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We went all around the island

May 9, 1945

My Darling Wife,

I just returned from liberty again and it really made the day perfect to find a letter waiting for me from you. Once more I longed so much for you because some of the scenery I saw was beyond description. I just couldn't take enough of it in. I would have liked to have had you and our own car to take that same trip. We went all around the island. Maybe someday when I make my million?? I'll bring you here for another honeymoon. Of course there are plenty of beautiful places I'd like to see back there first, huh? Anyplace would be perfect as long as I were with you, my darling.
1945, Gene with little Ricky, her nephew and
first grandchild for Emmett & Leora Fast,
born to Richard and Emily Fast

You really are very fortunate in being able to find a light-housekeeping room like that. I guess Emily arrived there today--you said Wednesday. I'll bet you'll really be glad to see her again, won't you? That will be the first time you and your folks will have seen your little nephew and grandson, won't it?
Gene, I'm sure you would enjoy seeing the temple. We could enjoy it so much more together. It and the grounds are really beautiful. It isn't nearly so large as the others though. No, my sweetheart, I don't think you had better try sending any packages. I would probably move again and it would be forever catching up with me. It was just luck the other package from my sisters arrived the way it did. Don't worry, I'll give you plenty of chance to make things up when I get back. Okay?

Sweetheart, I love you so very, very much and long for you constantly. I can't describe how I miss you and long for you when I see beautiful things like I did today. We must make up for a lot of things. All my love, Perry

May 12, 1945

My Darling Wife,

I slipped up a couple of days myself on my writing so I guess I can't criticize you. I received your sweet letter yesterday that you wrote on my birthday. Darling, you need't worry about not using fluent words. Just to tell those things that are in your heart is sweeter to me than any other thing. You couldn't express yourself more fluently than just the plain expression of your love.

Sweetheart, you know I like you to write to me just the way you would talk. That is why I love your letters so much because you do just that. Oh course, there is nothing that can take the place of actually being with you and listening to you talk of those little intimacies that are so precious between us.

I just received word yesterday that a cousin of mine was killed on Okinawa. He was in the Marines. I knew him real well and we used to play together when we were kids. The news surely came as quite a blow. It's hard to think of someone I knew so well as being dead. Well, that isn't very pleasant news to write about is it? I've always said that the purpose (mainly) of writing letters is to make one feel happier when he reads them.

I saw the show "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." I really thought it was quite a cute show. I suggest you see it if you get a chance. I imagine you would like it. I think I might be able to go to church tomorrow. I surely hope so. I'm going with another LDS fellow from the ship.

I was able to buy a whole carton of chewing gum the other day. I thought now that Emily was there, your jaws would be wagging so much that you ought to have some kind of shock absorber to go between your jaws. (It's juicy fruit too.) I'm going to send it along with several other things.

My darling, there isn't much to write about. All I want to do is hold you in my arms and listen to you talk to me the way we used to. I pray constantly that the Lord might grant me that privilege soon, even if it were but for a few moments. I think that would be enough to inspire me so that I would be able to endure much better until the final conclusion of the war.

I can't answer your questions very satisfactorily though, my darling. There is only one thing I know with certainty and that is the uncertainty of everything. You know how it used to be and it is still that same way. Wish I were back there to help you fix up Emily's apartment. I think that would be quite fun. I think I would pretend it was our own.

Well, my lovely wife, your husband loves you very much. You are in my heart always and will be forever. Forever Yours, Perry

May 13, 1945 (Sunday)

My Sweetheart Perry,

It looks as tho I haven't been able to keep my promise very well this past week about writing you every day. But darling, I have tried so hard. You know the house is so full of people and so many things going on. But oh my Perry, I love you so and think of you constantly. I long for you and am praying that it might somehow be possible for you to come home soon--even if it would be for a short time. I need you so, my lover. My life is so incomplete.

No darling, there was no E-Day celebration here in the states. Everyone took it quite calmly. (We had all expected it for so long.) Besides, this war in the Pacific is still raging and I think keeps everyone pretty sober. That must end before we can do any celebrating. Everyone worked as usual--anyway I did. But I sure am glad and much relieved and thankful that at least half of the conflict is over. Maybe it will all be over soon. I do hope so.

I have been doing a lot of talking with Emily--of the past and the future too. You know, Perry, she is still my best girlfriend. I enjoy her company so much. She is such a wonderful girl. I must tell you about Saturday. I worked till noon then Nellie came down to the shop. We had lunch together and did a little shopping. Then we took the streetcar to Griffith Park. We got a couple of horses right away at the riding stables. Mine was a gentle old daple-gray horse--easy to handle. We only rode for 55 minutes. It seemed like an awful short ride, but I was so tired out when we got back and my side ached so from the galloping and trotting. Nellie is a very good rider so can show me how to ride correctly. We are going again in a couple of weeks. I think I will like riding.

Then last night after I got home and ate dinner, I wanted to write you but got started talking with Emily. We talk about the gospel and the wonderful people we have met in the church and about the experiences and strong testimonies we have heard and seen. And on and on. We even got to reading out of the Book of Mormon and another church book. Oh how I love these talks with Emily. We confide in each other too. I feel so close to her.

You know, Perry, she said she would like to be with me and help me when I have my first child. In fact, she wants us both to have a baby at the same time if that could ever be possible. Isn't she sweet. Little Ricky is such a darling baby. He looks like Dick and Emily both I think. He is just a year old and learning to walk and talk some. Oh Perry, I can hardly wait for one of my own--our own.

Today Mother stayed home with him so that Emily could go to Sunday School with me. It is Mother's Day so there was a special program put on by the children. It was so cute. It was the first time Emily had been in church for almost a year.

I wanted to take Emily and the baby to the park. She has been wanting to get him out. I told Viola and Nellie of my plan, so they wanted to go too. So we planned a picnic for the afternoon. We, Emily and I, came home and fed little Ricky and took him over (you know the park by the University of Southern California) and met viola and Nellie and Mark Miner in his car--half way there--waiting for us. So we all spent a lazy day at the park walking thru the rose garden, the museum and finally sitting on the grass in a nice sunny spot. It surely has been a lovely day.

Can you imagine Mark with four women and a child? I think he really enjoyed himself. Little Ricky really fell for Mark. He let Mark carry him around most all afternoon. We got home about 4:30 pm, then who should drop in on us but Kermit and Irene. We had a nice visit with them. You know they are my cousins who live out there in Hollywood where we went to see Aunt Rena and Virginia, remember?

We missed church tonight--it got so late and Emily had to put the baby to bed at six. So everyone started to bed at a pretty good hour tonight. But I just had to write my sweetheart before I could think of sleeping. I got your two letters of May 8th on Saturday, darling. You are so good and thoughtful to write me so ofter sweetheart. I love your letters so. Oh Perry, you know I love you. I love you more and more as each day passes. Forever and always your own, Gene

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