a letter from me. I'm so glad. You certainly did get pretty blue I guess for I could tell from your last letter. But I know you understand why my letters became so irregular. I hoped you would like the funny little birthday card.

Perry, you little monkey, you are just full of surprises I think. You have me guessing about the "surprise package" and now (since you have mentioned it several times) I'm so puzzled about you coming back before the war is over. Darling, I don't understand. How can you come back before that? Do you know whether that will be soon or not? Oh Perry, do you know how my hopes are soaring? Would you surprise me in that too? Oh surely you would let me know or even give me a hint. What a wonderful day that will be when I can be in your arms again, dear husband.

Well, I played "hooky" from the art shop and Viola today to help Mother finish Emily's room. Do you know I redecorated the place. I cleaned the wallpaper then painted it with Kem-Tone paint. It's a pretty pink about the shade of this paper. Then I painted the bed frame with a cream enamel. Mother is fixing the curtains and the bed. The place is beginning to look real cute now. But golly am I tired out. It was quite a job.

I guess I didn't tell you what happened about the little house we were going to rent for her. Well when the people were ready to move, Mother called the landlady, but she said she was going to rent the house to some friends. So that was that, but Mother and dad are still sort of looking around for a house to buy. Mother has sent for all the things we had stored back east in maryland. (Household goods.)

We are all going down to the station to meet Emily tomorrow nite. She is supposed to arrive at about 10:00 pm. Dick has been transferred to some island in the Persian Gulf. Looks like he is headed for China.

Must go and take my bath now and get to bed as I am so tired. Will write tomorrow. Goodnight my dearest. I love you, Perry. Your loving wife, Gene

May 8, 1945

My Darling Gene,

I didn't have time to answer your sweet little letter last night, but here I am the first thing this morning. It did seem so good to get your letter. That is the thing I look for all through the day. Some of your letters surely are perfumed up. Reminds me of being back there. Do you do that on purpose, you "little monkey?" I quite like it.

My sweetheart, I don't think you will ever disappoint me. Not as long as you do as well as you have done. I know we are both far from perfect, but because you do try so hard to please me is the reason I have loved you more and more all the time. Yes, my darling, I do understand you. It is only myself that I am worried about.

Yes, it does look like we started something at Adams. When I was there, it didn't seem like Ray Cottom was so "hot" on Laura Van Cott. In fact, he said he wasn't, and now they are married. I think they will make a pretty good couple, don't you? Give them my best wishes. I think I should write them a "congrats" letter.

No, I haven't received the candy and cookies as yet, but I probably will. It's probably still trying to catch up with me. They may still be good since you put them in a tin container. I suppose they will be having quite a celebration back in the states now that the war is over in Europe. I wish I were there to celebrate it with my darling. I will be some day though and then we will really have a celebration, won't we? Just you and I.

I surely did have a funny dream the other night. I dreamed I was out of the Navy. (It's the first time I've dreamed that for ages.) We were visiting all of our relatives back home. It was all so mixed up that it didn't make too much sense though. I was quite disappointed to wake up back in this reality.

Sweetheart, I love you so very, very much and I long so much for that day when we can be together again--the day when we can start living instead of just dreaming. Darling, tell me all the things you think and dream about. I still can't write you everything I would like to because it is too personal. I have a lot to say to you that I want only you to see or hear. I hope that day won't be too far away.

I love you my darling. Do you still love me as much as ever? Forever yours, Perry

May 8, 1945

My darling wife,

I didn't write you yesterday so I'm writing you twice today. Anyway, the movie they are having is "Since You Went Away." Do you remember when we saw it? I don't care to see it again and anyway, I would sooner be here with you. This is about the nearest I can get to you when I sit down to write (except just before I go to sleep at night.) That's why I really do love to write you, my sweetheart, especially when I have just had a letter from you to give me food for the expression of my love. I didn't get any letter from my darling tonight so I'm not feeling quite as "tops" as I otherwise would.

There isn't much news to tell you because if there was any, it would be out for me to write about. I can tell you at last though that I was at the Philippines for quite a little while. I imagine you probably surmised that though. Not much of interest happened while I was there. I did go ashore once and picked up a couple of nonsensical little souvenirs for you though. I'll be sending them to you after awhile. Does that satisfy your curiosity a little?

The main thing I remember about it was that I was very lonesome for you. The mail service was poor, very irregular, came all mixed up and kept me confused most of the time. I will always remember it though because there is where I received the sweetest letters I have ever received in my whole life. I do have such a sweet wife. Can anyone blame me for wanting so much to be back there with her?

Are they having a V-Day celebration in LA? Tell me about it if you did anything special. I imagine everyone will really have a good time. I hope they will all remember, including England and I hope Russia, that there is still a war going on out here.

Well, I won't discuss the war in this letter. I like for letters to try and get away from the war as much as possible. If I were back there though I would have one of those long discussions with your father about politics and international situations.

It's about time for me to go to bed, my darling. I have to go on watch early in the morning. I'll try to dream about you. Love and god bless you my sweetheart. Forever yours, Perry

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