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I am just sort of substitute living

May 14, 1945

My Sweetheart Gene,

I didn't write you yesterday, but I didn't get a letter from you either, so we are even. I went to church yesterday again and had a very good time again. I met a fellow who was in the mission field with me. I had run into him once before at Farragut and now out here. He is now an ensign. I also met still another fellow I knew at Farragut and a fellow I went to high school with. After church, five of us had a good lunch together and then did a little sight seeing.

If only Perry could have seen 8 years into the future!
Of course the service was a special Mother's Day program. Nearly all the girls and ladies wore beautiful leis. Together with the fragrance of so many flowers, green trees and shrubs, and the relaxing atmosphere of the church, it was quite an inspirational and soul stirring experience. However, appropriately enough, at the conclusion of the service they sang "Home Sweet Home" which also gave a beautiful conclusion to my feelings. Needless to say, I missed my darling all the while and wanted her by my side to enjoy it with me. Do you know how very, very much I love you my dear, lovely wife? I love you so much that I can think only of you and of the day when we can be together and realize our dreams. Until then, I am just sort of substitute living.

Yes, darling, the figure you quote for the amount of money we have in the bank sounds pretty good to me too. It would be good if we could have enough saved to make a down payment on a home when I get out of the Navy, wouldn't it?

I'm hoping I'll get a letter from you today and if so, if I have time, I'll write you again tonight. I send all my love darling. I love you with all my heart. Always Yours, Perry

May 15, 1945

My Darling Gene,

It seemed good to hear from you again. Three days with no letter from my sweet wife makes the time seem twice as long. I understand that you have had a lot of other things to do and now with Emily there you naturally have a lot to talk about. That I can understand and you are forgiven, sweetheart. I haven't always been too regular myself so I guess I can't say very much about a little neglect on your part.

I was hoping that now while I am at this place where the mail service is good and arrives so quickly that I would get a letter from you nearly every day though. The reason for my wishing this is because I have had to go without any mail from you so much, all unavoidable, that I wanted to hear from you as much as possible now before I start moving around again making it impossible to receive any mail at all.

Darling, if you will only write me for every letter of mine you receive, I will be satisfied. I realize you haven't perhaps as much time as I often have, but sweetheart, I would rather you would miss a choir practice or something occasionally.

I just this minute had quite a shock. I just heard it announced on the radio about the death of Heber J. Grant. It surely stunned me for an instant from the deep thought I was already in. Have you noticed how many of the world's notable and notorious leaders are dying around about the same time?

Sweetheart, last night I saw the show "Wilson" for the second time. Nearly all through the show I was reminiscing. I'm sure I needn't say of what or of whom I was thinking. However, I got quite a lot more out of the show this time because the other time--well, I was just quite out of this world. I wish I could have been as completely "out" this time, but I guess I will have to be patient and wait. Darling, I love you so very, very much. The only thing I want is to be with you always and forever.

By August 3, 1954, Perry and Gene had all six of their children.
That is the only thing I can think about and that is why I prize your letters so much. Sweetheart, I don't want you to feel badly about the way I started this letter. I certainly don't want to hurt you and perhaps I am wrong for writing that way. Perhaps it is just because I am blue. I try to understand everything and perhaps I'm not doing a very good job. I could understand much better though, my darling, if you could write me oftener, even if it were just a few lines. Will you darling, at least as often as you hear from me?

I love you, Perry

May 16, 1945 (Wednesday night)

My Dearest Husband,

Oh my darling, I love you so, I want you so. I pray constantly that soon, very soon, I might see you walk in the door and take me in your arms. I live for that day. I'll be the happiest girl in the whole world when that happens.

Your letter of the 12th arrived today. It was such a wonderful letter. You had received one from me and were expecting or hoping to be able to attend church again the next day (the 13th). Did you, darling? wish I could be there to go to church with you then have you show me around that pretty island. Oh Perry, I'm so jealous of those people who are there with you. I want you all for myself. Do you think you'll like such treatment when you come back? I don't intend to share you with anyone, my husband. Perry, I'm not being selfish am I? Is it wrong to feel this way?

Darling, I hope I can know when you are coming back (when the time comes) cause I would want to look my very best for you and wear something special like that sheer white blouse you like. And if you come at night, I'd wear a pretty new nightgown (wait till you see it!) instead of the old pajamas I'm wearing now.

My sweetheart, you are so good to be sending me things. I am eagerly looking forward to that surprise package you are sending me and the juicy fruit gum sounds wonderful. You don't mean you are sending me a whole carton, do you? Why not keep some for yourself, honey? I laughed when you spoke of our "jaws wagging" you little monkey. How did you guess? But of course we are talking a lot. Bet you would too if you hadn't seen someone for over 2 years!

Oh, Perry, you are going to like Emily. She is so wonderful and so brave. I know she misses Dick like I miss you, but she doesn't cry about it. Yes, I got to feeling awful blue night before last and she caught me in the bathroom crying. Then she put her arms around me and talked me right out of the blues again. I'm all right now, Perry. I just seem to take those spells about a day before my monthly period.

Emily and the baby are sleeping in their new little home for the first time tonight. She got a little bed for him. She wants to work and earn and save some money before Dick comes back. He plans on attending school at USC. So yesterday she found herself an office job that pays $120 per month. She hates to leave the baby but feels like it is necessary to work. So mother plans on taking care of Ricky for her and she will pay mother. I'm hoping it will not be too much for mother.

We have not heard from Pierce for some time now so do not know for sure where he is. I was very sorry to hear the sad news about your cousin of the Marines and I understand your feelings on hearing of it. Surely this awful war must end soon. I received a letter from Genevieve yesterday. She writes such an interesting letter and I don't know where she ever finds the time to write. I know she must be kept awful busy with that family. I must write her soon.

I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. Yes, darling, I saw "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." I liked it too. Emily and I saw Judy Garland in "The Clock" yesterday evening. It was a good picture also. It's so wonderful to get a letter from you every day. Hope I will get one tomorrow. Must go to bed now. I go to sleep each night with thoughts of you, my husband. I love you, Perry. I love you always. Your own devoted, Gene

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